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Love and Money

"In Dennis Kelly’s compelling new play, which holds up a cracked mirror to our world of easy credit and compulsive shopping, David and Jess’s marriage comes under intolerable strain when their debts drive them to seek desperate remedies." The Stage
1st Performed: The Studio, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, 2006. 
Parts: Male- 3
           Female- 3
Themes:  Love, comedy, materialism.
Synopsis: Instead of writing a synopsis for the play myself i have found one which describes Love and Money better then i ever could. Written by The London Theatre it gives an indepth summary as to what goes on in the play:

"The play focuses on the debt-laden misery of a married couple, David and Jess. When we first meet David, however, he's conducting a romance by email. Jess is already dead and David's new French lover, Sandrine, wants to know about his wife's demise. Sandrine prises the information from David in a kind of electronic interrogation. But once the disturbing information is imparted, the emails and the romance abruptly stop.

The confessional mode is further developed when we join two bereaved parents who horrifyingly and graphically admit to the desecration of the neighbouring memorial where their daughter is buried because it's become too ornate, overshadowing their daughter's gravestone. Other scenes focus on Jess and her consumerist aspirations, and a strangely humorous conversation between a sex-obsessed man, and a girl who puts wallpaper paste in the office coffee machine, and sends out invoices with male genitalia photocopied on the reverse. "

Here is a clip of people rehearsing Love and Money to gather a better idea of what the play is about:

YouTube Video



 "Stimulating concoction of wit and tragedy which keeps us engrossed even when the subject matter is unnerving"

London Theatre

 "Dennis Kelly's play is a modern morality tale about debt and desire, the high cost of living and the things we buy to fill up the void. True happiness is not just love, but an MFI kitchen as well."

The Guardian

"Love and Money builds up into a rather stark picture of Yuppie life today. Its overriding force seems to be neither love nor money but anger, expressed even more forcefully by Jess's parents than the young, once happy couple themselves." Helpful Hint: It also has a very good Summary of the play!

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