PLAYSTATION HOME was officialy revealed on March 7, 2007 at the Game Developers Conference. With initial rumors about PlayStation Home the world of gaming was set on fire, and once it was confirmed gamers rejoiced as the next revolution in the PlayStation universe is here. At first thought of Playstation Home, would be well a home, maybe your home about Playstation. But, Home is much more than that. Its a online virtual world that can be used as a living space in public and private enviroments. Ever heard of Second Life? Well its fairly similar to that but takes it the next level. Playstation Network users can login chat, communicate by text, speech and movement, play simple games like billards and even arcade games or even jump into a Playstation Network downloadable title.

Every user can create there own private virtual ares where they can show off thier trophies similar to Xbox Live's achievement system. Also, thanks to the PlayStation 3's hard drive users will be able to show off pictures and videos that are on the hard drive by simply playing them on a TV or putting a photo in a picture frame and you can even share your favorite songs. Eventually you will be able to take care of a pet, how many isn't specified but, you can take it on walks and even play with creating a real life expeirience that can be found no where else except Home.

Playstation Home will come as a free game via Sony's PlayStation Store this October. Its a free download thanks to 2 things. First, users will see dynamic advertising similar to the real world where you may see billboards. Second, Users can can continue to evolve there private virtual areas and character for a fee. Until October the game will be in Beta testing to make sure your experience is great.

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