Travelling to Weimar

Weimar is conveniently located fairly centrally to 3 major airports, is easily accessible via train and has quick connection to the autobahn.

By plane

The nearest airport is the Erfurt Airport approx. 25 km from Weimar. From the airport you can get a tram to Erfurt Main Station. Simply take the city rail line 4, which starts in front of the terminal and brings you directly to the main station. From the main station you can catch the Regionalbahn directly to Weimar main station, where taxis are easily available to bring you to the Kipperquelle, just a 10 minute drive away.

Although Erfurt is the nearest airport, few connections and high fares make it only feasible for business travelers.

Leipzig Halle Airport (Flughafen) is the closest airport for all intents and purposes. It is an international airport, with most major cities one stop away. With a train station directly at the airport, trains to Weimar are easily accessible and just an hour away from the Weimar Main Train station.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the the main airports in Germany and offers the best international connections for flights arriving from all over the world. The Airport Train Station provides a direct connection from the airport to Weimar Main Train station via the fast ICE train in a short 2.5 hours.

We recommend that our participants look for flights to Frankfurt Airport as it will provide several flight connections during the day, the fees are not as high as the smaller airports, and train connections to Weimar are fast and efficient.

By train

Getting to Weimar by train is extremely convenient. Deutsche Bahn offers direct connections from Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig and Erfurt to name a few major cities around Weimar. Weimar Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) is only 5 km from the Kippequelle guest house. You can take a:

-  taxi: easily located just outside the train station, and a trip to the Kipperquelle will cost about €10-12 
-  bus: line 1 will bring you straight to the Kipperquelle where the bus stop is situated right next to the guest house. A single one-way ticket costs €1.70