Prop Stylist and Creative Director Robin Zachary Presents Prop Closet

Robin_zachary_veggieburger   Photographer Kan Kanbayashi

My passion is to create beautiful imagery. My love for vintage grew as a means to connect with my grandmothers, aunts and my mother. Just having a piece of their jewelry, a bag or sweater made me feel closer to them and now that they are all gone these beloved items are all I have left. When cleaning out my mother's house I found treasures that inspired a return to my teenage hobbies of crafting and collecting. My mother saved everything she thought would be useful at some point or had a connection to a past memory, so naturally I inherited her passion for scavenging and saving.

When I first began styling she was my resource for vintage accessories and props. Whenever I needed something she was on the case immediately. One night before a shoot, I took the railroad out to our neighborhood from my apartment in New York City. She met me on the train platform with Grandma's teacups and I turned around and took the next train back into Manhattan. Because I always use personal items in a photo, when I style there's always a lot of history and love within.

Photographer Kan Kanbayashi

My styling specialties are in bridal, soft goods, fashion accessories, tabletop, crafts and holiday. I also love doing food shoots. I have seen editorial food photography styles change so dramatically over the years. When I started everything had to look perfect. Now the trend is more loose and organic in feel. It's very freeing to work in a daylight studio with handmade tableware, natural fiber linens and food that is cut into and looks like it's being enjoyed.

I am most inspired by the sunlight streaming in my window. I've done my best work choosing colors, textures and patterns with that light. My latest personal project is creating inspiration boxes with bits and pieces of family ephemera, trimmings and fabrics all in the same box in the same spot on different days.  When the sun goes down work is all over for the day. (Although my husband and son will disagree with this—they think I am always working.)

Prop Closet is my ever-growing collection of resources and found objects and the art I create with these things. When you work with me you have VIP access to my Prop Closet.
I have worked for the following editorial and retail clients: Diane Von Furstenberg, People Magazine, Essence Magazine, Bridal Guide Magazine, For The Bride Magazine, Newsday Bridal Planner, Liz Claiborne, Pink Elephant Jewelry, Lorel Marketing, Coach, Time Inc., Organic Style, Organize Magazine.

Something I have learned along the way is that collaboration is everything between the photographer and stylist so finding people with a common esthetic is essential. I love to connect with all sorts of people on the set and off. Sitting in a cafe bouncing around ideas for photographs is my idea of fun!

About Robin Zachary

Robin is a New York City based stylist and writer. Her background is in fine arts and graphic design. She is the former Creative Director of Bridal Guide Magazine for whom she is still a contributor. Prior to that she was instrumental in several magazine launches. She teaches a sold out styling class at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. Read about her inspirations and resources on her blog and see her portfolio at