10. 2048

2048 is a very interesting puzzle game. The idea here is that you want to combine all the numbers on the board in order to make sure that all of them will add up to 2048 regardless of the row and location. This is one of the trickiest games that you can find out there, just because it works with higher numbers and that can be confusing to some people. That being said, the gameplay is extremely fun and interesting all the time, and you can always feel free to improve and adjust things if you want to.
That's the cool factor with 2048, the fact that you are always in control and you can adjust or adapt all this stuff. At least on paper. Since 2048 is a puzzle game, you really have to play by the rules in order to win. This can be trickier when compared to other options, but it's safe to say that once you start tackling all this stuff, the outcome can be more than impressive and you will enjoy the results in no time.