Deaths Bankers Doctors Scientists Inventors

4 Top Level US  Journalists in just 24 hrs, 125 scientists, 72 Bankers, 72 NASA, 40 Gulf Scientists, over 100 Microbiologists, 50 Cancer Natruepathic Doctors in the last year, Free Energy Inventors like Paul Brown who I ate supper with back in 1983.

Do your own searches.    When 4 top level US journalists are killed within 24 hours, do you really want to be sitting watching TV programming, surfing the internet, chit chatting with friends on facebook and pretending life is good?

And that Jesus is going to come and save you when it really gets bad?

Or that just focusing on positive vibrations is going to make a difference?

Or the beneficial ET's are going to save you?

Or BRIX is going to be the magical answer?

When I uncovered that virtually everyone is going to get cancer eating store bought food with agricultural chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, the mineral depletion of soils, I had to make the decision of either roll over play dead or get off my ass and try to do something. Anything is better than nothing. And then what is the most beneficial information and action to take right now?

Going to 90% organic instead of 30% organic super helped me a year ago. I know it is tough, expensive etc. but other wise my memory was going, I felt rotten to my stomach (along with being on the computer emf poisoning) and with a surface pro 2 with docking station, outside etc. I am doing a lot more. A person can buy organic sprouts, farmers markets, buy bulk organic & grains, grain grinder, barter, u pick 2 buckets and give one to the owner etc.

What are you going to do?

Do you know this is the Game of Life Earth 2016 on what you are going to do?