09. Fidget Spinner

Just like the name suggest, Fidget Spinner offers you a way to test a fidget spinner on your desktop without actually having to keep one in your hands. The thing that a lot of people will like about Fidget Spinner is that it's very easy to maneuver and use. The game does a very good job at keeping the experience rewarding and fun all the time. But you shouldn't get into this with the idea of enjoying more than just a meme. Because that's all there is to it.
Sure, you can spin the Fidget Spinner, there are multiple models to unlock and so on. Yet in the end, there's only so much variation that you can get from a game like this. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing. But it does go to show that even concepts like this will not last forever. They will be great until the concept becomes a fad and it's replaced by another trend. Plus, it's easier to play with a Fidget Spinner on your computer than just owning a real one.