Hello,    Welcome to the website of Lee Cole .  I can be reached at      

             The restoration on the  20 inch f5 Newtonian Sollee telescope is finished for the most part . The star testing results are

unbelievable. Many of the former design problems have been solved and lots of new whistles and bells have been added.This

should make viewing much more convenient. In addition to the scope transformation the photometer  has also been modifed

and has its own deticated lap top for recording data. The ccd camera currently being used is a Mintron-62V1N fed to a flat

screen plasma for casual viewing and imaging is recorded  throught the my pc and stored in a external hard drive.          

The software for planning observing sessions I use is Stellarium ,it can be down loaded at

for Free. The program I use for color Imaging is GIMP it can be downloaded free at . The GIMP program cannot

handle  FITS files effectively ,so to produce a color image you need to saving them in TIFF or JPEG files in DS9 or Iris .The ds9.

solfware can be downloaded from .The best part of DS9 is the Blinking object  area of the

program .Blinking diferent images helps identifiy supernovae,asteroids,and other objects in movement across the sky  or that vary in brightness. 

          The scope is currently mounted on a heavy steel plate with casters on it in my studio while it awaits the  restoration  of the 5.0 Meter Observa-Dome ,see it at   The primary objective of this web site is to post photos of the construction prossess of the 5.0 meter dome. The dome like the telescope had set unused for some 20+ years ,many of

the parts are badly rusted or missing . I have srarted the restoration process on the metal parts and will post the progress

on this site as they are avalable.   

    For sometime I have looked for other scopes like this one and have found a link to these photos . They are scattered about in

several file groups at .   The construction of the foundation is concrete floor with block wall filled

with concrete and rebar steel. The door is steel on steel frame for added security. The thought was to go green on power and I have  run power out to the dome from my house. The batterys from the solar panels are stored in our basement and also power the Ham Radio station. The dome site is located in the back field behind my home In Arlingtion Tn.

     I  do several star partys (FREE) for Scouts and schools and home schoolers ect.  I love hearing the response from someone that has never looked at the Sun or the stars in a telescope.

This is a link to one of the events :

 These are some Scouts looking at the Sun for the first time . I built a mount that has two scopes on it ,the gold telescope is a

Coronado PST 40mm H-alpha scope   The other scope is a Meade spotting scope with a glass solar filter on it .This gives you two views of the Sun ,the PST shows prominences,sunspots,filaments and flares while the Meade highlites Sun spots clearly.

I also own several other scopes I take out for my star partys , a nexstar 8 inch and a home made 10 inch dob   is shown in  the last photo .  

I also enjoy building telescopes, metal art , ham radio and reading and teaching anyone who wants to learn.






One of the many cubscouts from pack 452 .

 The lower photo is two of my good friends Bill Wilson blue shirt,

and  Mark Thomas ,brown shirt

They helped me with the large group of scouts looking at the Sun in our solar scopes.  






This is two of my scopes set up for a star party , we had about 60 to  have a look that night.



  I am currently making Braille photos in sheet copper for a art show to allow
the blind to see what I see in my telescopes. This all came about when
I was haveing one of my many public starpartys that I do each year. There was a blind
girl that was not able to understand what was being viewed and it has bothered
me for over a year now. Last week however It suddenly came to me how to make
this work and I have taken some of my Deep Sky Astronomy photos and converted them into raised
bumps in the copper . These are two photos of how I have made them ,I plan on making lots of Braille photo

for many of the my nightly favor Nebulas and Galaxy and clusters .There is a book for the Blind called

"Touch the Universe" By NASA it has 14 Braille photos in it . I will post times and location for the show if

anyone would like to attent.,M1


These are two of the first sample Braille images I worked on ,in my studio the machine is a gravermax and these are some of the hand tools I am using on this project.

This is a rough sample of what I am making ,I will post more photos as proceed.


Wow it works , she thinks it feels like a spinning pinwheel , gotta get busy making more.

This is a M51 Image that I have color

proccessed with GIMP and DS9.

These are powerful tools and fun to


This is a raw single file from the ccd camera

of Comet 17P Holmes ,it is typical of the view

seen on the live feed from the scope shown

on the flat screen plasma.