A listing of gear... 











It's amazing how it accumulates.  

You'll recognize alot of this gear is slanted for recording on location:  Clubs, concert halls, cafe's, patios, bars, and homes.


Capture Gear 

  • Motu Traveler - D/A Converters, 8 channels
  • ADA 8000 - D/A Converters, 8 channels
  • USS-122 - D/A Converter, 2 channel
  • Nomad Jukebox 3 - D/A Converter, 2 channel
  • Zoom H2 - 2/4 channel
  • MG10/2 - Field Mixer
  • MXB1002 - Field Mixer
  • Apple G4 Powerbook - Most of our remote recording projects run between 2 to 12 tracks but we can easily handle 16 tracks.



  • Snakes, stands, cables, power - A variety of gadgetry for directly connecting to other people's mixers and DIs.  Lugging around "everything" is counter to travelling light so it's nice to have a good idea before hand of what all to bring.


  • MC-012 (2) Oktava
  • MXL-909 Marshall
  • MXL-603S Mogami
  • AT-3035 Audio Technica
  • C3 (2) Behringer
  • SM-58 Shure 
  • Beta 58A Shure
  • SM-57 Shure



  • Digital Performer - Recording and mixing
  • DSP Quattro - Mastering & CD burning


Post Production Mixing & Mastering

  • BCF2000 Control surface
  • Rokit-8 Monitors
  • "The Advent Loudspeakers" - These where hot items back in the '70s.  Getting a pair recently at a garage sale has been quite the find.  Used for auditioning.
  • Home Surround Sound - I don't mix in surround sound but will playback  in surround to get an idea of how well the mix hangs together.
  • SUV, sedan, and two compact cars - Many listen to music in their autos.  These are the ones currently in the driveway. Missing are trucks and minivans.


 Cassette Conversion

  • From humble beginnings...   Still used today...
  • Cobbled together with stuff laying around and  with a few "hand me downs" from friends, this is how it all got started.  Believe it or not, I still use cassette tapes for special venues.