Our Guests

  • Denise VIVALDO
    Denise Vivaldo, culinary consultant extraordinaire, was classically trained at the prestigious Ritz Escoffier, La Varenne and San Fransicso’s CCA and started her career as a caterer.  In 1988 Denise founded Food Fanatics, a catering, recipe-development, and food-styling firm based in Los Angeles, California and she is the author of 7 books including The Food Stylist’s Handbook.
    Her illustrious 27-year career in the food industry comprises everything from catering events and parties for Hollywood and political stars to flying around the country teaching and leading workshops on food styling as well as styling food for TV, the movies, cookbooks and product packaging

    Sam Woulidge is a freelance journalist who considers herself really lucky to have landed a column in one of South Africa's foremost food magazines, Taste.  She once edited entertainment magazines (Cape Review, Cape etc.) relating to life in Cape Town, South Africa - a city which she adores and she was also the founding editor of Time Out Cape Town. But obviously she likes the food writing gig the most.  Today she tells us about her journey to become a food writer and shares some of her favourite food writing quotes.

  • Paula WALTERS
    Paula Walters has the inherent styling talent to find genuine balance between subject and set. She has a true eye for detail, vintage and contemporary elements are artfully combined,organic tones and textures entice the viewer to linger and explore. Her style celebrates perfection in the natural imperfections of food and still life. Working instinctively, Paula draws on more than 20 years experience styling and producing for many of Chicago's most successful food and product photographers. She is continually sourcing unique elements for her shots, and regularly creates backgrounds and props to further personalize her styling visions. With an endless passion for her work, every job becomes a welcome challenge to explore and push her talents, and yet another opportunity to style an unforgettable image. Paula Walters was also one of the Weimar Plate To Page sponsors, sending fantastic props over the ocean for us to play with and we are very happy to have her as a guest blogger here on our P2P blog. You find her website here.

  • Kelly CLINE
    Kelly is a self-taught photographer. Although she started shooting at around 13 and took a few photography classes, she has no formal education. Instead, she learned through experience, imitating images she liked from magazines and cookbooks and practiced repeatedly until she got the light and focus just right.
    Kelly Cline’s images are colorful, contrasting and different. Kelly loves food and her unique ability to harness light to highlight food naturally without any artificial means becomes apparent when one sees her images. But Kelly is not just a photographer, she is also the food stylist, prop stylist and recipe author and working so closely with all the aspects of the process means she profoundly understands food and is able to bring that to life in her photos.

    Kelly is a Seattle based food photographer and stylist and has been working with and shooting food professionally for over 10 years. Her photography has been seen all over the world in advertising and in magazines such as Food & Wine, Bon Appetit and Oxygen.

  • Phillippa CHEIFITZ
    Phillippa Cheifitz is one of South Africa's best loved food writers but, like many others successful food writers, she did not set out to become one:  life conspired to set her on the path of food writing and she has never looked back.  A former Cosmopolitan food editor and a current columnist for Taste magazine, she is best known as the author of a series of beautiful cookbooks, including South Africa Eats.

  • Sabra KROCK
    Manhattan-based photographer Sabra Krock specializes in two of the best things in life: food/still life and children. she loves the challenge and diversity of both subjects, but most enjoys the pleasure her images - whether mouth-watering shots of delicious dishes or tender portraits of newborn babies - bring to her clients. Her work can be seen in numerous cookbooks, magazines, and in print/on the web for private clients.  Recent clients include Food and Wine Magazine, The New York Times, Knopf, Workman Publishing, Harvard Common Press and Crumbs Bake Shop.

  • Robin ZACHARY
    Robin is a New York City based stylist and writer. Her background is in fine arts and graphic design. She is the former Creative Director of Bridal Guide Magazine for whom she is still a contributor. Prior to that she was instrumental in several magazine launches. She teaches a sold out styling class at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. Read about her inspirations and resources on her blog propcloset.com and see her portfolio at robinzachary.com

  • Lael HAZAN
    Lael Hazan married into culinary royalty : her husband is renowned Italian cookbook author, educator and tv chef Giuliano Hazan and her mother-in-law Marcella Hazan is considered the doyenne of Italian cuisine. For most of her married life, Lael remained in the background, hovering in the shadow of the food world. What, after all, did a California girl know about authentic Italian cuisine ? But over the years, she has learned all about it and come into her own as a respected food writer, finding a voice of her own. She authors The Educated Palate, the blog on the Hazan family website. Past contributing editor for Saveur.com, she currently writes for the Huffington Post, Sarasota Magazine and Edible Sarasota. She is a programmer for WSLR, 96.5 fm, in Sarasota and hosts FOCUS ON FABULOUS FOOD. Lael and Giuliano together run a cooking in Verona, Italy.

  • William BRINSON
    William was raised in a suburb of Maryland, within a few steps of the country and a few more to the city. He has always appreciated the beauty found in natures' lushness, and the modern luxuries of the city. These experiences are what helped define William's style of natural luxury. Through texture and light, he brings a mood of luxury even to the simplest things. To William, it is not just about the object, it's about the experience of it. William lives and works out his loft in the NoMad district in New York City, with his wife Susan and boxer dog Nero. For a personal peek inside, take a look at http://www.houseofbrinson.com