Krunker io is a fast-paced pixelated first-person shooter. In this game, decline into a pixelated mankind and meeting against other players from around the world. has so much to furnish and is a stack of fun. This sport can be played casually to pass the moment, or scout's honour in competition against other die-hards.

Previously fighting, determine from joined of 11 dissimilar classes including detective, rocketeer, deputy, despatch-bearer, Bowman, and hunter. Each excellence has a opposite chic and outfit. Into the bargain, each grade has a diverse best and derivative weapon. The triggerman, for the sake of standard, carries an batter rifle and pistol.

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Aside from the innumerable classes, this play also has a range of awesome weapons. Choose from vicious weapons such as an smite loot, sniper despoil, shotgun, revolver or even akimbo uzis. Each weapon has conflicting advantages - the sniper, for example, has a field and is inordinate on long-range fights. 

Play krunker io here Gameplay

Join the hectic and fast-paced action in Reminiscent of staple FPS games like Counter-Strike, reaction speed and aim are your greatest asset. Move quickly to evade fire and shoot sharply to take down your enemy cleanly. You can jump into a game instantly for immediate action, or choose custom game modes in the server menu.


Before fighting, choose from one of 11 different classes, like detective, rocketeer, agent, runner, Bowman, and hunter. Each class has a different style and outfit. Moreover, each type has a different primary and secondary weapon. The triggerman, for example, carries an assault rifle and pistol. Choose a class that suits your playing style, or master them all.


Aside from the various class types, this game also has a range of awesome weapons. Choose from deadly weapons such as an assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, revolver, or even akimbo uzis. Weapons may be balanced or have a particular dominant strength. The sniper rifle, for example, has a scope and high firepower for taking down enemies quickly, but you must have precise aim for it to be effective.

Maps has a vast selection of maps, created by both the game developers and fans. Users can submit map creations of their own, which results in hundreds of maps to choose from. The creativity of the map designs is superb. You can play on anything from rocky lava landscapes to ancient Aztec pyramids.

Finally, players can track their scores in the social section, which includes leaderboards and other stats. See if you can gain a spot on the leaderboard today with your FPS gaming skills.

Release Date

Krunker was released in June 2018 and is continuously updated with new content.


  • 11 different classes to suit your playing style
  • Simple, clear aesthetics for clean visibility
  • Keeps to the roots of original FPS gaming
  • Hundreds of custom servers and maps
  • Fast-paced action with a focus on skill


Krunker is a web browser game. Currently, it is not available on mobile devices such as iOS and Android devices.


Krunker is made by Sidney de Vries, who has previously made other .io games such as MooMoo.

Game Tips

  • Try out various guns and refine your selection to the ones you play best with
  • Look around and sweep areas frequently to assess for enemy presence.
  • Practice a lot! Pro FPS skills don't come overnight.
  • Check out the Krunker Twitch channel for gameplay videos and streaming.
  • You can host matches by click Host Game, selecting the maps, classes, and modes that you want, and then sharing URL or code with your friends.
  • You can join a specific Krunker game by clicking join and entering the game's URL or code.
  • The game has merchandise for hardcore fans, find it here!