You own all rights to the product from the raw tracks to any mixed and mastered products.  I'm just having fun and a little side cash....



WAV, MP3, CD, website based...

I use Digital Performer and Quattro Pro.  

People often always asks if I use ProTools.  I did but not anymore.  ProTools is a great package but one needs to be a revenue producing venture to keep up with their licensing fees.  If you want ProTools compatible formats, we can export the raw files for you to take to your favorite ProTools equipped studio.

Some of you will be taking your tracks to a large scale reproduction shop where often times, their engineers will do the final mastering.  Let me know your plans so that we can leave plenty of headroom for those very important steps.


What Does It Take?

Planning, recording and post producing material can range from about 10 minutes per tune for a room mic recording and up to weeks for large multitrack projects. 

We like to arrive a few hours before the doors open to run our cables, set up mics, and final check our recorders well before showtime -- Preferably along with the stage setup.

Following the show, we will run backups. Then, depending on what you desire, either ship you raw tracks, perform marking, mixing, an auditioning session for final touches. We can even produce mastering and small CD productions services.

Give us a call so that we can review your needs and stay within your budget.


If It Works Out

If you are in the area and interested in capturing a few tracks of a concert or performance drop us a line.


Best regards,