Run 3

The latest sequel in the Run game series, Run 3 is an interestingly addicting runner-type game where gamers have the fascinating experience of playing as an alien in space. In the Run 3 game, the little alien trespasses in a prohibited zone full of dangerous looking holes. Caught unawares, the little alien has to run endlessly or risk falling into one of the dangerous looking holes and straight death!

Set in outer space, the Run 3 will leave you thrilled like never before. Although, in real life, running is never an easy task, running with the little alien in space provides a more thrilling and fascinating experience than running around in parks.

The Run 3 game provides an unlimited option for you to run and jump over different levels of obstacles, walls, and holes. Also, you can alter the gravity to assist your gameplay. Progressing through the game also opens doors of opportunities to unlock different alien characters with immense power that will aid your survival quest. With different game modes such as the infinite mode, where your aim to finish as many levels as you can, and the Explore mode, where several characters and Halloween and winter costumes can be unlocked, you are provided with two interesting modes to choose from.

You will also find the games' exceptional graphics amazing. Combine the clear graphical display with a 3D gameplay and you get to play an addicting game that will ensure you are occupied all day long.