Accommodation at the Kipperquelle Landsguthof

From Plate to Page will be held at the Kipperquelle Guest House in Weimar, Germany, a city famous for its cultural heritage.  On the outskirts of this city which was home to such great thinkers as Goethe, Schiller and the Bauhaus movement, you will find a quiet and secluded haven at the Kipperquelle.  The Guest House provides the ideal setting for 3 days of undisturbed community living, working and creative development.

Surrounded by unspoilt nature, the Kipperquelle is a lovingly restored Landsguthof or country guest house, within which we will be occupying a large private apartment.  The apartment offers large, comfortable sleeping quarters, a communal living space and private garden with a sunny terrace as well as a working kitchen where we will be able to cook, write, style and photograph to our heart’s content.

From Plate to Page attendees will share one large apartment (sleeping 6) and 2 double rooms. The large apartment is equipped with an open kitchen and a terrace where many of the workshop’s activities will be held. Furthermore we also have exclusive use of the conference room for presentations and group discussion throughout the weekend.

For more details, visit the Kipperquelle’s website (in German) here.