Richard Shulze #1

Background information to Richard Shulze FOLDER Has simple condensed health information in 1 or 1 to 7 pages of docx easy to download and print off to share with others.

1GraphsMineralDepletionMercolaDunningGMOCancerSkyrocketing.docx   Minerals in soils dropping to less than 5%, iron less than 1/40 compared to 100 years ago on the left side, on the right side per 100,000 people, diseases such as diabetis, cancer, heart conditions, asthma is sky rocketing.

#2ORGANIC FOOD Importance.docx   Organic food has 4-10x the nutrients and 8-9x less agriculteral poisons and synthetic fertilizers. Rats on puffed wheat died sooner than if they starved. 2 hot dogs per week increase the cancer rate 10-11x due to the worst meat being used plus the toxic preservatives.   Morgan Spurlock on McDonalds food in less than one month gained 30 lbs and his liver was turning to mush. The food safety standards are there to protect corps profits and to deceive the people on how bad things really are. If everyone bought organic, Monsanto would go bankrupt and people would stop poisoning the world with ag cancerous chemicals and synthetic fertilizers bioaccumulating in the land, water and air.

3CANCER    Everyone In 40 Years.docx At the rate it is going, virtually everyone eating store bought food will have cancer.

4GMO Cancers.docx     Pictures showing cancer in rats from GMO food, from glyphosate and the lethal combination. 

5DrCarleyBigPictureToxins.docx     Dr Carley simple 1 page graph showing the toxins from man made chemicals to radiation to heavy metals. 

+++++++++ Very good free daily email with cutting information on health, mind, spirituality, etc.  Hidden Toxins in food  VERY VERY GOOD by John Bergman the very best condensed easy to understand information I have found so far laid out. Youtube Channel or scan youtube video's on the right side

++++++++++ less expensive for shipping for #1 & #2 herbal formulas because she uses plastic rather than glass jars. Studied under him and gives education out along with the formulas if people are interested.

+++++++++  Richard Shulze He healed himself of defective heart & valves in his teens, burnt hand to the core, torn ligaments through juicing highly mineralzed healthy high brix high % muscle testing organics, no meat products, exercise, hot cold water for the immune system etc. He treated 20,000 clients before being jailed and shut down in California. He literally went into hospitals with carrot, wheat grass & beet juice and herbal detox herbs and saved their lives after they were given up as hopeless. 

In his second decade of clinical practice he worked almost exclusively with patients suffering from cardiac, neurological, cancerous and other degenerative (so-called incurable) diseases. His clinic became famous for those patients whom western medicine had given up on and who were sent home to die. His clinic was also recognized for Dr. Schulze's highly effective Natural Healing programs, his powerful herbal formulae and his many patients curing themselves, in spite of the death sentence handed to them by their medical doctors. Many of his patients are still alive today, 20, even 30 years after their medical doctors told them they would soon die! 


His books are open source online (can download and print the pdf file) or a person can email or call 800-437-2362 to have them sent free including shipping in the US. Books are 80% easier to read and remember vs 5% for computer with radiated light and hypnotic frequencies. 

On the left side is

20 powerful steps to healing-His Bio History and what he told his 20,000 clients. Will send this in stock. Ask for a catalogue.

colds and flue - maybe

No incurables - most often want $12 US.


Catalogue of products another place. 

His #1 formula is 3 peristolesis herbs combined that help the bowel start moving and flexing pushing toxins out. Terry Bell with his  % muscle testing believes over 80% of health troubles come from the bowel slowing down causing the toxins to leak back dropping function of heart, liver, lungs, pancrease etc. Both him and Shultz believe easy bowel movements for each meal are the most important for regaining health to start with. A person that I know was constipated from a baby. She has tried everything from docotrs and alternative. Nothing worked near as good as Shultz's #1 & #2 

 Richard's #2 formula is a combination of herbs with activated willow charcoal that pulls up to over 3200 chemicals and toxins. With Terry Bell's % matched bowel formula of about 15, with in 4 days, I started getting better after spending thousands of dollars else where over the years on various herbs, supplements, rife machine over the years. Also he chose red clover for a bacterial infection. He has courses in irridology, % muscle testing, chinese medicine along with information on electrodiagnostic machines, ozone generators etc. for those more knowledgeable. People have come to him with 2 weeks to live from cancer and recovered. Another electrical engineer spent $40,000 and was down to his last $80 before he found Terry Bell. Unfortunately most of the sho-tai practioners don't emphasize that organic food is #1 with 4-10x the nutrients and 8-9x less toxic poisonous ag chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. 

More Info about Terry Bell bottom about his fantastic story too.

My colon was so poisoned and leaky gut that it irritated taking with water separate so I mix with water, let soak and mix both with my meals when I take them. After going to mostly organics except nuts, my colon is healing and I am less sensitive to popcorn and irritating foods. He also as a more expensive tincture #1 formula. 

If a person has more money, then they can add hydrogen peroxide drops in water, essence oils, a steamed ozone booth (hot cold packs are less expensive at home, lymphatic rebounding but exercising in fresh air gives healthy negative ions along with benefical rays from the sun which are very healing along with vit D absorption. Vit D is important for about 2300 chemical reactions and part of the damaging affects of vaccinations are to deliberate target vit d use. Life guards in the sun soak up about 1M units vit D per day so 50,000 units are starting dosages for cancer patients according to Richard who has helped a number of ones who didn't want to go with chemo and radiation.


A doctor Renee went through 12 operations for cancer. A book was given to her on detoxing. She shrugged and accepted it to be polite. On vacation bored and nothing else to read, started reading it and got so interested that she read the whole book and followed the steps. 

She healed herself and started a practice so successful that people were coming from around the world. Unfortunately she died in a car accident at age 56?

++++++++++++++++ Swany Ditman a nurse was so brain fogged 22 years ago, she sat in front of a traffic light 20 seconds trying to remember what the colors meant. When the medical establishment didn't help, she went alternative like the book Back to Eden published by her father and Richard Shultz primarily. She uses basically the same formula's and they are less expensive due to being shipped in plastic bags and not glass jars.

She encourages educating others with educational materials on her website. She also reveals the formulas and ratios for those that want to buy bulk to save and share/sell with others. 

She provides a place for people to come and stay for organic food along with herbs, hydrotherapy, education for $500 per week compared to the Gerson Therapy at $5,000 per week. I phoned C that went to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico for 2 weeks. She learned more from Swany. I also phoned another nurse that had breast cancer that went to Swany. She is starting her own clinic down in Jamaca after realizing people in Canada will not believe or do much. Likely because it is so simple and they have to spend a little money. A guy asked about radiation therapy for his prostate cancer. She warned him about the problems that it does long term that the doctors won’t tell him. Sure enough after radiation treatments, lots of pain, his urine problems got worse, he came back to her. At that time, she had to tell him – she couldn’t help.

I myself have tried coffee enemas and much prefer the #1 & #2 formula both for ease and effectiveness. The herbs provide nutritions, minerals, antioxidents plus work through all of the colon and intestines. Whereas the coffee enemas work only on the last part. I feel it is a shame with Richard Shultz's reputation and success, so many cancer clinics sell expensive therapies like magnetics, rife, ozone, heat, iv's that only provide some relief and don't get at the basic problem. A number of them will charge $10,000 to $30,000 such as Mexican and German clinics. Maybe that is why they won’t tell clients they can spend $500 on herbs, a juicer and the importance of organics or other home solutions they can do on their own?

The food isn't moving through and poisons the body with toxic waste rotting products. SO SIMPLE THAT IT HAS BEEN COVERED UP FROM 1920’s LIKE JOHN KELLOG's WORK WITH CLIENTS COMING FROM AROUND THE WORLD. His sanitarium burnt down. Was it an accident or sabatogue by the Rock Cartel?


Once food goes in the factory doors of large publically traded companies, it should be labelled with Skull & Crossbones to warn people how much more nutritionally deficient and toxic it is.

Kevin Trudeau sat in high level meetings with officials from FDA, Government, Corporations wherein there were planning on preliminary studies to discredit herbs and natural vitamins and minerals. And work together to promote through mind control advertising, schools and mass media the exact opposite of the truth. For his impertinence, they jailed him in 2014 for 10 years and seized his assets.