Family In Need " Please, We Need Your Help"

No Sob Story - Just Love My Home, Family and Business - It's Simple

Hello, First of all I would like to say Thank You for taking the time to read my page.
Your help can make a critical difference to my family.    

I am writing this and not feeling the best about asking for donations, but it is about the only thing I can 
do to help me and my family get by.  We are an average middle class Canadian family that has been 
making ends meet with just my income and a very small online business that my wife runs from our 
home. I am a 50 year old carpenter and have been self employed for over 30 years.  Like so many 2010 
has been a very slow year for my business. During the summer months I would normally hire 1 or 2 
carpenters to help me with the work loads but with this world recession I didn't hire a single person all 
year, in fact I barely had any work for myself. My total income for 2010 has been $6,300.00, the lowest 

I'm always looking for work but in this area there isn't much, and there is no income in sight for at least 
the next 6 months. I have been a hard worker all my life, never been on Unemployment Insurance, and 
have never asked for help outside the family. We don't gamble, drink heavily, or otherwise spend money 
foolishly. We don't have a large house, just a small two bedroom. The property taxes are low, the 
location is nice, and we really would like to stay here.

With the lack of work, rise in gas and food prices, and overall rise in cost of living we unfortunately had 
to use our credit cards to pay for everyday living expenses. Now our cards are fully maxed out at 
$27,000 with monthly minimum  payments of $800.00, a mortgage payment of $590.00, monthly utilities 
of $825.00 and our bank account overdraft is maxed at $3500.00. We have no income to pay these 
bills, and we have absolutely nothing left to live on.  We desperately need your help. I'm so afraid that if I 
don't find a way to pay these bills off, and to pay our mortgage that we will lose everything and our home 
will be repossessed.

Our family has helped as much as the can but of course they are hurting too. I'm really scared now as I 
never have been faced with such a situation where I have loans, credit cards bills to pay and no income 
to pay them with.

I've never asked for any help from anyone before, outside of family and friends, but now I'm asking you 
for your help to get my head above water so we can keep our house and be able to eke out a living 
during these hard times. Won't you please help?

I have always been a hard worker and I hate having to ask for money, but sometimes people just need a 
helping hand.  I ask that you find it in the kindness of your heart to make a contribution to my cause. Any 
contribution would be greatly appreciated.  Rest assured that this is an honest plea, and that any 
donation that you make will benefit my cause.  If you feel the need to contact me before you donate 
please use the email link below, I will be happy to corespond with you and give you any addition 
information that you need. Many blessings to you and your loved ones.

Thanks again. Ray
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