Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis and offered year-round.  It is recommended that students take lessons throughout the year, as music is a physical skill and develops more quickly and consistently when repeated regularly. 

In the event of cancellation, twenty-four hour notice is required.  Cancelled lessons may be no charge (if notified at beginning of the month), made-up or credited to the next month. 

In the case of illness, the student is not always aware a day in advance. When you are ill, I would appreciate a telephone call before you miss the lesson.  I will make every effort to make-up lessons due to illness.  If your child stays home from school or is on the cusp of staying home from school with illness,please consider music lessons as the same.  There are a number of children and families coming through our home, and it would be kind to not leave what you have with us - or the others!

If a student misses a lesson without an adequate excuse (forgetting to come etc.) the lesson will be forfeited and will not be made up (payment will still be expected).

There will be occasions when I will be out of town or unavailable.  I will notify the student/parent and the lessons may be made up or canceled at my or the student/parent’s discretion.

In the case of inclement weather lessons will be canceled.  At the student/parent’s discretion the lesson(s) may be made-up or credited to the next month.

Lesson termination

There are times when lessons will need to be ended: moving, skill advancement or desire to pursue another activity.  Please try to give 30 days notice before terminating lessons.

If a student is uncooperative during lessons, has minimal practice on a regular basis, excessive absences without notification or is unable to meet financial obligations, I may need to terminate lessons.  Every effort will be made to communicate with parents the student’s progress during lessons before any termination.