03. Slitherio

In Slither.io you have a modern version of the good old snake games. And the nice thing in this game is that you can play against other people if you want to. The cool thing here is that everything is in color, and you can even access various skins as you play and unlock stuff. There are also leaderboards in the game, so you easily get to access all the stuff you may need and so much more in a single, comprehensive package. In the end you will be quite happy with the way things pan out here, especially since you are always in control and you get to choose where to go at all times.
The game is easy to approach, it can be difficult at times, but it can also be simple depending on how you play. It's also a good title that you can check out if you want to increase your dexterity and just enjoy some time off. You should consider playing it right away if possible!