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Paris: Black and White

ACNW 2010: Slot 4(?)

Game Description

Paris -- the Eternal City; the centre of the universe; your city.  A city of sunlight and rain, of thieves and art dealers, smugglers and musicians, underground clubs, and sidewalk brasseries, espresso and absinthe.

100 years ago, your father, Corwin, drew the Pattern. In doing so, he defined Paris. The Eternal City was born. Home to the Pattern, and home to Corwin. He created it from his fondest memories of another Paris in another place and of many times. A Paris of the XXth. The creation of the Pattern served to fix this Paris in that age. Forever more, Paris would live in the times of the mid to late 1900's. People would come, people would go, but society would remain the same.

So Paris is the centre of the universe. From here, all Shadow is defined. When one strikes out from the countryside around Paris, one finds the Shadow paths that lead to the First Shadows that surround Paris. These First Shadows are analogous to the other Great Nations of the Age. There is a Germany, a Britain, a United States and many others. Each attainable by different Shadow paths. Through their proximity to the Pattern of Paris they too are defined in the XXth. They have changed no more in the last century than Paris has.

Beyond the First Shadows lie Infinity. The vastness of Shadow. The endless playground that is the domain of the children of Corwin; the small few who are able to walk his Pattern.

Corwin could have ruled in Paris, made himself Emperor, but he decided not to. Instead he chose the freedom to explore his universe. Paris was left to rule herself Consequently very few in Paris are aware of the existence of Corwin and his family. There are the priests who tend the Pattern, deep below the church of Sacre-Coeur, but few others. The general populace are unaware of the immortals who walk amongst them, though many rumours can be heard if one listens hard enough. The Parisians have always known that they are the centre of reality and are content to bask in that glory.

The Pattern lies beneath the vaults of Sacre-Coeur, watched over by priests selected by Corwin himself. To tend the Power that created the Universe is a great honour and the priests worship it devotely. Although the Pattern created Paris a hundred years ago, the people of Paris are unaware of this. For them, Paris has existed for all eternity.

For you, the Realm of Amber is a mythical place. Corwin told you stories when you were a child of the family. Of evil brothers and sisters, and the very few noble siblings. Intellectually you may believe that such a place as Amber exists, but it must be hard to imagine anywhere that could rival Paris. And you could never visit
Amber. It is another Time and another Place. Stories that Corwin sometimes tells with a wistful sigh.

Character Instructions

Film noir types of the mid twentieth century.  1930's to the early 60's.  Jazz, not rock and roll.  Revolvers, not automatic weapons. Art is everywhere, and anything can be art.  Everyone wears a hat at some point through the seasons. Clothes may not define the person, but they do enhance the scene.  Individuality is appreciated, and tradition is respected.

So what do you do in Paris? You are all the children of Corwin and grew up in this city. No matter how far you travel in Shadow, the lure of Paris always calls you back. So your first step in character creation is to decide how you would spend your time in the Eternal City. The options are endless and up to you.

Your parentage: well, obviously, Corwin is your father. He has had a number of wives and mistresses over the last century; in Paris and further afield. The only proviso for your character is that Corwin is your father and acknowledged you as his child.

Those stats: You have 80 points with which to create your alter ego. Stuff is limited to 5 points either way. Nothing crazy or advanced or Shadow Knigh-ish. No crazy artifacts, no munchkin power-gaming.

Pattern: This is Corwin's Pattern. It gives you the power to traverse the limitless Shadow of the Paris universe. Corwin will encourage all his children to essay his Pattern, though he will not force them to. Few in Paris are aware of the Pattern that created them all.

Trump: A mysterious power that can be learned from a number of Parisian artists. That the paintings of the many street artists of Paris have some power has long been known but it takes the blood of Corwin to fully realise the Trump qualities of the paintings and other objet d'art.

Sorcery and Conjuration: Very few are aware of the existence of magic. These are the enlightened 1930's. But magic is there; known only the secretive few; but available for the children of Corwin to learn.

Shapeshifting: Legend tells of the werewolves that lurk in the countryside, but this is the limit of general knowledge of shapeshifting. The children of Corwin have the potential to be born as shapeshifters but must exercise extreme caution in using such an ability in public. Panic would ensue.

Logrus: If there are no Courts of Chaos then there can be no Logrus. So this is not on option for Corwin's children.

Artifacts: Like Sorcery, they exist but few in Paris know of them, Your father once forged his sword, Greyswandir, so he is quite capable of creating any artifact you would like.

Hopefully this should give you a feel for Corwin's Paris. If you have any questions then please
get in touch with me.

You should be able to create a character in fifteen minutes based on the info here.  If I don't have a character from you by the 20th of October, that's exactly what we'll do in the first 15 minutes of the slot.

And remember - "We'll always have Paris."