The student’s growth as a musician will develop in proportion to the amount of time spent developing the craft.  It takes time and effort to establish proper techniques of posture, technique, strength and endurance.  A physical skill develops more quickly and consistently when it is repeated frequently, so daily practice is recommended.  Students are expected to practice all assignments five days a week.   I will provide a practice record for students.
  • Beginning Student: Two 5-10 minute segments per day
  • Elementary Student: 15-20 minutes per day
  • Intermediate(and beyond) Students: 30+ minutes per day
  • Voice students must spend time each day working on pronunciation of foreign texts, reciting texts as poetry, and developing subtexts for songs.  I suggest a 10-15 minute vocal warm-up followed by 20-30 minutes of practice.

Parental encouragement, support and occasional assistance is important to musical success.  Parents do not need to know how to play the instrument.  Simply reminding your child that “It’s time to practice” may be enough in many cases.  Younger students will most likely require parental supervision during practice. 

Students will be expected to memorize some of his/her music.  As your instructor, I can help you to play better, but only you can memorize your music!             

Practice Tips