Downloads - Public

We supply these downloads without requiring a license be signed:
  • PLUNC executables for Windows 32 (ZIP). (old version)
  • New version as of 8/6/2015
    Includes a set of Documents, a sample patient, and a linac commissioning lab.
    no source code, so recipients cannot change it or inspect it. [ A license is required to access source, see the Home page for info. ]
    To Install older version:
    1. install ActiveState Perl. Look for the free version.
    2. Click on the ZIP file link, above.
    3. Unzip the file (double-click it) and follow the rest of the installation instructions within.
  • To install newer version:
    1.  unzip the file. Open the folder called plunc6825R and open and read the file called READ_ME_FIRST,  then click on the start_plunc.bat file to run
    2. If not familiar with PlanUNC (PLUNC), open the folder plunc6825R/RESEARCH25.1/Documentation and read the UserGuide.pdf file.
    3. The newer version can be copied to any drive or folder, but the entire folder must be copied and the total length of the path must be less than 256 characters.
    4. The total length restriction is a windows restriction. Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1
    5. Note: use of the mgr_plunc feature requires a dedicated video memory of at least 1GB, and may require a NVIDIA graphics chip.
    6. Teachers who wish to use this for teaching should look at the contents of the start_plunc.bat file and consider creating their own patient directory for each student.