A Letter To My Siblings Soon After Leaving The Hospital (Feb 2018)
Having Had A Blood Clot In My Lungs  (A PE)
Although especially for them it has meaning for all. 

Document A     More Documents Follow Below

If we find ourselves being scared of the truth because of our religion, 
we would do well to instead be scared of a religion that makes us scared of the truth.

Document B  Feb 2011
Written After My Step Mother's Funeral And Shares
Some Astonishing Incidents God's Providence Brought About.

Document C

This document which shares more experiences and was written in July 2020
Written at a time when I was possibly too disturbed at people's lack of response.

The funeral for the above death was the first of July while
God had yet another shaking for this church at the end of August.
My wife was en route to Tennessee and Texas to see some of our children
who had refused to look at the video I sent them, which I felt was so crucial. But
when almost 1/2 way there their was a tragic accident killing a mother and baby from
the same church and where the tree fell, which tragedy brought my wife home for the funeral instead of seeing our children. Yes instead of my wife being gone to Tennessee
and Texas she came home, and our daughter from Idaho came home for the funeral. And interestingly  while  they  were here for the funeral God did another amazing thing. Yes we were planning to have a picnic one evening and for some reason I took the kettle out to the picnic area a bit early before we went to a small cleaning job. Interestingly about 6 hours later when I can back to the picnic area to continue with the picnic plans this is what I
seen.  The  tree  holding  the  light had broken off and one part of the top of it fell
blocking the path, and another part blocked the kettle which I had just set out
shortly before. Outside of this there was very little sign of a storm, although
near by they had much more storm. God is speaking but who hears?
See www.UprightAndFallingTrees.com for more details
and numerous other miraculous tree events.