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For information on specific theme camps within Playagon Village, see the directory below.

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Recreational Vehicless -- If you have an RV please list your name, your camp, which day you're arriving, which day you're leaving, and the size of the RV.
 Name  Camp Name Arriving Leaving RV Dimensions
 Wherever I'm invited
 2 Sept
 5/6 Sept
 25 foot
 Future Camp
 Mon 9-6    
 25 ft
 Stan West (Topkat)  
 Yurtopia    Mon. 8/30
 Sun. 9/5
 Nathan L     Misfit Toys Wed 8/29 Monday 9/3 25ft x 2
 dr dr dave pseudofeds25th3rd3 rvs 38ft , 30ft , 30 ft

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Playagon Village camp directory:

 Camp AboutWebsite link Footage RequestedMailing list link(s)Expected populationOrganizers
Future Camp

Seal of Future Camp
Futurists, transhumanists, and some who just come for the cuddling.

We'll have mind-fertilizing Inceptions (talks) on futurist topics, with refreshing refresments served.
Future Camp General Discourse
PseudofedsPseudoFeds of the PlayaGon

 a hyper-inclusive proactive cyber-social civil intelligence synergy fusion cell realizing "dreams of civil intelligence" as "transformational synergists"

OR ...-watching those that are watching you 

10+ all the voicesDr. Dr.Dave
YurtopiaNot necessarily the future the way it will be; the future the way it should to be...


Yurts, silly names, and costumes required.
   More than 5 - less than 30 (;
Todd Huffman

Baysian Conspiracy      
Misfit ToysCats as yet unherded

Procrastination as a contact sport
  Misfit Toys At least 4 Nathan L
7D             There is a wormhole somewhere, and bike repair for the journey
  7D 6Ervan
Water WomanAn Ecuadorian Tesla adventure! We have a 24ft in diameter geodesic dome that we are going to house a free energy exhibit and a live feed to a burning ma-esque party happening in the mountains of Ecuador. 

Camp infrastructure
  • Each Camp needs to have its own kitchen and community meals (at whatever level desired) and should have its own shower and evap pond.
  • Future Camp's Salon and Hexayurt are village chill spaces.  

Placement info
2:30 and E

Early arrival info