11. Cricket

Cricket Games are extremely popular online, especially as flash games. And the reason why you want to give these a shot is because there are a plethora of games to play and they still follow a rather unique pattern all the time. It's definitely the type of thing that you will enjoy just because it comes with the real rules, yet at the same time you can play as much as you can and improve your skills.
Cricket Games are not very simple, you do have to know the rules. But at the same time, there are practice matches and other similar stuff that will help make things better and easier for you. If that happens, all you have to do is to give Cricket Games a try and see if you like them yourself.
In conclusion, there are tons of cool games to play online or on your phone. And the best part about all of this is that you don't have to pay anything. You just have to choose whatever game you want and that's it. That's by far one of the nicest things about the game, and in the end that can be very good for sure. Try to give these games a try and see for yourself if you enjoy them or not. There are definitely some nice gameplay mechanics, so just check that out!
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Aug 28, 2018, 9:03 PM