Play, Design, Share- The Kindergarten Style of Learning
After studying how kindergarteners learn, the TEAMsters of TEAM Academy decided to explore the world of designing restaurants as young 

Through project based learning, the students have learned how to:

1. Utilize Microsoft Office

2. Locate and learn how to use web based applications.

3. Collaborate through web 2.0 applications.

4. Research reliable websites and cite them using MLA format.

5. Apply their creative and imaginative ideas to design a restaurant

6. Research and apply the best practices for building a positive digital footprint.

Updated Announcements!

Your restaurant menus will be passed out this week. The top 10 menus will be printed and presented on the tech bulletin board! :)

Interested in making a YouTube video for your Prezi?
See Ms. Sigler for further information.

Check out Osama's new video! She will be attaching this to her business plan on her Prezi :)

Osama's Prezi Intro Video