Basic Information

Name: Winnie Price

Pronunciation: Win-EE Pry-ce

Played by: Mika

D.O.B.: Dec 25 1991

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

House: Hufflepuff

Rank: Prefect and Chaser

Mother: Serena Rophner was born on February fifth 1967. She was raised by a single mother who did all she could to make sure Serena had a stable and happy life with everything she could need. At age 11 Serena was sent to Hogwarts were she spent seven years of her life studying and once she left became a healer for the ministry of magic. At age twenty-one she met her husband, Roland Price. From there she continued her Healing duties but also welcomed two wonderful daughter into the world.

Father: Roland Price was born on April 18th 1962 and came from a strict pure blood wizarding family. He was to always do his absolute very best at everything and when he attended Hogwarts that didn't change. He constantly received outstanding grades just like most Ravenclaw students and when he graduated he luckily became an Auror. It was shortly after acquiring his Auror status that he met his future wife, Serena. After wedding he continued his line of work and did his best to help and support his growing family.

Sister: Gloria Price is the eldest daughter in the Price family. At the end of her seven years she gracefully left Hogwarts a proud Ravenclaw graduate who went on to be a writer. A nineteen year old who spends her days still at home writing both magic and muggle novels of the romantic genre.

Physical Description

Winnie is mostly an average girl. Standing at five feet, six inches shes anything but intimidating. Companying her average height is a slender but well toned build, one that shows she is physically active. Her skin is a warm pinkish peach Caucasian color that is just a tad more pale than most, her cheeks compliment the tone with a natural pale pink tone that is almost always visible. In the cold however her nose turns a vibrant red and stands out like a gazelle amongst Lions.

Her hair is quite lengthy, sitting half way down her back it naturally holds a warm brown that in the light lets off a few natural redish highlights. With a center part and a slight natural curl when not brushed Winnie's luscious hair is probably one of her best features, though she often keeps it tied back or in sort of hair style that keeps it off her face. Winnies face is a humble oval shape, it shows soft curved and delicate features, a slim jaw and a nice small chin(no bumchin). Her eyebrows are well trimmed and sit neatly above a pair of small but noticeable round eyes that are home to a lovely set of ember-brown peepers. Her nose is small and cute, something that seems to sit perfectly in line on her face, beneath it are her beautiful little lips. Even without make-up they are quite pretty, soft and pouty they are a pale peach tone and hide a set of perfectly white teeth. Though she is quite a pretty girl she is still very humble and not quite noticeable amongst more beautiful girls.


Winnie is a quiet girl, one who enjoys her school work and reading. A gifted artist and writer she is probably one of the few who would seem unfit for Hufflepuff, academically speaking. She is a sweet girl by nature, often willing to help any and everyone usually even those who've wronged her. As Winnie got older and she gained a better understanding of the school she could often be seen helping out the young students, though she isn't a charity giving preacher type girl. She is humble and modest and usually just likes to help. She can have a bit of a potty mouth on her when shes more open and if you are capable of actually making her mad well than it's best to run for cover because she is a talented witch and when she blows it's like a volcano, everyone better stay out of her way.

Winnie likes many things, a versatile girl she is more into the creative things in life, that is, aside from Quidditch. A slightly nerdy girl until she attended hogwarts, Quidditch is probably the only sport she loves. An addiction and obsession she practices regularly and loves the fact shes one of the team chasers. Any other sport though, whether muggle or wizard she hates, nothing compares to the feel of Quidditch and so she refuses to give anything else the time of day.

As for her dislikes, well she is a strong and sweet minded girl and its only natural thats he hates the meaner things in life. You can ask her yourself and its easy to see she hates liars, thieves, jerks and bullies. She cannot stand the thought of someone getting enjoyment from someone else's pain and will often interfere if she sees something happening, its probably the only thing she'll really interfere with unless given a bit of a shove.


Born into a pure blood family, Winnie was the second and the last daughter to be born. She was the baby in the family and in most you would think that meant she was babied, but you're wrong. Sure her parents loved her very much, brought her everything she could want but they weren't exactly around often. A healer and Auror parents were at first hard to deal with. She didn't like being left with carer's as a child but as she got older, she learned to deal. Plus her tutors and nanny were all very nice, they taught her all she needed to know to be a good witch and that being kind and caring was the best thing you could ever do to improve your personality. She was raised to have morals, raised to be sweet and caring. Something that even though not taught by her parents, most likely would of ended up happening anyway.

When Winnie started attending Hogwarts she was nervous, excited and just a tad scared. Her entire family had been placed in Ravenclaw and her insecurities often made her scared she wouldn't follow her families foot steps. When she approached the stool though, and the hat was placed on her head. It took quite awhile to decide on her position. She wanted Ravenclaw purely in fear of disappointing her parents but the hat, he decided she would do best in Hufflepuff and there she was placed. At first she was devastated, horrified and she didn't have a clue on how she would tell her parents. To her surprise, they were proud though. Telling her, All the houses are great houses.

Her first few years at Hogwarts were quiet. She was shy, nervous and insecure. She often kept to herself and was pretty much invisible but in her third year, thats when she blossomed. She did very well Academically and people began to notice her and speak to her, she was popular amongst her puff's and even with some of the other houses and as the years went on she only got better. In her fifth year at Hogwarts, Winnie was offered a spot on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a chaser. Loving the sport she eagerly accepted, She also was offered the role of a Hufflepuff prefect because of her well behaved attitude and outstanding grades. At first she was nervous and slightly worried she wouldn't be able to live up to the role but in the end she humbly accepted.


Length: 10 1/2 inches

Wood: Cherry

Core: Fairy Wings

Notes: Springy

N.E.W.T. Subjects

Ancient Runes




O.W.L. Results

Ancient Runes - Outstanding

Arithmancy - Outstanding

Astronomy - Exceeds Expectations

Charms - Outstanding

Defence Against the Dark Arts - Exceeds Expectations

Herbology - Outstanding

History of Magic - Exceeds Expectations

Potions - Exceeds Expectations

Transfiguration - Outstanding