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Even if you're not a huge fan of golf, World Golf Tour has to be the most fun golf video game of all time. Even the Tiger Woods series of console games doesn't compare in graphics, user experience and overall quality of the game play.

First off, WGT is totally free to sign up. Click on the green link below to get to WGT.com and create your own player profile. You can customize your player features, equipment and gain experience points by playing some of the most amazing golf courses on the planet including:

  • Bethpage Black
  • Congressional Country Club
  • Kiawah Island
  • Pebble Beach
  • Pinehurst #2
  • St. Andrews

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world golf tour game

Secondly, once you do a little practicing on your own and take your golf game up a couple notches, you can enter fun tournaments on the WGT website where you compete against other golf gamers across the globe. Some of the tournaments are just for fun, but many offer real prizes you can win if you shoot low enough scores.

This game has everything necessary to be the best golfing experience for gamers of all time. The dynamic graphics are amazing addition to the controls that any one with a mobile device can master. There are several unique golf courses for players to choose from. This completely online experience can be a great distraction for fans of golf world wide. The tournament play provides a competitive atmosphere for individuals of all different levels of skill.

There is a competition leaderboard makes it possible for friends and family members to challenge each other to 18 holes any time. The first time individuals experience that they will be surprised to learn there is no cost to play. The online aspect is that players will never get at all tired of the game because it will provide individuals playing with the opportunity to play this offers from around the globe. There is also a form for people to join so they can improve their performance in the game and also make friends.

Other Fun Golf Games Worth Checking Out


This game is for the PlayStation console and as one of the earlier offerings of online golf games. While the graphics and game play are relatively simplistic, they do offer hours of fun for people who are looking for a basic sporting game with a first person point of view. The controls of relatively difficult to master but simple to understand. The game has a great deal of replay value considering its simplicity. The ability to easily adjust to the basic manner of game play makes it a fun title for any player who is interested in experiencing a game that does not take professional proficiency to play.


This series has been a favorite of fans of the sport over the last several years. This particular game has the legacy challenge available for fans who were trying to complete many of Tiger's standout moments in his professional career. While the graphics are not up to par with current games, the challenge is sufficient enough for players who want a good challenge. Having a career objectives also adds to the repeat play value of the title. This can often be a deciding factor for fans who are looking for something that will challenge them over the long haul. The detailed swing metrics also provide a realistic experience for video games fans.

Less Known Golf Games Online


This title is still discussed years after its inception because it presents so many special types of play. The battle style is something that fans of the game still talk about being a feature which should have been tapped into further in future generations of the game. Being able to have more on an artsy style feel added to the replay value of the game for people were just fair weather fans of the sport. While more serious gamers may not have seen the charm of the game, they certainly do like some of the unique features which have not been replicated in over a decade. The combination of simple controls and special options makes the game one for the ages.


This title may not be well known to many of the most sure fire gamers. While it may not have everything in terms of realistic details, it does have an amazing online game play mode. Furthermore, the game provides several courses for players to choose from as well as fantastic animations for players who were just looking to have a great time. While the cartoon effects may not be for some, they are hit with others who enjoy more nontraditional approach to sign on the golf course. The characters may not be as well known as Mario golf, however the addictive nature of the game makes it a cult favorite.


Perhaps, most recognizable video game characters pale in comparison to the video game icons in this title. While the graphics are very simplistic they are bright and colorful. All ages will enjoy playing this title because of the combination of complex options available in terms of controlling every action of their characters. The tournament style is enjoyable with several different course options. The reaction to the outdoor elements add a unique perspective to the team which is not often found other titles. The online aspects of the game can also be interesting for players who are interested in playing with others worldwide.


This title is the most unique in the series because it has no other clear competitor. The game has combined management of the golf course with any traditional golf title. The advantage of this game is that it provides the potential for thousands of hours of one of the kind experiences within a very basic interface. Team has more strategy than sport, which many people may not completely understand upon the first time viewing of the title. Simple and addictive, the game does provide a different perspective than any other title within the genre of golf games.


This game might survive the most comprehensive control system in the history of golfing products. The ability to manipulate the direction of a shot based on precision accuracy estimation is something that most players enjoy about the game. While its original namesake was first produced more than 20 years ago, this game provides amazing graphics and detailed experiences for every player. It is virtually impossible to replicate any shot. This means that the replay value of the game is incredibly high. The graphics allow players to get lost in the game as though they are on an actual course. Having to be precise about movements creates a fantastic atmosphere for any player.

Play World Golf Tour Absolutely Free. Play Against Your Friends & Win Real Prizes. Click Here to Get Started.