"Simcity Buildit is my favorite game and this game taught me how to plan everything in life. I am playing this game since last 2 years and now i decided to write my journey and share it to everyone in the world."

Proper Distribution Of Products In Simcity Buildit Is Necessary

I found that the developers of Simcity Buildit have given quite an emphasis on the distribution of products in the game. It is done to utilize the tune to the design of different sessions. I preferred a mix of items of different kinds which had varying times of production but found that shorter time periods needed to be more frequent so that I could shape up a good session. I was engaged and engrossed in each session till the time the game kept on producing quick materials until only the products which required long timers were left. It enabled me to end my session successfully after queuing up for it.

I found that the selection and distribution of products plays an important role in the success of Simcity Buildit. There were certain items which were very much necessary for my city and also there were others which were not. I had to choose the right ones and use it for the upgrading purpose of the residential buildings. Though the data that I collected was not sufficient enough to make the analysis perfectly and accurately about the probabilities of choosing, I felt that there are obvious tendencies.

I calculated the probability of all products one by one by taking into account the number of times a certain product came up as a requirement when compared to all the other recorded upgrades. I also normalized and used the Required Count to calculate the probability of the items that came up and unlocked at the later stages of SimcityBuildit. This probability chart helped me a lot in choice and distribution of products and made specific observations. This is necessary so that I selected to manufacture only those products which are necessary and have a high potential of being sold off easily.

I found that when I calculated the distribution of product ratio, there are some specific results. The unit ratio of the raw products to the manufactured ones is most effective in playing Simcity Buildit. The raw materials are manufactured in the factories wherein all the production slots are supposed to work in parallel whereas the manufactured products are those which are built in stores. These manufactured products needed the raw materials produced in the factories for their production. Though the stores had only one active product slot unlike the factories, I could easily queue up my products. I also observed that quick products are frequent. For the raw products at least, it can be produced real fast which is often used to upgrade buildings.  

The type of product selected and manufactured will also affect the time of it and the game as well, and it is here that the XP crafting system is required. More time will mean slower progress. Though some products in each slot remain the same so the added slots produces the upgrades. If more products having longer period are thrown into the mix, it will result in production time. As this time increases, it will result in slower money generating which of course can also be had by using simcitybuilditcheatsz.com website’s simcity buildit hack. There are better tips provided about how to play this game effectively.

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