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Plastic Canvas is a wonderful material for craft projects. I have been using it for over 20 years.

I started out when I was pregnant with my oldest child. I wasn't able to do much during the pregnancy so a cousin suggested I start using the plastic canvas to keep my mind occupied.

At first I started out making baby blocks. A through Z, and 0 through 9.

 The more I made the more I enjoyed it. I eventually started venturing off to more projects and found that I could really do this!

I enjoy making holiday projects, it seems to get me in the Holiday mood.



 I really enjoy making things with plastic canvas. Last christmas I realized that in our house move, I had lost all of the christmas tree ornaments. I just made some more from plastic canvas.

Please check out the pictures.

If you would like pricing information for any of the items on this web page please send me an email.


Pictures and Price List 

Custom Work is cute

Christmas Ornaments are a favorite

Tools you will need

Optional Extras are always handy


Customer Comments

"I just wanted to let you know i bought several items from Jan and she does a great job i have loved everything"

Sheree from Maryland

" I have recieve a couple items from Jan and I believe she does very good work"

Debra from Maryland

"I love Jan's crafts, its all so neat , it looks perfect. She does a great job....."

Faye in Virginia