LED Glowbugs

We make professional quality glowbugs for events, parties and whatver you can do with them!

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Glowbugs Movie - see Glowbugs in action on the streets!

About Glowbugs- What they

are and how to use them

LED Glowbugs are simple devices that are very cheap and can be used for whatever your imagination desires. They have a removable on switch which is designed to be removed before placing and disposed of, however we have heard of people managing to reinsert them.

Glowbugs stick to any magnetic surface; steel, iron or anything containing iron, cobalt or nickel in a reasonable quantity. Glass and aluminium won't work, unless there is another magnet / metal on the other side of the material.


Normal LED Glowbugs sell for $1.10 ea, however the cost is more if you want particular colour quantities ($1.30 ea) and less if you order more than 100 ($1.00 ea).

If you are able to collect and return the used Glowbugs we will provide a refund of 25c per used Glowbug. If you order 100, that's a saving of $25!

Contact us on platinumsoundwave@gmail.com if you are interested in buying some. Please note if you require postage, this will cost extra.

An order will require at least three weeks notice, to give time to produce the units. If you require more than 500 we require six weeks notice. This does not include postage time.


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Please note the product may differ from the ones seen in these pictures as these are prototypes

Above picture: Closeup of lotsa Glowbugs

Above picture: Another closeup- you can see they tend to 'group'

Above picture- Closeup of a single Glowbug

 Above picture- Glowbugs in action on a steel wall