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Major Sony Announcement Coming this Monday

June 6, 2007

By Ryan Becker

VGChartz Forums reported from a Podcast on AllGames.com that on June 11st Sony will be making a major announcement. Here are a few quotes from the PodCast:

"I can tell you this.. On June 11th playstion nation will be smiling wide, because they are gonna have something the 360 people can only dream of and it was real time!!! ...real time im tellin ya!! what we saw...we've been sworn to secrecy"

Sounds juicy.  Could it be a big reveal about Home?  Could it finally be some Killzone 2?

The rabbling about "real-time" leads me to believe its Killzone, let's hope. 


Home no longer the only PS3 Beta in town

May 29, 2007

by Ryan Becker

As of Thursday, May 24th, the public Beta for Warhawk has gone live over the Playstation Network.  With the very exclusive Home Beta running as well, lucky PS3 owners are beginning to become more involved in the development and tweaking of upcoming product.    

I myself recieved a beta invite, and I will be the first to say that it's an extremely entertaining game.  There is a major issue with games freezing up at the moment, but this is why we call it a "Beta".  Not the final version, still being finished.  So if you're among the lucky ones in the Beta, keep an eye to the sky, because if a player named "TeethMummy" is launching swarm missles at you, you'll know it was me. 


2 new Home screens

May 9, 2007

So, not much news about Home lately... There 2 new screenshots. I think that Home could really become popular except for the fact that not enough people has PLAYSTATION 3 systems. Anyways thanks Absolute Gadget for finding these pictures. I wonder if you can add a home theater to your HomeSpace? It would be useless but cool.


40 more Home pictures

May 7, 2007

Check out these Home pictures. What I think is cool is that one of the Home characters are wearing a Heavenly Sword picture. I am glad that they are customizing the game with items based off of games. Now all I need is a real Heavenly Sword shirt. Also, I like how people are able to watch movies and trailers. All in all its pretty cool.  Remeber the open beta starts in August!

The never ending leak of Home pictures

May 6, 2007

More Home pictures. People just keep leaking more Home pictures which of course is good except for the part of me not being able to take any pictures because I am NOT in the Home beta (I'd love to go on about that too). At Sony Protection Group they have more pictures. Anyways, Home's graphics are pretty nice. One of the pictures shown (also to the right) has someones home character  walking towards the bowling allies and if you notice the screens its displaying Motorstorm. So I was wondering, possible you could see current online Motorstorm races in action. I think that would be pretty cool, similar to watching ESPN. See the rest of the pictures here.

Home Beta to add more users in coming weeks

May 6, 2007
By: Ryan Becker

If you were left out in the cold when Sony's Home Beta invites were sent, there's still a glimmer of hope for you to get in on all the social networking and furniture placing splendor this summer.   A Kotaku reader sent in this picture of an email he recieved from Sony detailing the possibilities of adding more beta testers.
















For those of you who don't have your contacts in, the email reads as follows:

"Thank you for your recent interest in the Home beta test.  At the moment we have all the beta testers we need for this phase.  But don't lose hope.  We will be expanding the beta and adding participants weekly over the next several weeks.  Watch your inbox, because we'll be contacting the next wave of beta testers very soon!"

So keep refreshing your inbox, keep your fingers crossed, and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones allowed into the beta in the coming weeks.



New Home Beta Screenshots!!!!!!

May 5, 2007

By: br4nd0nh347                           

PS3 ONLY has released some screenshots of home beta in action!  It provides a good look into what was promised at GDC 2007.  Home is chugging along and seems to be picking up steam, I'm interested in how everything will be when the final version is released later this year. Screenshots can be found by clicking the link or see all of them at PS3 Only .



New information revealed, Eye integration

May 2, 2007
PSM (PlayStation Magazine) has published a brand new interview with Phil Harrison. Here are the important parts:

  • The user's home is on the PlayStation 3 (the hard drive) and not on the server! So your Playstation home is not linked with your PlayStation account, so if you log on to one account at a different PS3 your home will not be there. So for those of us with 2 PS3s' pick your favorite and only play house on that one. Now, im just assuming and hoping but I believe when you buy stuff off of the Playstation store, home store or whatever it will be linked with your account, so if its deleted, you can still re-download the items to your home.
  • PlayStation Home is a worldwide service but dived into languages. Perhaps, if people in the U.S. could go to the Japanese servers which could be cool if you know more than one language.
  •  The just announced PlayStation Eye will be integrated into Home. You can use it to speak into, hear other people and communicate. At this time you cannot use it to map your face to make your home character look like you, however this may change.

User shown playing PlayStation Home

May 2, 2007
Although not of that much importance here is what it looks like when your friend (he is a friend right? why else would he be on your friends list) is in Home. Its nothing amazingly cool, but you might as well take a look at it here.

PlayStation Home Beta hits Europe

May 2, 2007
Today PlayStation Home Beta has come to Europe. Right now, just a small group of internal staff and known beta testers are testing. Until summer everyone else will just have to wait! But keep on checking www.homebetatrial.com and maybe... One day it will be open and everyone can start signing up. Phil Harrison did say somethign about a public beta didn't he...? Home beta will be around 50,000 in August and hopefully go live in October.

Beta Pictures Leaked! See'em before there gone!

May 1, 2007
 PlayStation Home beta pictures have been released to the public. Found

on Sony's own PlayStation forums it appears that the pictures are 1) Clicking the icon on the XMB 2) Launching into the game 3) The Disclaimer thing and 3) Picking a Playstation Home server with only 1 available. Heres the pictures:


Click here to see larger pictures.


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