Nutrition Programs

Over the past six years, the Platteville Farmers’ Market, Main Street Program, and Food Pantry have teamed together to provide food to local residents in need by sponsoring the Senior Nutrition Program (SNP) and the Food Pantry Program (FPP).  Both programs help support a lifestyle of healthy living for citizens in the southwest region of Wisconsin by distributing $40 in vouchers that can be used to purchase locally grown fresh produce, baked items, honey, fruits and berries, eggs, meats, plants at the Platteville Farmers’ Market.

During the 2012 Farmers’ Market season, over $7400 was used by seniors and families who took advantage of the vouchers.  Through these programs, seniors and low-income families not only enjoy access to the freshest produce, but also participate in a community event.

As these programs continue to grow , so does our need for sponsors.  Your contribution of $40 will support an individual senior or a family; $80 will support 2 seniors or 2 families.  Please contribute at a level with which you are comfortable.

If you know of an organization or group that would like to learn more about these programs, please let us know.  We would be glad to visit with you and discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

Thank you for your continued, and generous support!

Suggested Donation Amounts:

Senior Nutrition Program     ____ $40    ____ $80    ____$120    ________ Other
Food Pantry Program              ____ $40    ____ $80    ____$120    ________ Other

Make checks payable to:  Platteville Main Street Program/Platteville Farmers Market
Mail to:  Gary A. Olson     6055 Sunrise Drive, Platteville, WI  53818