Other RTPs

Other RTP systems that are freely available unless marked otherwise.


The Computational Environment for Radiotherapy Research, from WUSTL Rad Onc

  • a software platform for developing and sharing research results in radiation therapy treatment planning
  • written in the widely-used Matlab language (version 6.1 or later), allowing for low-cost development of visualization and analysis tools
  • import and display treatment plans from a wide variety of commercial or academic treatment planning systems (including both the RTOG format and now the DICOM-RT format thanks to Emiliano Spezi's contributions)
  • provides a common filetype for the creation of multi-institutional treatment plan databases for various types of research studies, including dose-volume-outcomes analyses and IMRT treatment planning comparisons
  • CERR is free to use for research project, but clinical use on individual patient cases is prohibited.

Ecclipse (commercial) - Varian

Works well with the Aria EMR system.

NCI Tools Contract

Not exactly a RTP system, but a way to create tools that run on any RTP system.
Read the ASTRO paper.

Pinnacle (commercial) - Philips

RayStation (commercial) - RaySearch Labs

UWPlan (commercial)

XIO (commercial) - Elekta

Monocle (commercial) - Elekta