Barbara Snapp

This website is a companion to the course The Elegant Organism offered at Midcoast Senior College in Brunswick, Maine, Spring  2017.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the course.

"Activities" contains any activities that will be done in class and/or at home.

"Basic Information" contains the following files which will be updated as needed
        Topic and reading schedule
        Plants in Poetry
    It also contains lists of additional resources

"Class Presentations" contains the power point presentations in pdf form.  The presentation for each class will be added within a day or two of each class session. 

"Course Articles" contains the required reading and enrichment reading for each week.  Required reading will be posted for each week by the week before that class.  Enrichment reading will be posted shortly after each class session, if not before.  The lists will be updated as relevant new articles are found.

The Elegant Organism
A plant is an elegant organism.  It solves the same problems of life that animals do:  acquiring energy, adapting, reproducing, defending against predation, responding to the environment.  Yet it does not move, is not aware, and cannot communicate.  Or can it?  The elegant simplicity with which plants carry out the imperatives of life and structure the lives of animals is the subject of this course. 

The course will meet on Tuesdays for 6 weeks in Spring 2017 from 9:30 to 11:30 am.
    (March 28 through May 2)

    Plant evolution and the role of light  
    What a plant sees  (photoreception and growth 1)
    What a plant smells  (chemoreception and growth 2)
    How a plant knows where it is  (gravity and growth 3)
    What a plant feels and hears (mechanoreception and growth 4)
    What a plant remembers  (epigenetics and growth 5)

The major players throughout the course are going to be light, water, chemicals and .... growth.