Conditioning Facial $70.00
This classic facial leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant. It includes skin analysis, cleansing, massage, steam, and a thorough manual cleansing of your pores. In end a facial mask designed of your skin type is applied.
Deep Cleansing Facial $80.00
This deep pore cleansing treatment uses natural enzymes to clear skin of cellular buildup that causes blackheads and breakouts. Especially beneficial to eliminate impurities, restore balance, and nourish dull devitalized skin.

Derm Renewal Clinical Peel
Added on to facial $35.00 Alone $50.00
This deep exfoliation combines Alpha Hydroxy Acids to remove dead skin cells, even skin tone, and stimulate cell renewal without irritation.

Sea C Spa $95.00
An anti-oxidant and anti-aging treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, replacing elastin and protecting against free radicals.

Algo Mask Facial
$85.00 Added on to any facial $25.00
This cooling seaweed and organic silicon mask provides instant radiance by hydrating, soothing, and restoring the healthy look of your skin. At the same time, eliminates toxins and improves circulation. Recommended for any skin type.
Hyrolifting Facial $100.00
This powerful, stimulating, anti-aging treatment with exceptional lifting properties is composed of biotechnological extracts, soy proteins and hyaluranic acid. It is designed to produce a firming and glowing complexion.
Collagen Facial $115.00
This is a world-renowned anti-aging treatment using medical grade collagen. Collagen 90-II clinical care is an exceptional treatment for fatigued or mature skin unable to retain sufficient moisture. This treatment provides outstanding results in terms of epidermal regeneration, hydration, wrinkle smoothing and prevention, and scar treatment. A series of 5 is recommended to receive the full benefits.

Botinol Facial $120.00
NO Needle! No Pain! No Risk! Botinol is the most effective clinical anti-aging treatment ever introduced in skin care, reducing up to 97% of your visible wrinkles!!! This 4-step, 4-session treatment uses cutting edge technology to produce visible results from the first session, and even more dramatic results after the fourth consecutive treatment.

Phyto Stem Cell Facial $125.00
The alliance of 3 innovative sciences, 1 Nobel Prize Winning discovery in medicine, 7 International Patents, and 5 years of R&D led to the creation of this New Generation anti-aging treatment, designed the cellular vitality of the skin and delay appearance of the visible signs of aging.
 This facial includes and advanced exfoliation (enzyme or AHA), extraction, exquisite massage for the face, neck and hands, Phyto Stem Cell antioxidants and serum, and customized firming mask. Excellent treatment for anyone looking to turn back the clock!

Oxygenating/Acne Facial $95.00
This revolutionary oxygenating acne treatment is designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed and dull skin. The 5-step treatment is formulated with BHA(2% Salicylic Acid), AHAs(15% Glycolic & Lactic Acid), a unique Oxygen Complex, Patented Anti-Microbial Peptides and Probiotic * Actives.

LED Light Therapy Facial $75.00
The latest state-of -the -art skin care technology that helps the skin appear more radiant, plump and smooth. It can help visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.
Buy 5 treatments get 6th one free 
Bio Organic Facial $75.00
A preservative- free 100% Natural and Organic clinical treatment. Wrap yourself in the soothing citrus and bergamot aroma of bio organique clinical treatment that gently enriches your skin while providing immediate and long lasting hydration for a a purely radiant complexion. Includes cleansing, bio organique peel off mask, and bio organique hydration treatment enriched with vitamin A and C

Organic Blueberry Smoothie Peel
A refreshing antioxidant peel that uses gentle natural enzymes and active blueberry extracts to exfoliate the skin without irritation. This invigorating peel restores a youthful glow to your skin.
Added on to Bio Organic Facial $25.00
Facial for your Back $50.00
This effective back facial begins with deep cleansing of the back to remove excess of oil and debris, followed by an exfoliation (extractions are done if necessary). Lastly, a stress relieving treatment with essential oils and customized masque will leave you relaxed and your skin radiant.

Teen Facial $50.00
It's and individualized treatment designed for the troubled problem skin of teenagers. Skin that may be suffering from the hormonal changes and acne is left feeling refreshed through gentle deep cleansing methods and exfoliation.

Mini Facial $40.00
Designed to refresh the skin, this facial treats the skin with a cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing process. Perfect for retaining that youthful glow.

Clarisonic Facial $85.00
From the innovators of sonic technology comes the Clarisonic Facial which uses sonic micro massage to wake up your skin. The clarisonic frequency moves gently back and fourth throughout your treatment 300 x per second, thoroughly cleaning pores and surface.  Benefits include:

- 6 x more makeup removal than manual cleansing
- 2 x more sebum removal than manual cleansing
- Allows up to 61% more product absorption
- softer, smoother skin
- improved skin tone and texture
- reduction of oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
- pores, fine lines and wrinkles appear smaller

Facial includes Clarisonic Cleansing using double cleanse. First with a fruit acid wash followed by an enzyme cleanse. Next is an advanced exfoliation (enzyme or AHA), extraction. massage (face, neck, decollete, and hands), customized masque, repair serums for break outs and moisturizer.