Cancellation & Rain Policies:

Teams remember we are all taking a chance by playing an outdoor sport.  No one has control over mother nature.  CSE, Inc. will do the very best to be fair with each individual circumstance.  

All teams should expect the possibility of a changed schedule including alternate dates, and altered game times due to inclement weather.

FOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS - There will be a 35% administration fee for any team withdrawing INSIDE 16 days of the event beginning date.  

All events - There will be no refund given once game schedules have been released  OR inside 7 days of the tournament beginning date.  

There is a chance this tournament may not be completed due to inclement weather. Please be aware that 25% of the entry will be retained to cover fixed administrative costs if the tournament is not played. Entry fee may also be moved to another tournament without the standard 10% transfer fee).

After a tournament is started and the tournament has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, see below.  

ALL EVENTS- If 1 game played - CSE, Inc. will refund 50% of the entry fee.  If 2 games played - there will be no refund.  

If inclement weather arrives, all games started equal games played.

Bracket play is determined by winners & losers.

CSE will always try to arrange schedules so the tournament can be completed and a winner announced if at all possible.  CSE, Inc. reserves the right to change the time limit or game configurations in order to accommodate for adverse situations.  However, Tournament Director reserves the right to alter,change,shorten,or eliminate whole portions of the event in order to bring it to a conclusion.   Forfeiture of games by teams during the course of the event will constitute FULL UMPIRE FEES for each game not played.  Additionally, teams may face permanent suspension from any future CSE, Inc. hosted and produced events.