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What do kids like about PLAY Conservatory?
  • "the final bows"
  • "being able to participate in a great show"
  • "…working with my old friends and making many new close ones. The memories we developed were very special."

 What do parents say about PLAY Conservatory?

  • "It was great to see the kids' enthusiasm throughout the process and during the show."
  • "The production itself was very sophisticated, professional, and a joy to watch."
  • "I was very impressed by not only the kids' talent, but by the direction, choreography, and voice work."
  • "It was a beautiful show. Well worth the ticket price."
  • "The staff was nothing less than top notch. It takes a special gift to work with this age group. The director and his instructors managed to motivate these young people into creating quite a show."
  • "We always appreciate how organized and professional Jonathan is. His shows have everything: from auditions to special effects, they are well done and impressive on all levels."
  • "…terrific prep for the serious drama student… We got a lot of bang for our buck, and I was pleased."
  • "Our kids lives are greatly enriched because of all of their experiences with you."
  • "My child attended a UCLA Performing Arts camp last year. The PLAY Conservatory program was a far better value... Before you send your child out of town, you should audition them to be part of this incredible learning conservatory. The staff and instructors treated my daughter with high regard and respect. She always had a positive thing to share when she came home from rehearsals."
  • "PLAY Conservatory offers a professional, respectful, and safe atmosphere for teens to express themselves and grow as actors."

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