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PLAY Conservatory fosters confident, cooperative, creative young people through training in all aspects of Theatre Arts.



PLAY Conservatory has a three-fold vision:

1.      The PLAY Conservatory experience is accessible to any child who wishes to participate.

2.      When parents consider enrichment experiences for their children, PLAY Conservatory programs are the first ones they consider.

3.      Theatre produced by PLAY Conservatory is well attended and highly celebrated by the community.



Our Mission is supported by these foundations:

1.      The concerns and achievements of young people are our first priority.

2.      We believe Theatre fundamentally provides opportunities for children and youth to develop skills in self-confidence, cooperation, and critical thinking.

3.      We create learning experiences that are dynamic, engaging, and fun in a nurturing, safe environment, where young people and adults can learn and grow together.

4.  We believe that children are all innately artistic.

5.      We believe the arts serve as an economic driver and that people who work in the arts are themselves a critical part of the economy.

6.      We advocate art as a means to attain truth.

7.      We celebrate the diversity of our community, our region, and our world.

8.      We seek collaborations with organizations and individuals that support and enrich our students’ best interests.

9.      We invite young people to lead, to achieve, and to take risks that result in personal growth.

10.  We promote awareness of all opportunities to learn and grow.

11.  We employ caring, qualified teaching artists to work with our students.

12.  We strive to make every instructional minute shared a meaningful one.

13.  We strive for excellence, innovation, and professionalism in our work.

14.  We believe live Theatre has auspicious powers; among them is the ability to improve an individual’s as well as a community’s quality of life.



As we pursue our Mission, the following principles guide our work and our behavior as staff:

1.  We set high standards for a student’s professionalism both onstage and offstage.

2.  Our process is transparent: parents/guardians are informed participants.

3.  Our words are supportive and inspiring.

4.  We act with integrity.

5.  We accommodate each individual’s unique talents.

6.  We reward and celebrate fine work.