About Plat du Jour

Plat du Jour is Lisa Harp. Her love for discovering how to master the preparation of quality ingredients has lead her to create Plat du Jour as a way of sharing her idea of how "good" food should be prepared and presented. She enjoys the opportunity to introduce her friends and clients to an enjoyable dining experience they can have at home. 

Lisa is practical, having been raised deep in the heart of timber country on the Suwanee River in Fargo, Georgia. Her mother is a master of what Lisa calls "good home cooking", yet Lisa never really noticed her enjoyment for discovering new foods and recipes until she married and moved away. Having traveled and explored various domestic and international cuisine, and living in foodie-rich Savannah for 10 years, Lisa knew what many were trying to pass as "gourmet food" and fine dining. She created Plat du Jour to combine two things about which she feels strongly: Good food and time at home. A client recently noted that she enjoyed Plat du Jour because it provided her family "restaurant quality" food without having to take her 4 small children out. That's exactly what Lisa wants to hear. A family enjoying great food and their home and family.

As Lisa demonstrates in her cooking classes, she employs common sense to cooking. You don't have to be a "world-trained chef" to appreciate how to employ great ingredients, tested cooking techniques, and a consistent process to create exception dishes. Lisa enjoys teaching her common-sense techniques, having spent over 10 years as an elementary teacher, and welcomes to chance to share a laugh with her "students", most of whom, like her, have a love for good food. 


Lisa has a theory about many food providers and caterers: Fill their stomachs cheap and they won't notice the quality. Is food only about being full? That misses the whole point! Food is to be savored with each ingredient providing another piece of a taste experience. What you get from Plat du Jour is quality, consistency, and value. It's the highest quality food at YOUR table. As you try others, you'll see why Lisa's repeat business is so strong. Good food is not rocket science; it takes a love for food, quality ingredients, common sense, and a desire to share with your friends and family what you know as your "best".

Please let us share our edible offerings with your family tonight. Let us prepare your "dish of the day".


We appreciate the  opportunity to share our story with others who enjoy good food, friends, and fun. We offer the following articles to provide a bit more background on Lisa's love for cooking and Plat du Jour.