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Highlights From (LIVE) Chat  
Thursday 09-19

Solid day in chat spending most of the day locking in some nice gains (please see below for details) on numerous stocks recently alerted.  Our newest alerted stock RPRX had good follow through with some members adding to their positions just above the $26.00 mark, just prior to the break out!!  A quick 10% overnight profit.  :)

Includes full history of buy / sell signals.

See more (w/charts) below... 

LIVE chat / Recorded (unedited) Direct From LIVE chat !! 09-09-13

LIVE Trade Pro
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Recently Alerted Stocks

NOTE:  This list only (mainly) includes LIVE Alerts that are sent to members directly via email and does not even begin to cover all of the other calls made in Live Chat (including several day trades) by myself and other key members.  See Chat Log 05-24-13

Wednesday September 18th
Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX)  Setting up nicely (w/volume) after yesterday action (profit taking session)

Buy: $25.42 Wednesday, September 18th
Sell: (partial) $27.90 Thursday, September 19th
RPRX - Position Open


Wednesday September 18th
E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. (DANG)  Pushing off good support.  Now at $9.21 Need to see follow through.  Initial support at $9.18  Suggest a tight stop,  Now at $9.22

Buy: $9.22 Wednesday, September 18th
Sell: (partial) $9.89 Thursday, September 19th
DANG - Position Open


Tuesday September 17th
Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. (QIHU)   Longer term strong chart, just coming off support.  Now at $84.45  Would keep downside risk to 1% max.

Buy: $84.45 Tuesday, September 17th
Sell: (partial) $89.75 Thursday, September 19th
Sell: (partial) $89.75 Thursday, September 20th
QIHU - Position Closed
+6.3+      +6.3%


Tuesday September 17th
LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. (LITB)  Now forming a bullish round bottom.  Now at $11.92  (swing)

Buy: $11.92 Tuesday, September 17th
Sell: (partial) $12.75 Thursday, September 19th
LITB - Position Open


Tuesday September 17th
Apple Inc. (AAPL)  Oversold, bounce likely here today...  Now at $450.73  Tight stop (1% max)

Buy: $450.73 Tuesday, September 17th
Sell: (partial) $479.00 Friday, September 20th
Sell: (partial) $475.00 Friday, September 20th
AAPL - Position Closed
+6.3%    +5.4%


Monday September 16th
Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT)   Attractive once again (bullish longer term) after this 3 day pull back and now pushing back up just off key support of $13.73  See updated chart on members website.   $14.32 to confirm reversal.  Opened at $14.07

Buy: $13.98 Monday, September 16th
Sell: (partial) $15.55 Thursday, September 19th
Sell: (partial) $14.95 Thursday, September 20th
WLT - Position Closed
+11.2%    +6.9%


Friday September 13th
Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3X Shrs  (NUGT)  Selling over done.  Bounce VERY probable now...

Buy: $54.50 Friday, September 13th
Sell: (partial) $66.25 Wed., September 17th
Sell: (partial) $71.80 Wed., September 17th
Sell: (partial) $74.50 Wed., September 17th
NUGT - Position Closed
+21.6%   +31.7%   +36.7%


Friday September 6th
Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc. (POT)  Beat up stock just coming off it's base.  See annotated chart.  Now at $30.24  Support around $29.80

Buy: $30.24 Friday, September 6th
Sell: (partial) $33.35 Tuesday, September 10th
Sell: (partial) $31.98 Tuesday, September 18th
POT - Position Closed
+10.3%    +5.8%


Friday September 6th
Staples, Inc. (SPLS)   Strong bounce off the 200 day moving average of $13.82

Buy: $14.20 Friday, September 6th
Sell: (partial) $15.15 Wed., September 17th
Sell: (partial) $14.95 Wed., September 19th
SPLS - Position Closed
+6.7     +5.3%


Thursday September 5th
The Wendy's Company  (WEN)   Reversal confirming as per chart posted on the members website!

Buy: $7.89 Thurs., September 5th
Sell:  $8.41 Friday September 20th
WEN - Position Closed


Tuesday September 3rd
Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (CLF)  Just pushing off from initial area of support here.

CLF  Buy: $21.12 Tuesday, September 3rd
CLF  Sell: (partial) $23.70 Tuesday, September 10th
CLF  Sell: (partial) $23.45 Thursday September 19th
CLF  Sell: (partial) $22.25 Thursday September 20th
CLF - Position Closed
+12.2%      +11.0%    +5.8%


Wednesday August 28th
BlackBerry Limited (BBRY)  Wanting to be careful about chasing here so would suggest a tight stop however this one showing very good evidence of reversing longer term above this 50 day moving average of $10.31  Chart posted on members website.  Need to see some good follow through. 

Buy: $10.31 WednesdayAugust 28th
Sell: (partial) $11.52 Monday, Sept., 9th
Sell: (partial) $10.31 Thurs., Sept., 19th
BBRY - Position Closed
+11.7%    +0.0%


Wednesday August 28th
Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT)  Another showing good strength after inverted hammer set up from yesterday.  Need to see some good follow through to better confirm.  Bullish  longer term chart!

Buy: $13.02 WednesdayAugust 28th
Sell: (partial) $15.43 Monday, Sept., 9th
Sell: (partial) $15.43 Tuesday Sept 10th
WLT - Position Closed
+18.5%     +18.5%



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What's the adage about pigs getting slaughtered....well, I scaled out of 800 shares of NUGT for $6,250+ (still holding 200), so I'm happy.  Waiting for a pullback...maybe more.  Let's just say if NUGT does run back near 100, I'll be happy to slice out 60% of that run....BTW, POT, WLT, and CLF still screaming nicely.  Nice calls!

I just wanted to thank you for your work and advice trading.  I am totally new at this, having only been trading for the past few months.  I appreciate your style and the advice on how to take profits and keeping the risks low.  With the market behaving the way it has in August, I would be very lost without being part of this group but instead I was able to make a profit!

Thank you again,

I really like your work Scott.  Intelligent , focused and dynamic.

Caverly W

Direct from LIVE chat!   (09-05-13)

03:42 pm Caverly W: Scott, i really like the audio feature , so i don't have to be putting all my attention to reading all day. With sound , i know i will get your message even if i am busy . Nice system you've set-up .

I have consistently done well with your picks Scott.  Thank you!

Wendy T

I have tried other trading rooms.  This one, by far the best.

Paul S

Just wanted to say Hello.  I joined your chat room about 3 weeks ago and so far I’m impressed. After retiring I thought I’d give trading a try and nearly a year and a half in I knew I needed help. Thanks for the opportunity.  Keep up the excellent work, it’s much appreciated!!!!

Jim J

I have nothing but the highest praise for you and your service, you are light years ahead of another service I previously used.

Chris D


Just wanted to thank you again for this morning with the NUGT call, got my money back and then some. You really saved me there, I was about to sell it when i emailed you:)

Anyway, i'm still in gold, but this time i got in GG, a little safer than NUGT.


Hello Scott,

As I mentioned in the chat, I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 day trial last week so I am continuing on as a member for the month. I have been trading for over 5 years so I have realistic expectations. Obviously, not every stock pick will be a winner but I have learned to set stops and keep losses small. With that said, I thought that you have some very, very nice trade calls last week. Usually when I trial a site, I just sit back and observe but last week I did take some of your trades. I participated in WLT, CLDX and NUGT. At this point in time, I would describe myself as a day trader. As such, I day traded the 3 stock picks that I just mentioned and made $2000.

My only regret was not taking the DANG trade. I thought that it was trading too choppy early in the week. The next day, DANG made a fantastic run.  As you said, you do not just pick these stocks out of the air, but that you are seeing bullish action in the technicals and to get into the trade ahead of the big move. 

In addition to the great stock picks, I could not help but enjoy your personality, honesty and integrity. My impression was that you are truly interested in your members learning and succeeding. The members in the room were also helpful and friendly.

Brian W

Direct from LIVE chat!   (07-18-13)

12:13 pm Richard H: Scott, locked in 12% on half my DANG shares. Thank you for the trade and keeping my head in the game!

Direct from LIVE chat!   (07-11-13)

12:12 pm Louis H: feel like I have a good plan now and direction again

It's been a great week being introduced to your service.
I am really pleased with the high level of solid charts, great advice on entries, exits, technical stuff, etc.
But best of all, I feel like I really am in a class room. There are lot's of wise voices and I appreciate all.
But especially thanks to you for really smart, clear advice, hands on coaching at times, encouragement
and patience. All in addition to your doing a great pro job.

Tim S.

Hi, Scott! Just want you to know how much I appreciate your guidance.  My portfolio is on the mend thanks to you.  My husband & I live in Minnesota, but, am currently on Nantucket visiting his 89 year old mother.  We're kinda on the remote end of the island here, thus my inability to use my computer.  I am just using my iPhone to receive your emails & trade via my Ameritrade app & the reason I am not in the chat room. Another great trading day. You sure know your stuff!  Best regards, Athena 

Sent from my iPhone

Just wanted to say I am really enjoying your commentary, chat, and trade ideas.  Really like your strategy and your mindset for trading.  Took me many years and a bit of cash but finally getting to a place where I can take positive profits consistently. I'm a recent graduate from University, so while managing properties I am continuing to trade to get my account to where it needs to be for larger profits :).  Just wanted to say really enjoying what I see from you so far.


I like the way you inform the members, especially me, every time you close a position.  You are our eyes and ears when we don't have the luxury of monitoring the market.


I have been watching you (not trading your calls) You really are what you say you are and excellent at that Scott  Keep up the good work, I will now start trading your trades.

You made a believer out of me,


I'm impressed by your work.  I have studied about so called 30 online guru's who promise millions, but to me you seem most dedicated, realistic and honest.


It's been an interesting couple weeks and I've learned a lot from the stock info. and charts that you share every day and how to seize those opportunities while at the same time limiting my losses where the stocks go the opposite direction to my bet.  Thanks.


Hello Scott,
I am really enjoying your day trade room. It is not overwhelming and easy to follow your thoughts about the stocks. I like when you point out the setups.
Thanks very much!


I don't know how you do it, but just when no one wants the stock, you're telling everyone to buy buy buy.... then the top traders get in.... you're way ahead of the game.


I haven't seen someone nail as many calls as you. appreciate it.


See more testimonials...

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JNY (long)
Posted 09-16-13


JCP (short)
Posted 09-13-13


Direct from LIVE chat!   (09-18-13)

[09:38 am]   Scott : WLT potential break out, even today
[09:42 am]   Scott : LITB breaking out!!
[09:46 am]   Chez : i have wlt calls :) :)
[09:51 am]   Scott : CLF, awesome follow through today
[10:22 am]   Scott : DANG, solid above $9.12
[10:33 am]   Eugene B : got a WLT fill at 14.05 :)
[10:36 am]   Scott : LITB :)
[10:37 am]   Scott : has the volume
[10:48 am]   Scott : LITB!!
[10:48 am]   Scott : there goes :)
[10:53 am]   Scott : CLF strong on the 5 min and daily, Slow Stoch now crossing
[11:14 am]   Moritz S : locked in profits on LITB 12.57
[11:15 am]   Moritz S : 11.80 in
[11:15 am]   Moritz S : yesterday late
[11:15 am]   Scott : good trade!
[11:31 am]   Scott : DANG, nice 45 degreee on the 5 min
[11:31 am]   Scott : strong today
[12:15 pm]   Waqas K : nugt SPIKE
[12:17 pm]   Scott : and with a higher low today
[12:17 pm]   Scott : NUGT
[01:17 pm]   Scott : NUGT gettn a lil perky
[02:06 pm]   Moritz S : NUGT in 61 out 64 ty fed!
[02:08 pm]   Eugene B : outta NUGT....for now.....15.5%....more if she pulls back :):):):)
[02:15 pm]   Scott : NUGTWould take (some) profits at $66.25Up 21.6% since alert.
[02:18 pm]   David D : scott i made more than $4k on your NUGT calls thanks so much!
[02:19 pm]   Scott : awesome david!!
[02:46 pm]   Scott : WLT breaking out!!
[02:49 pm]   Waqas K : im gonna take the day off lol
[02:49 pm]   Waqas K : and play more video games
[02:50 pm]   Waqas K : see ya later scott thanks for the 3000
[02:56 pm]   Scott : NUGTWould take (some) profits at $71.80Up 31.7% since alert.
[03:02 pm]   Joe D : sold NUGT too soon!! Ill take it though
[03:02 pm]   Brian S : Thanks Scott.
[03:03 pm]   Joe D : never had one climb that fast. I was itching to sell
[03:16 pm]   Scott : A no brainer in my opinion to lock in ALL gains on NUGT at $74.50
[03:32 pm]   Stan B : WLT bought @ 13.70 now 14.70 still holding
[03:45 pm]   Scott : SPLSWould take (some) profits at $15.15Up 6.7% since alert.
[03:53 pm]   Chez : I hope green continues! Really happy with CLF HIMX DIA DANG today
[03:59 pm]   Kim M : Nice read on NUGT Scott
[03:59 pm]   Kim M : whew
[04:00 pm]   Kim M : made 10% On it for goodness sake
[04:00 pm]   Rick N : I was too,,still made 10%

Direct from LIVE chat!   (09-13-13)

[11:12 am]   Scott : POT, volume spike
[11:13 am]   Moritz S : is it safe to start a position here POT?
[11:13 am]   Scott : yes
[11:14 am]   David D : Scott! thanks for the announcement i got in before the pop
[11:14 am]   Scott : POT, there goes
[11:14 am]   Scott : new HOD!!
[11:15 am]   Moritz S : wow was able to catch that!
[11:15 am]   David D : took $1500 that was the quickest!!!
[11:15 am]   David D : it made my day.
[11:15 am]   Moritz S : 31.95
[11:15 am]   Moritz S : in
[11:16 am]   Scott : awesome david!!
[11:16 am]   Scott : nice fill Moritz
[11:16 am]   David D : still have 500 shares holding to 33.
[11:16 am]   GTradz : nice pomo push
[11:17 am]   Moritz S : was really planning on coming back scott was just too busy to follow trades during trial but I saw potential
[11:17 am]   David D : that was awesom call Scott.
[11:19 am]   Scott : moritz, nice, glad you're here
[11:19 am]   Scott : POT, b/o
[11:19 am]   Scott : :)
[11:21 am]   Scott : POT is pretty :)
[11:21 am]   David D : POT going for break of HOD...
[11:21 am]   David D : woooow POT!!
[11:22 am]   Scott : POT, 50 day at $33.11
[11:22 am]   GTradz : MWW monsta
[11:22 am]   GTradz : b/o cmon
[11:22 am]   David D : sold my last remaming 500 shares. almost bag $2k Scott thank you sooo much! :)
[11:22 am]   Scott : nice :)
[11:23 am]   David D : ill take a small short at 33.11 on POT.
[11:23 am]   Randy H : MOS
[11:23 am]   Randy H : perkingup
[11:23 am]   David D : 33.30 might be a better short on POT
[11:26 am]   Moritz S : tgt hit on POT! out 33.10
[11:26 am]   David D : alright shorting POT @ 33.30. one more push...
[11:26 am]   John W : Hmmm..........what news kicked POT suddenly?
[11:26 am]   Bob VG : UVXY sticking with it so far
[11:28 am]   David D : covered half POT + .30.
[11:28 am]   David D : wow man i got the exact high on POT! :)
[11:28 am]   Wendy T : POT thank u! all out from 31.73
[11:28 am]   Moritz S : awhile back
[11:29 am]   David D : and covered the rest POT here +.55
[11:29 am]   Scott : awesome
[11:29 am]   Scott : :)
[11:29 am]   David D : thats it, easy money is done.
[11:30 am]   Scott : nicely done david
[11:36 am]   Arlene R : great POT call Scott
[11:36 am]   Eugene B : MWW - up, up, UP! new HOD
[11:36 am]   Arlene R : thank you
[11:36 am]   Arlene R : yes
[11:37 am]   Arlene R : : )
[11:37 am]   Scott : nice arlene :)