Laura Wade

The life of a playwright is, she concedes, an odd one: the "massively introverted" months of working alone, followed by the "massively extrovert thing" of having a play on.   [1] The Guardian
Born: 16th October 1977
Occupation: Playwright
Mini Biography:
Wade was born in the winter of 1977 in Bedford, England. Not long after she was born, however, she moved north to Sheffield as her dad's job required. After completing her compulsory education in Bakewell Derbyshire, she moved to Bristol to study a drama degree at university there. After completing that she became a member of the Royal Court Theatre Young Writers' Programme and not long after produced her first, and arguably most famous play Colder Than Here.
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Wade has produced many plays in her short time of being a playwright, some of which have been publish and some of which remain to be. Below is a list of both published and unpublished plays.
  • Colder Than Here Soho Theatre 2005
  • Breathing Corpses Royal Court Theatre 2005
  • Other Hands Soho Theatre 2006
  • Catch Royal Court Theatre 2006
  • Posh Royal Court Theatre 2010
  • Limbo Sheffield Crucible Studio 1996
  • Fear of Flying Bristol University 1997
  • White Feathers Bristol University 1999
  • 16 Winters Bristol Old Vic Basement 2000
  • The Wild Swans Playbox Theatre at the Dream Factory Warwick 2000
  • TwelveMachine Playbox Theatre at the Dream Factory Warwick 2001
  • The Last Child Playbox Theatre at the Dream Factory Warwick 2002
  • Young Emma Finborough Theatre 2003
What is more surpising than the amount of plays produced by this young playwright, is the plethora of awards she has collected:
  • Critics' Circle Theatre Award for Most Promising Playwright 2005 for Breathing Corpses and Colder Than Here
  • Pearson Playwrights Award Bursary in association with the [Finborough Theatre] 2004
  • Pearson Playwrights Best Play Award for Breathing Corpses 2005
  • Joint winner of the George Devine Award for Breathing Corpses 2006
  • Olivier Award Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre for Breathing Corpses and Colder Than Here 2006