04. Minecraft Online

Minecraft is a game that you can find just about anywhere. You can play the Minecraft demo version online here if you want. Or you can just play it online in its various iteration. There's even a Minecraft flash version as well. So there are many ways to play this title.
At its core, Minecraft is a survival game and you have to create a base, craft items and survive in a world full of dangers. The game is extremely fun and exciting to play, and it can offer you some really good moments. Just the sheer size of the levels and the gameplay make it very addicting and exciting. It's not the simplest game that you can play out there, but it's interesting and fun. And if you love good games that encourage exploration, you will enjoy Minecraft a lot. It doesn't matter if you download the Minecraft demo version or if you play Minecraft online, you just need to have it!