Microsoft Excel Tutorials for Weight Loss and Strength Training

The tutorials will open in a new browser window.  Once they are open, it is best to open the File menu (top left) and select Download/As Excel File.  The files will operate as Google Spreadsheets but not as smoothly as in Excel.
These are the two tutorials in Chapter 2.  The Strength Tutorial has one tab for men's results and one for women's gains.  After downloading, open Solver, pick the Target/Objective cell (C5), select Minimize, and use the model parameters in the control panel (C2:C5) as Changing Cells to fit the theoretical curve to the data. 

Weight Loss Template (Chapters 11 & 12)

Example of weight loss (red diamonds) tracked with Excel Plateau model (predicted weights = dashed line).

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A tip of the hat to Dr. Lulu Hunt Peters, who wrote Diet and Health with Key to the Calories in 1918.  The title of my book intentionally reflects hers--one of the first best-sellers in diet and health.
Lulu Hunt Peters on Wikipedia