Magazine (Marty Monte) - A 12 track live recording of Magazine opening for Foghat.  Was able to tap off of an Allen and Heath 4040 direct outs.  Super straight forward and a nice rebound after the prior attempt at studio recording.

Unspecified Studio Project - Confirmation that while I enjoyed working with many of the musicians,  that  I'm simply not into studio recording and the loose ends associated.  I terminated this project after 151 hours of effort and a couple broken friendships.  Did learn a lot...


In reverse chronology:

Aside from a few casual recordings of friends of live shows with my trusty Zoom H2 for personal enjoyment, the majority of time has been dedicated to the shutterbug aspects of life.  It's probably time to pack away the audio recording gear for awhile...



After chasing these guys in the dark for the past few months, I FINALLY managed to get a decent collection of ambient lit shots of Hobson's Choice, a take no prisoners band and entourage that I'm happy to be included in amongst as one of their friends.



Ran a few casual recordings for some friends but it seemed that they were never really serious about following through, nor appreciated the efforts.  While it was fun, this was a good learning experience on evaluating potential jobs in the future. 

Clifton's Spring Time Music Festival - Revak recorded copious quantities of music on his Zoom multitracker.  The event was a blast but personal issues have kept this project on the back burner.  Perhaps later...



Mastered up a few originals from Bobbie & Steve for copyright submissions.   That was a quick and fun job!!!  Wish all jobs were this straight forward.

Pulled off a nice bootleg recording job of Hobson's Choice at Doc's Upper Deck.  For this job, we used a Zoom H2 to record the stage and the trusty old Nomad Jukebox tapping off the mixer.  Synchronizing the two afterwards took some work as the clocks were a bit off but the product was pretty good for creating a demo, providing feedback to the band, get exposed to a new genre of music, plus meet some really good people.

Over the holidays, we recorded Robin Kirby's Christmas Song.  This whole job took a ridiculous amount of work and effort for a single song.   On the first evening, friends came over and partied which essentially resulted in an entire redo.  Coupled with the self imposed deadline to be released in time for the twelve days of Christmas added to the compression.  I really enjoy my company with Robin though for some wierd reason, we ALWAYS seem to have unique issues whenever gadgets are involved.  Guess that's a necessary learning experience, eh?   Seemed like an appropriate finish for 2008.








Autumn 2008 - Wow, what a couple of months.  After the Kemah Jam became somewhat regular, I got to start filling in for Jim Shortt at The SCENE  while he was recovering and getting to attend all sorts of live music events.  Jams, hurricanes, all sorts of stuff.  Not as much audio these days but tons of photo work.


Galveston Bay Area Musicians Alliance

Clifton's Music Festival

Clear Lake Arts Alliance Festival

Celtic Festival

South Shore Harbor Food & Wine Festival



July 2008 - What a month!!!   Aside from all the usual Fourth of July festivities, I got to happen across an interesting spiel that's called "Open Mic" events.  Kemah Jam were we did both audio and photography.   Down at the bottom of the page are a few audio recordings.


2008-06-06 Andy Upchurch of the Dreamsicles got married and was off honeymooning.  While they were off on their extended honeymoon, I got a chance to catch a great two piece group called ""Wood & Wind".   Steve and Bobbie are two great talents and let me tag along working on low light photography (stage) settings.  Was able to get a few decent pictures but come to terms with the limits of my trusty Canon S2 that it's close to time for another camera better able to handle lower light settings.  I suspect this will be an adventure on many fronts...   ;-)




2008-05-24 Just got in from an interesting outing at the Kemah Boardwalk covering the Dreamsicles again using the Zoom H2. Probably wasn't a good idea as there was alot of crowd noise (not all that bad) but also a bunch of train whistles blowing in the background (not good). May be time to multi-track again. Also finding out the limits of my existing camera setup (Canon S2 IS) and it may be time for an upgrade !!!

2008-05-17 Took a bunch of pictures and recorded some audio at the
2008 Oleander Event. What a hoot that was that it get's it's own webpage!!! Performances by Chris Hadfield, What Is HIP, and Andy and the Dreamsicles using a Zoom H2.

2008-05-xx Working on a Demo Disk for KC & The Jazzworks. Jazz is an interesting...

Spring - Here are a few pictures of our annual Team America Rocketry Challenge trials that we host each year at the Johnson Space Center. Our part is an annual 5 month campaign of weekend launches. (No Audio, just pictures)

2008-04-12 Did a FIVE EVENT gathering held at Space Center Houston. The events included Space Day, Yuri's Night, the David Beverly Inaugural Memorial Ride, the Outlaw Music Festival, and the First Annual Bay Area Bikers Rally. (No Audio Content, just pictures)

2008-01-xx Went to revisit the Sharks at the Cross Eyed Seagull. Click here for a sample recorded.



(2007-11-09 & 2007-11-17)

After an extended hiatus in Denver and at the 2007 Balluner Festival , I returned to the Topwater Grill not to record audio but this time, as a photographer for the HartFestival kickoff.

Got to follow this up shooting pictures for the HartFest -- Twas quite a classy event.

Cow Blues Brothers

(2007-09-21 6.4 gigs)

Recorded live at the Top Water Grill in San Leon, Texas. This was a makeup session from a previous recording debacle. Gobs of good material so we made them their own web page.

My wife's put up with listening to tons of recordings and even she says this band is good! Also happened upon a colony of Monk Parakeets.

Improv at Belmar Labs(2007-09-08 804 megs)

Had a business trip to attend to up in Denver. Checking the local calendar of events was a Def Leopard concert in the Red Rocks Amphitheater but the weather was iffy so I ventured forth to an interesting venue in the Whole Foods downtown district for an evening of Improv(click here to listen).

Using a mobile rig of two AT-21R lapel mics and a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox 3, I got a front row seat to an evening of very different entertainment. In the picture of the backpack, you can zoom in and see the lapel mics. The whole session was recorded on battery power.

The room sat about 70 people comfortably with concrete surfaces in an art gallery. It was a place I've always read about but never heard before this evening.

There were alot of aspects to this little project that were different and got a try out several things.

(Note - Panning added during post processing)

The TailDraggers
(2007-09-01 7.32 gigs)

Recorded live at Katie's in San Leon, Texas. (click here for samples)

It had been coming up on two years since I've been to this place, a converted U.S. Post Office and I remembered the place as having a good sound. This evening was a treat as the place was PACKED with alot of action going on and the band was very entertaining.

This time, in addition to setting up two stage mics, I also tapped off the house mixer for every signal available. Between the first and second sets, we went ahead and mic's the harp amplifier. Between the second and third session, we moved a stage mic a bit closer to the drum kit. All-in-all, a pretty good session.

Andy and the Dreamsicles

Sundance Grill:

(2007-08-18 1.94 gigs)

(2007-08-26 12.76 gigs)

(2007-09-02 9.12 gigs)

Topwater Grill:



During the magical summer of 2007, I was adopted by a fun bunch of merry music makers, recorded them on several occassions and had a great experience. Also took the myspace plunge and worked on the Dreamsicle's website.

The Sharks, Live at the Knights of Columbus(2007-08-04 4.8 gigs)-A private party recorded live in extremely tight setup. Lot's of bleed over. Got tactics should we ever attempt such a similar situation again. Later that evening, we went to Hoppi's and heard some really exceptional spanish guitar playing making the overall evening good.

Notoriaty(2007-07-29 638 megs) - A National award winning barbershop quartet consisting of four talented individuals scattered across the state of Texas, makes catching this group a treat. They stopped by to sing a few numbers and we were able to capture most of the performance using two simple Sennheiser E635 (?) wireless mics about 2-3 feet from the performers.

Rock Island Band(07-07-07 7.1 gigs) - Recorded live at the Sheraton Hotel in Oklahoma City during the PCW 30th Class Reunion. On this project, we set up the recorders and went visiting for the rest of the evening. With all the frolicking about, we managed to grab this fun little number! On this number, the band featured classmates David P. White on bass, Scott Pacheco on 2nd lead guitar, and Rick Ayling playing lead.

Cow Blues Brothers(2007-06-03 2.2 gigs) - Recorded live at the Haak Vineyards in Sante Fe, Texas Not a good session. Recordings of the band came out well but we tapped the mixer for vocals and that signal was extremely hot with lots of clipping. Digital clipping sounds very bad. Owe 'em a rain check. However, we did manage to pull together this short video clip and one short warm up number that didn't have any vocals.

Memorial Day Block Party

(2007-05-29 11.1 gigs)

Very successful evening hosted by Donny and Lisa McCorquodale and attended by the entire block. At least a dozen musician friends from over the decades stopped in and provided the entertainment without any rehearsal at all. A truly magical evening. If they do this again next year, I may try to mic everybody individually!

College of the Mainland Jazz Combo and Jazz Ensemble

Spring Concert(2007-03-27 1.96 gigs) - The prior session went so well, we went back for another round with equally good results. These concerts are headed up by Sparky Koerner, Professor of Music. (click here for a sample)

The Sharks

Live at the Sandbar

(2007-01-19 919 megs)

Recorded using two Behringer C3's on the stage and one Oktava MC-012 aimed at the monitor to capture the vocalist. Submixed on the spot and converted using a Tascam/Frontier Design US-144L and onto the G4 Powerbook with hard disk. Also used the JB3 as a backup and neded up using to the JB3 tracks. This was a makeup session because we had considerable problems with this room in a prior attempt (they had retiled the floor in the entire place and acoustics were extremely "bouncy"). Here, we mixed on the spot in an attempt to capture the sound of the place and got pretty good results. This does make for a loooong evening and tired ears. Also points out the need for better sound isolation at the recording desk.


College of the Mainlands Jazz Combo and Jazz Ensemble

Christmas Concert (2006-12-10) - Recorded using two Oktava MC-012's, one Behringer C3, and one Marshall MXL-990. Converted using the MOTU Traveller onto the G4 Powerbook and external drive. This venue is perhaps the best place I've ever recorded; the room sounds great, the numbers are well rehearsed and the setup area nice and spacious. An A+++ facility.

Music, Music, Music !!!

Charity talent show (2006). Ten track recording grabbed off the house system. Lots of post production work with the show's director. CDs were produced and sold for fundraising.

2005 and earlier

MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC -A very nicely done talent show directed by Alex Jackson in conjunction with the SUMC Women's Club. The album sold out!!! One day, I'll post up some samples.

Down From the Mountain(2005) - First live recording using my Mac laptop. Recorded straight to the Powerbook's internal drive. Submixed on 14 tracks on location down to 8 tracks. Twas one of them magical evenings. Took lots of post production work, got alot of good material but unfortunately, the project was never released.

The Sharks, Live at Katies (2005-12-03) - First venture out. Tracked using two Oktava MC-012 mics through a small mixer and recorded onto a Nomad Jukebox 3. Post processed at home using a PC and Quartz Audio Pro from Digital Sound Planet. Katies is an old converted Post Office in San Leon, Texas and was a good room to record. On this evening, Randy was filling in for their regular lead guitar player and provided some very tasteful playing.

Down From the Mountain - (2004 & 2003)

Godspell (August 2003) - Recorded three shows through overhead mics, through the house mixer and out an Aux path, onto "cassette" tapes. Once back home, we played back the cassettes running the signal through EQ, and expansion and digitized. Need to remaster this someday.

And countless seasonal holiday events recorded in a variety of manners off the house system, produced and sold as a seven volume set.