Lesson Expectations

When you arrive for your lesson, please come in quietly, as another student may be finishing his/her lesson.  Please leave your coat and shoes by the front door. 

Please feel free to wait during your child’s lesson.  I understand many students and families may be coming from school and have need of an after-school snack.  Please keep drinks and snacks to a minimum in the designated areas.  There is no eating in the music room.   Reading, homework, silenced video games and review of music assignments are fine for families in the waiting area.

Students are expected to follow directions during the lesson.  The following rules will be discussed at the Initial Lesson:

  1. The piano is an instrument, not a toy.  Do not hide or play underneath it.
  2. Please wash your hands before playing.
  3. Please sit with your bottom on the bench. 
  4.  No bare feet on the pedals. (bring socks, if needed)
  5. Please keep your fingernails trimmed.
  6.  Only touch the piano keys with your fingers.

Students are expected to play assignments from the previous week at each lesson.  This will include songs, exercises, writing assignments and memorization of ideas.  Daily practice will help the student be prepared for each lesson.

What to bring to your lessons

In order for a student to accomplish as much as possible, it is important that the student is prepared for a lesson.  Please bring the following to every lesson (a bag or backpack may be helpful to stay organized):

  • Violin (if applicable)
  • Music Books
  • Flashcards
  • Practice Record (provided by Mrs. Platt)
  • Recording device (if applicable)