Dennis Kelly

'“People are shocked when they meet me,” says Dennis Kelly. “I think they expect me to kill a cat in front of them or something.”' London Evening Standard

Born: 1970

Nationality: British

Inspired by: Caryl Churchill
"But one of my favourite writers is Caryl Churchill, someone who reinvents herself with every new play" The Guardian
Mini Biography: 
 Dennis Kelly comes from a council estate in the London town of Barnet. He has 4 siblings and is the middle of the five children. He comes from a religious background of Irish decent with his father being a catholic bus driver. He left school early at the age of 16 before going into many alternate jobs. He then attended Goldsmiths College on the degree of Drama and Theatre Arts which he received a first as a mature student in his thirties. Kelly admittedly likes to write about topical themes of what is happening at the time which is obvious in many of his plays.
 'He’s best known for his dark style of writing'BBC
Helpful hint: Most of Kelly's noteable works are in his book 'Oberon modern plays'
 '"We sort of tend to look down on things like suspense in theatre and i think that's a great shame," he says. "i think those things are orginally theatrical devices that have been borrowed by film and by TV and there is no reason why we shouldn't recliam them."'
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