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Monte Cristo Sandwich

Monte Cristo
Serves 2
1 Large Egg
1 Cup Milk
1/4 Cup Rice Flour
Dash Salt
4 Slices Hearty White Bread
6 Ounces Shaved Ham - Divided
6 Ounces Shaved Turkey - Divided
4 Slices Aged Swiss or Gruyere
2 Ounces Raspberry Jam
Confectioner's Sugar
Medium Bowl
Deep Sided Skillet
Strainer Basket or Sifter
Prepare the batter:

  • In the bowl, beat together the batter ingredients for about 1 minute and set aside
  • Trim the edges off the bread
  • Lay 1 slice of Swiss on each bread slice
  • Top with 1/2 of each ham and turkey
  • Top with the other cheesed slice
  • Pick the sandwiches together
  • Heat the oil in the skillet on medium high heat
  • Completely submerge the picked sandwich into the batter - coating all sides
  • When the oil is hot, carefully transfer the sandwich to the oil - letting the oil slosh up the sides to seal the batter
  • Fry for 2 to 3 minutes - or until the batter is a golden brown
  • Carefully turn the sandwich over and cook another 2 minutes
  • Transfer to paper towels to drain
  • Fill the sifter with the powdered sugar and give the top of the Cristo a good dusting of sugar
  • Cut the sandwich in half and serve with a small ramekin of raspberry jam