Roths 90% Ownership World Going for 99.99%  Secret War between the Roths and Rocks using hi tec such as cloning, particle beam weapons, information warfare, hacking, weather warfare, digital bank seizure world coming up soon, stock & forex manipulations, geophysical warfare using artificial earth quakes, secret treaties with dark side races going back to 1931 Balboa treaty,  reptilians with Germans and then the Roths moving the German secret technologies down to Antartica to lesser used reptilian bases, etc.  Battle of Harvest moon where the Roths beat out the Rocks for control of outer space, moon and now going for underground bases and concentrations of assets of each other in the secret war.    Slient Weapons for Quiet Wars is another good primer on information wiped out of schools so the educated brain washed masses can't believe the truth when they are told. The author of that report ended up in jail at one posting.

Even the disinformation arm for the Zeta's says the Roths are the puppet masters. They are giving some really good information on earth changes etc. as all good spies do in mixing truth with lies to throw the enemy off the real path.

Do you know the mother of the 5 boys back in 1700's said "If they didn't want anymore wars, there would be none." Who financed Napoleon to take over other monarchies? then when Napoleon's general took the pope captive in 1798, did they get control of the Roman Catholic church with it's wealth and the Jesuit intelligence and manipulations arm. Did you know the Father said "the best time to invest is when there is blood in the street"? And that their biographer back about 1915 said they owned half the world then. So who did WWI & WWII benefit? And now the secret war using silent weapons such as economics, stock manipulations, chemtrails, weather warfare, vaccinations, microwave cellular & wifi, information warfare etc. by Br. Nathanael is totally awesome showing the jewish connections to the Roths. 

Does Trump have those too with them financing his real estate empire? And going bankrupt several times? Is it possible he is being brought in to bankrupt the CORP US and transfer as many of those assets as they can before the people wake up? Do you think that maybe when the US hit the debt ceiling and the national parks were shut down and then opened up again when the debt ceiling was raised, that maybe those assets have been signed away by the senators and congressman in secret deals.
Did you  knowTrafficant US congressman was framed and jailed just for exposing that the US CORP was operating in trusteeship ever since 1933. And then killed later?

 Did you know Stalin illegitimate Roth said that the best way to take over the opposition, is to lead it! And that over 90% of communism is to set up a central bank. And to call the opposition what you are. And to tell the exact opposite of the truth. And that JP Morgan, Cecil Rhodes and others were front men for the Roths as over 90% of their estate went back to the Roths when they died. And that Putin Romanov descendant was going after those Russian Oligarchs front men too. Until he was replaced by a double as reported by his ex wife who was threatened with death along with her daughter if she said anything. She said he was a vile & evil man and couldn't keep it secret anymore. So is Putin a wild card for the people or a wild card for the Roths to use against the Rocks their enemies and competition?

What do you think you will find in your own searches on the internet?