Dirty Tricks by Top Names

 JP Morgan Stalin & CIA,  Sterling Allan-peswiki.com,   Dennis Lee,  Hartman-overunity.com,  Foster Gamble Thrive & Haramien,  Greer,  James Dunn,  Jim Murray,   Elswick-teslatech.info,  x company,  Lindeman, Bedini & Murakami,   Chinese Emporer,  Dubai Government,  Billionaire,  Hope Girl, 

JP Morgan front man for who when over 90% of his estate went to the Roths like Rhodes, likely Carnegie Steel etc. went around to newspaper chains in the US around 1915 to see how much it would cost and who would accept to be bought off in controlling the editors. it was determined it wouldn't take very much and not one case was reported of being turned down. Reuters and Associated Press (over 90% of the News) had been bought up before 1900 according to reports. What is not reported on the internet that likely those that couldn't be bought especially on competitors newspapers chains were journalisted, FBIed, CIAed, PIed, to dig up any dirt to blackmail them. Then if like Traficant US congressman who just for talking about the US CORP being in trusteeship since 1933 when it was bankrupted the first time, now the second time was framed and jailed. Then killed for his obstinance in persisting. 4 Top Level Journalists were killed in 24 hours in the US if you want to know how serious it is.

Stalin (illegitimate Roth) said: The best way to take over the opposition is to lead it. And to call the opposition what you are. And to tell the exact opposite of the truth. And that over 90% of the communist movement is to set up a central bank. Who owns central banks like others own McDonald's Franchises?

The first head of the CIA was a cousin to the Rocks. Whose agenda do you think the CIA follows? Yours? Is one of the main founders of Facebook grandson of the Rocks? What is there software programmed to do?

It was interesting visiting with the grandfather of a relative. He was a mid level oil company executive operating in Lybia.  I asked him if the CIA was intelligence and enforcement for the Fortune 100 companies. He said no. I said no? He said yes. There are others less expensive and more efficient. He said there wasn't an oil shortage in 1973 for the gas crises. The 30 year oil right leases with the middle east companies had come up for renewal. There was ships off shore filled with oil waiting. Even though they had to pay higher royalties at 20% minus capital costs like pipelines and refineries, they were making more money with the increased tax write offs from the US government!

What is 1973 plus 30 years?
When did WTC happen? 2001 Why did the US invade Afganistan then Iraq? About 2003? Were the Rock companies to cheap to pay the 20% royalties? Did he Roths and Rocks work together so the first boat loads of oil were split between them? And was the oil pipeline that was shut down by the Shah to Israel in the 1967 Israeli war started up again with US taxpayers paying for the robbing, destroying and nuking Iraq with depleted uranium in anti tank shells etc.

Especially when the planes were not the original 747s and the pentagon was hit with a missile with a 30 feet hole? Dove emailed the day after that there was a computer complex scheduled to switch over the banking system to US treasury interest free money that JFK and those around him had started and were stopped with his public execution. O'Connelly was shot at too along  with being bankrupted. Gold and silver was shipped out previously with some people killed. The Pentagon part that was hit with a missile was the Pentagon fraction that was supporting the banking switch over. In Philadelphia, they had their backup fiber optic center that needed to be taken out with the plane their as a cover story.
Anyway back to approaching all those top name leaders and in the fore front in overunity energy? How does the Roths and Rocks stay on top of all that the easiest and least expensive (good book keeping you know that they don't teach in business school for some reason).

Is it possible a carrot or stick approach is used? In Mexico they call it the silver or the lead. Either silver or the lead bullet?
Was Dennis Lee approached in prison from failing to file obscure paper work in Ventura County CA one of the most corrupt counties from reports  when his higher efficiency heat pumps COP 5.6 in Michigan winter, COP 12 hot days, COP of 2 in a fridge by oversizing the collection panels and choosing freons suitable for those temperatures  looked like they were really going to take off.
Was he told, cooperate or we throw away the key?
Did Dennis write that it was easier to raise $10,000 from the little guy than billionaires? And when he wasn't getting enough money out of the wealthier then proceed to do so by selling distributorships at:
2,000 distributors X $10,000 minimum is $20M.
How much other money has he raised over the years?
How many people have trusted him?
How much money has he sucked out of the overunity free energy movement so those that don't lie and make super good sales pitches loose out with real technologies?
Ron Brandt gave him some overunity motors and controllers. Dennis was so cheap that he ended up just making credit card payments for Ron. 

Does Dennis Lee use meters in dc mode for ac voltage and current measurements to mislead the public? Where have any of the those distributors that paid $10,000 got any product to sell yet?

Did you know there is often no honor amongst thieves? And that high ups in the CIA were leaving US starting 6 years ago for places like Costa Rica knowing of this collapse and hell hole the elite are creating?
Do you really want to be with them in some under ground bunker with reptilians and what they are doing?
It is never too late to start some type of resistance, how ever or what ever?
Basically has the same thing has happened with Stirling Allan (now in jail for child molestation & his website traffic down to virtually zero from being #1 under the guise of website review), Steve Elswich - did he brag about being protected if caught getting drunk driving that he can just make a phone call and it is taken care of. Did he promise Marcus Kipper a percentage of the income from plans sold on his device and then rip him off? Did he in an email reply he was not concerned about others finding out as he had backing? Did that email get the password changed so that account not get used after that response? The International Testa Society under J.W. McGinnis who ran it into the ground with so many people donating time, money and valuable hardware. Dennis Lee bought all of those assets for $5,000.

Did Foster Gamble Thrive &/or Haramien work together with Foster's lawyer to have witts.ws Timothy Thrapp escorted off of Hawaii with a sheriff including on the airplane to personally see him off the island as they didn't want the competition? 

Did James Dunn sign an over $100M agreement with Witts.ws on their power transmission technology?
If scanned pages of the agreement with James Dunn on a over 100M agreement on wireless power transmission technology is provided, some of those pages can be posted as reference and documentation. He specifically asked to be included in the business plan that was used to raise those millions as per:
James Dunn -  Advisor and Board Member - Mr. Dunn has over 30 years experience in the Technology Commercialization field, and most recently served as the Executive VP for the Center for Technology Commercialization and Director of NASA’s NE. Region Technology Transfer Center in Westborough, MA.  Mr. Dunn has a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has been a member of IEEE, SAE, EAA, LES, and several other professional societies.

Did He come promising to pay a demonstration fee along with MIT associates who also agreed to the demonstration fee. Did they then go back without paying? Was it only later when a MIT student hired to replicate most of the wireless transmission power (a lot easier & faster with over 100M) phoned witts.ws to ask if he had received any of those funds as he had seen his name on the business plan that raised those funds?

What is so much more horrifying that this isn't some electronic virtual play on who can get the best ROI by lying and stealing intellectual property but how many hundreds of millions of people on planet earth could have benefited if $54M those funds as agreed to in signed documents had gone to witts.ws as agreed?

If the agreement had been honored, more information would have been shared so the power transmission could have been overunity as well as health promoting rather than being more destructive to human health and underunity.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1BInIh_mRQ Free Energy Machine ? Scam ? from Witts.ws - QEG ? Scam ? inspired model ? Stefan Hartman of www.overunity.com purports to show hidden wires etc. in this video about www.witts.ws Where can he show the hidden wires? People believe him not realizing he doesn't also have the knowledge to understand overunity electrical energy devices where the 3 fields have to be balanced. I am curious what the agreement is with Stefan Hartman for altering overunity plans sent to him by witts.ws who initially trusted him and he reposted altered files that would not be overunity? Feel free to post this link on www.overunity.com asking him and his assocites for a response?

HOPE GIRL in an internet agreement promised to pay the majority of funds raised to witts.ws if she could use the 40 KW generator video as advertising. Instead she kept all the funds and posted the plans. Her stepfather James Robitaille couldn't replicate the full technology due to his lack of knowledge. Those plans don't have any mention of www.witts.ws from whom he obtained through false pretenses. Ron Brandt was working on versions of the Ecklinator and then made modifications which resultted in that version. For those that have the money and expertise, why pay HOPE and Rames Robitalle when they can go to the real source?

Did an experienced engineer using a dual trace oscilloscope measure only 28% approximate efficiency on Christie's Lutec motor?

Is it professional jealously that other supposedly overunity or free energy groups such as Panacea don't tell their organizations, members &/or contacts that www.witts.ws has the most validations from engineers, electronics and other professionals of anyone on the internet that has been found so far?  

http://www.witts.ws/verifications/  Verifications from engineers, electronics & others qualified experts. Electrical Meter Bill showing electricity going back into the grid due to the negative amount owing. Heating bill for a 4,500 sq ft building from the sphere heater at  showing it provided enough heat except for the 2 coldest months in Ohio at bottom of the webpage.

https://www.youtube.com/user/wits2014  Witts.ws Youtube Channel showing various overunity devices with verifications from engineers, electronics & others qualified experts.

Does the opposition hire trolls in empty US factories at slave labor wages to post the most negative comments about www.witts.ws so companies that initially are convinced from demonstrations then are leery about further investment and involvement? And then do some of those companies to save money and increase their ROI steal overunity units rather than investing? And people wonder why more devices are not out their from www.witts.ws?

Did Greer pay $350,000 down on one technology in bidding with James Dunn without proceeding further, then later make the offer to www.witts.ws that basically give us your technology and we will pay you later? Is he really real or another front man for the Rocks whose estate he mentions being on? 

Did John Bedini tell people that his energy field influences overunity? And that if he leaves the room, the devices can drop underunity? And those that pay large amounts of money too, then are skeptical of anyone else?

Did Peter Lindemann raise $5M from investors based on a book which he promised to include Timothy Thrapp's name and information but then excluded any mention. And what return have those investors got for their money? Does he mention www.witts.ws to any of the people at the public events wherein he promotes himself as an expert in overunity energy? Is he the diode on information and protecting his little financial empire by acting so professionally?

Does Murakimi realize that his energy field also influence higher results and that is why others can't replicate his results? And why he doesn't have a commercial unit yet? And despite claims of refunds, he fails to do despite several emailed requests to do so?

Has anyone ever got anything overunity from Creative Sciences plans? Are they raking in money like so many outfits that promise just pay us $50 and you can go to the hard ware store and build low cost units that will provide all of your heating and electricity so you can save 87% of your power bill if not all of it? Are they protected and promoted so that when organizations charge more realistic values after so many hidden expenses like units stole, legal fees etc. are avoided?

One Billionaire who made his money through computer software was asked if he knew about conspiracy? He replied no. Despite having his $31,000 demonstration fee returned when a white van picked up 2 assistants so the demonstration could not proceed, he then hired a private investigator to find and approach several witts ministry helpers to work for him?

Did the Dubai Government offer X Million for a water from air device built by witts? And then when finished, block entry by not accepting their passports? Another business ROI not taught in Harvard or Yale?

Did the Chinese Emporer do the same? And are several of their trains using delay line overunity motor technology across China now? And that is why the cost is so low to travel on those trains? And did either the Roth or Rocks sabotogue the signals so their was a $100M collision to stop the technology from spreading?

Is there a Japanese Ferry Boat company using Daniel Dingle's water cracking technology? Did EXXON pay Daniel Dingle $80M to use his technology to save energy costs behind the scenes? Did the Rock Foundation sell out their share in oil stocks about 2012?

is there an island off of Japan using over a half mile coil similar to a colloidal reactor and silver wire to reduce resistance providing overunity energy?

What do the reverse engineered ET craft operate on for energy? 

http://survincity.com/2012/11/report-of-milton-cooper-secret-government-and-ufos/  Did Stanton Friedman report on being involved in a hydrogen reactor the size of a basketball?

Do the Roths NSA etc. have such good technology emails are not only being snipped out on nodes in the internet but between 2 yahoo accounts? Why do some emails go through when the subject is changed? Why do emails bounce back from good emails yet not when sent from another email account?

Do they have beast super computers that harvest all the electronic transmissions and use that to get competitive advantage over independent corporations? Are free energy inventors more of a threat to them than terrorists?