EMF CP Computer Radiation & Memory Loss


http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1623  Electronic flashes of the computer drop memory from 80% written page to 5% computer screen. Part is due to radiated light, part puting the brain into a hypnotic state in 30 seconds and electronic flashes frying the brain and memory. Also reading allows a person to move faster or slower depending on comprehension. Movies etc. don't allow that. Notice the difference for yourself. Also how the young can't focus on more difficult brain thinking long term. Also computers emf fields are addictive in that they increase the biological field energy artificially so the body is stressed and then is that much more tired away from those artificial devices. The children in school are not onl having their memory dropped from 80 to 5%, they are being microwaved with multiple transmitters. There is a correlation to depression the more time they are on computer social medai. It is stimulative, addictive then energy draining emotionally and physically.
I am going back to books for referencing & printing off valuable information. I can fold corners, highlight, mark and make notes in the back. Then I can just flip to the section I want and access it very easy. And filing the super important information under folders for super important information.

www.littlelightministries.org sells a dvd on the art of lying. They can play a short clip that will scramble people brains coming out of a movie so that 90% won't remember what they just saw. A stop smoking commercial can increase the desire to smoke 2x. A person writing on a piece of paper what he wants to buy before going into a store as proof. Then while sitting with a NLP person who emphasises the words B, M. W. Buy in seperate words, buys a BMW bike. Looking at his paper in his wallet, he wrote down a black leather jacket. 
Movies can flood a brain so that a person's values, ethics and choices are altered and he doesn't even realize it. Maybe fidelity isn't so important when out on business? Or maybe Life becomes more meaningless watching Holly Wood Mind Rot.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4JDEspdx58  Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters (in just 3 minutes of standing one foot from a smart meter or using a cell phone, red blood cells start clumping. I believe computer use is also harmful along with wifi, wireless phones etc.)

E G White mentions guarding the avenues of the Soul. I didn't realize what that meant so much when I was younger. Now when I see people who think recreational sex is fun where as raising children and caring for other family members is so out of date in comparison. It is no wonder couples are not sticking together. Looking out for #1 has taken priority. 
Wifi, Smart meters, Wireless phones, Electronics etc. are shortening people's lives as well as accelerating cancers from toxic ag chemicals. A mayo clinic researcher has found pesticides and herbicides in cancers. Of course chemo & radiation is the only solution for something like that.
I have tried biopro, bare earthing and it wasn't enough as I am highly hypersensitive even allergic to emf fields. An earth pad down in the feet means the electricity goes through the body. It is better on the keyboard. I am wearing a bare earthing sheet. A surface tablet in a docking station means I can work about 3 hours instead of 1.

Some links I have collected with information.

www.lessemf.com is the best all around for starters. Cellphone microwaves, wireless phones, smart phones are secret microwave warfare according to Tewers boy genius in UK forced to work on it. So many brain cancers are enhanced and accelerated. Over 15 hours of CP use doubles or triples brain cancers. 

One engineer is out in the wilderness cooking off a wood stove. One lady was suing the cell phone company over a brain cancer that was the same shape as the cp attenna. Each generation of cp is getting stronger and more powerful.  The G4 cell towers have a range of 42 miles compared to 20 miles with G3. An expert dealing with shielding and security has found it very difficult with G4 compared to G3 to shield.  Even an air tube from the cell phone needs to have it wrapped around a magnet so the microwaves don't go straight into the brain. 4 hours of a laptop held by a male shows up in DNA fragmentation in the sperm (ie genetic damage for the child if conceived). Shut off wireless routers when not in use. Buy landlines. Use grounded keyboards, ethernet cables etc. shielded power supplies as the transformers to laptops and shielded power wires or wrap aluminum foil around them as much as possible. Mercola.com is slsleeping in an aluminum foil shielded room (I got mine from a restaurant supplier company online). Mylar is toxic wwith the plastic lining one side. I turn off the electrical breaker to my room at night to allow the body to recover and heal more at night. The surface pro 2 with docking station allows me to work 4 or 5 hours compared to a tower or laptop. about 50% more than an ipad because the keyboard has less emf rather than touching the screen on the ipad.
A person can add a wireless usb transmitter & receiver extension on the docking station and shut off the wireless connection in the surface pro or use a ethernet cable to smart hubs and shield with aluminum foil on cardboard between the person and the router.
I also wrapped aluminum foil on a electrical smart meter on a pole leaving a 3 inch wide strip on top so the airplanes flying over can pick up the signal. Wrapping around leaving the end open had the gas company come out being upset with it.

Bare eathing pads should not be on the feet at the computer as the emfs travel down through the body into the pad. It is better to have it near or under the keypad with the hand touching ground out there. A usb mouse and keyboard reduce emfs off of a laptop compared to not only the emfs but the higher measurement of magnetic field coming off of the hard drive.

The emf is first stimulating then draining to a person after they leave the emf field which is why it is addictive also. A person that moved under a high voltage power line was wired for 6 months then had crchronic fatigue. Watch children play nintendo games being wired then drained not being able to do anything except sleep or site around causing trouble and being upset.

It is part of the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars developed for the Roths by their experts around the world. 
http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/barrie-trower Barrie Trower was boy genius forced to develop them wwhen young. Then used as microwave warfare specialist. He is knowledgeable about the 20 tops experts in the world microwaving the world. His youtube videos are online.

www.usbtypewriter.com $128 DIY kit no soldering available $900 for finished models
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http://www.ebay.com/bhp/alphasmart-3000 ebay $20 free shipping  Need USB cable 3AAA batteries nickel ion? less emf copy txt files from computer and back again with USB connection. Writers like for long hours and reduced distraction

http://www.balancedelements.ca/#!services Jo-ANN $85 Charity thinks best she seen, specialized kinisiology was very sensitive sick airplanes $110 hr 2 hr session booked to Aug from june trip China, eats organic, only her another one Edmonton & Charity so far
Jo-Ann Lee-Maritiu & Janet Martin Edmonton 403.710.8100 Jo-Ann Lee-Maritiu Phone. 403.606.3202balancedelements@shaw.ca

Today 200 International Scientists Appeal to the UN to protect all biological life from WiFi (attached) burrowing owl
Visit our shop @ Sleep-tech.com for more Information
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy PEMF research database and generator systems comparison contains more than a thousand PEMF and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) studies organized alphabetically by disorder (see sidebar for alphabetized PEMF bibliographies). It becomes clear when comparing types of pulsed electromagnetic therapy PEMF generator systems that EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ combines portability, convenience, power and duration of application into one simple kit for remarkable - unimpeachable results. Human, plant, animal. 
Taken together, these peer reviewed PEMF studies provide compelling evidence that frequency-specific pulsed electromagnetic fields are the most effective and cost efficient option to accelerate and enhance natural healing in a wide variety of human and veterinary disorders, including combating body's natural aging process. 
The key-operative phrase is frequency-specific pulsed electromagnetic fields, and this is where all pulsed electromagnetic field therapy PEMF manufacturers have it wrong. Nearly all PEMF generator systems on the market use frequencies that are simply too high. We'll demonstrate why if youi'll bear with us a few minutes. 
The other issue is nearly all "PEMF" systems are not pulsed electromagnetic fields at all. They are sine-wave, triangular or some other time-varying wave-form that expands and contracts. Or use very high frequencies that should be avoided. 
A pulsed waveform has a nanosecond rise time and that "pulsed" magnetic field travels to infinity (albeit losing roughly 1/2 its strength per inch as it travels away from it's source). With a true pulsed wave-form tissue penetration is never an issue. 
Expanding and contracting fields (sine-wave, triangular-wave, trapezoid-wave) do not travel at all extending only as far as the increasing magnetic field expands, and then contracting back again to zero or worse AC systems go past zero and reverse the North-polarity field to South. Better than nothing, but not as good as a pulsing North-polarity (DC) system. PERIOD. 
We use a pulsed squar-wave that creat harmonics. All of our key frequencies creat higher harmonics at 432 Hz and 528 Hz. Some PEMF generators use a saw-tooth wave and produce no harmonics at all. 
See our Tech-Specs and comparison to Mat-type "pulsed" electromagnetic field therapy systems. 
EarthPulse™ is the worlds only pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine, performance enhancement and longevity system. There's nothing on Earth like EarthPulse™.

Nano-Fibres Are Behaving As Nano-Blenders Within Plant and Animal Structures Due To Electromagnetic Radiation
Fibres or particles of fibre glass, asbestos, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide or similar insoluble silicates vibrate in situ, when subjected to various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, causing them to behave as "Nano-Blenders". When these particles are within the body, the injury to the surrounding cell structures by the homogenizing of their adjacent material provides a medium for overgrowth of various precursor elements of cancers and other diseases.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yxTotA604M orgonne neutralizing radiation chemtrails engineer
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Check out 10 minute mark. Story of lady with leukemia losing ground. Battery discharge on ground. Discharge electrical pollution. Kids on computers and smart phones need about 30 mins. On computer less, less discharge time required. 

I’m sure most people would be really concerned and worried if they looked out their window one day and saw a cell phone tower erected right next to their house or apartment. Yet millions of people have no concerns whatsoever in carrying around a smart phone in their pocket where they are absorbing more microwave radiation than that coming off a cell tower.

If you are one of those very rare individuals out there in Internet Land who actually has the common sense and intelligence to awaken from your commercial-friendly, media-induced slumber and realize that WiFi anything is really Bad News for your body, then you have to switch over to all ethernet cable for your home computer, disable the WiFi functions on your laptop (and wireless router), and stop using a smart phone altogether (and that means throwing the smart phone into the trash and not try to sell it or give it away to someone else – so they will get the brain cancer that you are trying to avoid). I never bought a smart phone because I already knew that they were much worse than cell phones in terms of microwave radiation output. However, if you own one, the only intelligent thing to do is to trash it and be glad you awoken before you did more damage. The body can be detoxified from RF radiation. However, it takes longer to roll back cellular, endocrine, and DNA changes, so the less you’ve absorbed over time, the better. The minimum latency period for cell phone radiation problems to show up is about 10 years. For people with stronger genetic constitutions, it may take 20 years for the cancer or other forms of neurological disease to fully manifest, but once it does, you’ve really got a problem on your hands and it won’t be solved by throwing away your smart phone – then.

Think about it. Educate yourself now and not later when you get the cancer diagnosis. The documentation and studies are all over the internet. The Bioinitiative Report of 2012 alone will keep you busy for a week.

The body tries to compensate the best it can to protect the interior of the cell and DNA from being damaged by the microwaves so it uses calcium and cholesterol, for example, to function as a barrier or shield against the assault. However, the body is now calcifying cell walls and building up cholesterol plaque to address a short term assault, but at the same time it’s creating other, long term problems for the body. The only way to solve this is to stop exposing yourself to microwave energy fields altogether or at least minimize your exposure to the lowest level possible.

Ken Adachi

http://www.electricsense.com/1138/my-9-tips-to-cut-down-on-exposure-to-computer-radiation/ PrintedWhether you are electrosensitive or just eager to take protective measures to protect you and your family here are my (started off as 9 tips but has now grown) computer radiation protection tips.  Just 4 hours of use with a laptop in the lap of a males shows DNA fragmentation of his sperm.
http://www.createhealthyhomes.com/safercomputers.php Printed Longer Very Good from shielded powercables to distance, grounding pads etc.
http://www.createhealthyhomes.com/tips_for_a_healthy_home.php Printed Healthier Home 3 Documents 6 -16 pages from emfs, molds & chemicals to renovating and building a new home - very good
http://emf.mercola.com/ mercolas site on emfs
http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/08/25/simple-inexpensive-solution-to-radically-lower-emf-exposure.aspx  printed article on emfs, wireless etc. Each cell within your body is like an antenna: an exquisitely sensitive receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic radiation. Each cell phone toweremits its signal in "lobes" -- a circular "flower petal" pattern with a limited radius spreading 360 degrees around the tower.

To get an idea of what types of health effects the wireless revolution poses, you need look no further than The BioInitiative Report, which was published in 2007 by an international working group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals.

It concludes that the existing standards for public safety are completely inadequate to protect your health. The report includes studies showing evidence that electromagnetic fields and exposure to radiofrequencies can:

  • Affect gene and protein expression (Transcriptomic and Proteomic Research)

  • Have genotoxic effects -- DNA damage

  • Induce stress response (Stress Proteins)

  • Affect immune function

  • Affect Neurology and behavior

  • Cause childhood cancers (Leukemia)

  • Impact melatonin production; Alzheimer’s Disease; Breast Cancer

  • Promote breast cancer (Melatonin links in laboratory and cell studies)

Simple Methods to Shield Your Home from Wireless Exposure

It is a wise move for nearly everyone to devote a couple of hours to thoroughly shielding their home, or at minimum their bedrooms, from wireless exposure because remember that eve if you don’t have any wireless connections, your neighbors likely do.

Here are some of the top tips you can take to lower your EMF burden considerably:

  • Turn off all the fuses at night.

  • Shield your bed with a http://www.slt.co/Products/RFShieldingFabrics/  special metalized fabric $25 per linear foot width 102 inches - to protect yourself from harmful frequencies that can disrupt cellular communication.

  • If you are constructing a new home or renovating one and the walls are being rebuilt you can install radiant barrier, which is a tough type of aluminum foil that will also very effectively screen out the EMF. This is what I did for my own bedroom.

  • Be aware that cell phones and wireless Internet features are not the only sources you need to be cautious of. Essentially, most all electronics will generate EMF’s, including the wiring in your home, electric alarm clocks, electric blankets, computers and lamps, just to mention a few.

  • At minimum, move your bed so that your head is at least 3-6 feet from all electrical outlets. If you are constructing the walls you can put the wires inside pipes, which will virtually eliminate the fields that are generated in the room when the current runs through the wire.

  • Turn off everything electrical in your sleeping area, including your alarm clock, WI-FI, cell and portable phones.

  • Try to minimize placing a non-corded phone to your head, and avoid using your cell phone when in a car with a child or pregnant woman. If you absolutely need to use your cell phone, crack your window so the radiation can dissipate quicker.

  • Sleep on a non-metal bed and mattress.

  • Put wireless devices on a timer so they turn off at night (and consider offering to buy your neighbors timers for theirs as well).

  • Use a geomagnetometer to measure magnetic fields in your home. If you detect high levels, make sure your bed is not near these areas.

  • Put solar blankets in your windows, or get low-E window film to shield your windows (most exposure will come in through your windows)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4JDEspdx58 Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters (in just 3 minutes of standing one foot from a smart meter or using a cell phone, red blood cells start clumping. I believe computer use is also harmful along with wifi, wireless phones etc.)
This clip is an excerpt from Take Back Your Power - a critical investigation of the Smart Metering phenomenon and Smart Grid. More than 5,000 studies now show RF/MW radiation to be harmful to human biology, animals and plants. Acute and chronic exposure to RF (radio-frequency) and MW (microwave) radiation can, even at very low power-densities, lead to not only the negative health effects shown in this video, but calcium ion damage in cells, endothelial cell dysfunction, nitric oxide depletion, oxidative stress, melatonin disruption, blood-brain-barrier leakage, DNA damage, sperm damage and more. Glucose metabolism changes within the brain are observable after just minutes of cell phone use.

The mechanisms for damage from non-thermal, non-ionising radiation exposure are now becoming clear.
Hi Buster. I have found a EMF Shield that works great if you are interested.
The cost if $85.00 plus shipping.
You can contact Jo-Ann directly at balancedelements@shaw.ca and let her know if you would like one. She is in Calgary so shipping shouldn't be too bad.
I have seen these shields and they work much better than anything that is on the market.

http://www.lessemf.com/cellphon.html Best site for products I have found so far in reducing EMF fields
I watched a TV show on emf fields. I am noticing I am really sensitive to the energies off the computer, keyboard, mouse and even the LCD screen.
I just turn on the router and then shut everything on the computer off with a lot less use.
I vote getting a timer to shut off routers if a person doesn't want to try to remember.
Once a person gets hyper sensitive, it is that much harder to recover.

EMF Protective Clothing — For EMF Protection, the basic solution in clothing is to wear garments made of Silverell which is extremely comfortable and made of 90% Rayon and 10% Silver. As the price of silver rises, so will the price of this clothing so if you are thinking of buying, act quicker rather than later.

After talking to distributors, here is a list of the most popular EMF protective clothing sorted in order of purchase popularity:

1. Hats to protect the brain and head
2. Hoodies to protect the upper body
3. Tshirts
4. Scarfs
5. Shielded gloves
6. Aprons

http://emfhelpcenter.com/ Body meters along with others tips for protection - wifi off, etc. ex. Best meters off of lessemf so less confusing for people on choices.
http://earthinginstitute.net/ Clint Oberg is a developer of products for bringing free negative ground electrons into the body from the earth that people are deprived of from using synthetic shoes, living in buildings isolated from earth, the rugs etc. stripping negative ions from the air.
Live blood analyses shows red blood cell unclumping in just 40 minutes before and after. Infarad photographs show decreases in pain and inflamation in just 30 minutes.
Conditions of MS, Lupus, Arthritis, pains, low energy, Autism, etc. are being helped with one doctor reporting only 3 of 100 of his patients not noticing a benefit.
David Wolfe speaker on healthy lifestyle who has tried lots of different things, says it is the Most benefit for the least amount of work.
Earthing - The most important health discovery ever? by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. , Martin Zuckerbook is very good reading.
page 69 Thermal Imaging in 40 minutes shows reduced heat & inflamation
page 175 Live Blood analyses shows red blood cells unclumping
page 145 Step Sinatra son to Stephen MD was a trader in NY in the late 1990s surounded by cell phones and em devices. His health went downhill despite spending 100,000s of dollars at the best doctors and clinics. At one point he was down to 83 pounds on IV. That is when he really noticed someone on a cellphone coming into the room made him sick as well as not being able to be the computer for a minute. He had a relapse when they put cordless phones and wireless internet in his room.

He quit his computer for 9 months and used his cell phone maybe 1 or 2x a month.
Now that he is better, he is using direct connection and earthing.
I figured out being on the computer is dropping my energies and making me sick to my stomach despite eating 85% raw, not exercising enough. I was feeling a burning in my gut and lower back. I know of others with the same symptoms using computers.
I can muscle test people and just carrying a cellphone with it on drops their energies holding it near there body.

The computer sends radiations up the keyboard and mouse plus wireless like wireless printers, laptops etc. affecting people along with all the other micro wave, and house 60 cycle frequencies.
I vote that people get em field reducers for
cell phones, $25
grounding pads for working at the computer $80
sleep grounded at nights $139
the more they are working with electronic equipment.
don't have electric clocks near the bed, water beds on etc. when sleeping, etc. The screw in flourescent bulbs emit high voltage pulses also. Also a timer to turn off routers at night is something else people do.
If cellphones work in cars shielded by metal and glass, that means the signals go through glass in and out. How does that affect human bodies over time that have very sensitive DNA and chemical processes run on very minute amounts of electricity?
A simple test is to go away for a weekend into an non em environment.
Or walk barefoot on grass, sand or better still in water. 
http://getlongevitynow.com/bare-your-feet-grounding-video/ video Wolf Explaining earth grounding and showing the drop of voltage circulating through the body using sensitive probes. Very Good.

The Dangers of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)
Tuesday, October 18 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT

Can radiation from electrical appliances, power lines, microwave ovens, and wireless technology such as cell phones and baby monitors alter our DNA, cause illness and lead to disease? Richard speaks with a leading researcher on the biological effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields, a retired police officer campaigning to have wireless internet banned from schools and public places, and an electrical sensitive who claims to have had her life ruined by EMF radiation. An associate professor in the field of Environmental and Occupational Health argues that EMF radiation poses no health risk.

school room low powered microwave oven

cellphone signals into microwave oven, out and into car with 1/4 glass windows and metal covering

real estate lady stettar device, moved smart meter to edge of property, shielded main line coming in, demand switches on main panel so when the switch is off, no current through the wire,

mylar blankets sleeping rumermill news, show guy turning of routers night,

alien agenda drop spiritual energies, squid helmet, planet terraforming, branton chip hooked central computer controlled biorobots Anastasia,

Segerbäck with his electromagnetic field radiation suit.

Get Rid of Metal in Your Environment – As much as possible, consider the metal in your bed springs, belt buckles, shoe straps, eyeglasses, metal clasps in jewelry, anything that is made of metal has the potential to transmit and reflect electricity and electromagnetic radiation.

  • Install EMF/EMR Filters and Capacitors – These filters harmonize the electromagnetic frequency and electromagnetic interface (EMI) on the wiring in your home.
  • Use Grounding Rods Near the Meter - This eliminates EMFs emanating from water pipes due to electrical grounding (dirty electricity).
  • Wear Protective Clothes – Some people have found that wearing leather jackets and shoes help. Also, rubber gloves and shoes are helpful
  • y husband understands and goes to great lengths to accommodate my sensitivity. He wires my office so that electrical currents are nowhere near me. My computer monitor sits at least two feet away from me and I never, ever place my laptop on my lap. As much as is practical, I unplug things when they are not being used.

    I rarely go shopping anymore. The abundance of surveillance equipment housed inside buildings and throughout the parking lot render me useless. All the stores have doors that automatically open. This is great for hands-free entrance and exiting, but shoppers are bombarded with microwave radio waves. This is not a problem for most people, but for people like me who are sensitive to EMFs, it can be felt and it can be harmful.

  • http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2010-02/disconnected?nopaging=1

  • Segerbäck with his electromagnetic field radiation suit. ENGINEER hi tech equipment

     Segerbäck was once an elite telecommunications engineer. He worked for Ellemtel, a division of the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, for more than 20 years, leading an engineering group that designed advanced integrated circuits for prototype telecommunication systems. He used the newest and most advanced computer and telecom equipment available, the kind of stuff only Ericsson and the Swedish military had access to. He was, as a result, up to his eyeballs in a non-ionizing radiation bath, from computers, fluorescent lights and the telecom antenna located right outside his window.

    He noticed his first symptoms -- dizziness, nausea, headaches, burning sensations and red blotches on his skin -- in the late 1980s, a decade into his telecommunications research work. All but two of the 20 or so other members of his group reported similar symptoms, he says, although his were by far the most severe. His EHS worsened and now, he says, even radar from low-flying aircraft can set it off. Segerbäck is convinced that the perfect storm of EMFs in his office, combined with potentially toxic fumes from his brand-new computer, were responsible for his condition. "The company doctors didn't understand what was going on," he says.

    Ericsson went to great lengths to keep Segerbäck, a key member of the firm's design team, on the job. In the early 1990s, the company installed metal shields around his bedroom and study at home so he could sleep and work without radiation exposure. To enable him to go outside, medical authorities gave Segerbäck an EMF-resistant suit like the ones worn by engineers working in close proximity to live telecom towers and high-voltage power lines. The firm even modified a Volvo so he could travel safely to and from work. His commutes ended when cellphone towers began to spring up around Stockholm in the mid-1990s, eventually forcing his retreat to the woods.
    It's hard to know what is causing what," he says. "No one can say what made us feel ill." And it is impossible for him to seek treatment in a medical facility. A trip to the hospital, with all its electronic equipment, would probably kill him, he says.
    Today he cooks all his meals on a wood-burning stove. The fireplace is his only source of heat. He has electric lights, a phone and a computer, but their power source -- a 12-volt battery -- is buried in an underground cellar about 30 yards from his house, far enough away that the EMFs can't reach him. His computer and his mouse are both surrounded by metal plates so no radiation escapes. His neighbors all know about his condition and (with occasional, painful exceptions) know not to carry cellphones near his house.
    heavy metals also
    EHS is frequently seen in people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), resulting from overexposure or intolerance to certain chemicals.

    Common Symptoms

    • Concentration problems
    • Memory lapses
    • Aches or pressure in head, throat and chest
    • Unsteady balance, dizziness
    • Altered heart rate
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Excessive fatigue
    • Numbness or pain in affected areas
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Eye irritation
    • Red skin blotches, eczema

    Four Stages of Electrohypersensitivity

    1. Mild combinations of some of the common symptoms - typically headaches, concentration & memory problems - while working with electronic equipment.
    2. Longer lasting symptoms after working with electronic equipment. Similar reactions in the vicinity of transmission towers and relay antennae. Symptoms often require medical care.
    3. Inability to work full-time; frequent sick leaves taken to cope with symptoms.
    4. Acute adverse reactions from electromagnetic pollution, both in outdoor and indoor environments. Results in unemployment and severe curtailment of freedom. Requires expensive reengineering of home environment or relocation to spartan, EMF/EMR-free rural or wilderness areas.

    Prevention Tips from the EHS Community

    • Keep bedroom free of battery chargers, cell & digital cordless phones and other wireless products.
    • Sleep away from high field areas like the house power main and operational refrigerators. Remember fields extend some distance, even through walls.
    • Limit exposure to and keep distance from, TV's, computers and monitors.
    • Other common high EMF/EMR sources are: microwave ovens, induction stoves, electrical blankets, hair dryers, heating pads, tanning beds, and radiant heat systems.
    • Use standard land line phones. Only use cell phones for short calls or emergencies. Use hands free model and direct the phone antenna away from your body. Do not use headphones.
    • Remove digital, cordless phones from home and office; they act as mini-cell towers.
    • Do not use wireless networks or gaming systems; instead use cabled/corded alternatives.
    • Use a precautionary approach to new electronic devices and systems.
    • Use incandescent lighting and not fluorescent.
    • Turn off and unplug electrical equipment when not in use.
    • Seek out low emission/low field areas both indoors and outdoors to de-stress.
    http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/ Katie Singer’s An Electronic Silent Spring also offers an extensive solutions section for policy makers, telecom and utility companies, schools, civic groups and individuals who want to reduce EMR emissions and exposure.  May, 2014 Guardian article about study that says that people who used mobile phones more than 15 hours each month have a double or triple risk of developing glioma or meningioma brain tumors.
    I love the information I get through the computer but didn't realize how much negative energy was coming through it affecting me. If you know of other products that help reduce those negative energies. I would like more information.
    A person can write down the energy level and any physical symptoms before and after being on the computer. Then notice the effects before going to sleep and then waking up.

    I notice the computer wires me up giving me more energy. Then the next day, I am more tired, lethargic and waking up, I have more of a slight pain up my arms and across my chest. And it is like the energy doesn't flow through my bady as good like it is jammed up somehow. The burning sensation in my stomach and colon was getting worse as well as a pain under my gall bladder and liver. This was despite juicing, eating cabbage.

    The more I stay off the computer, the more those pains goes away and I get more energy back. The ground pad and sleeping pad help me recover but still don't overcome the pain I get being on the computer. I still have to reduce my time on the computer.
    http://earthinginstitute.net/ Clint Oberg is a developer of products for bringing free negative ground electrons into the body from the earth that people are deprived of from using synthetic shoes, living in buildings isolated from earth, the rugs etc. stripping negative ions from the air.
    Live blood analyses shows red blood cell unclumping in just 40 minutes before and after. Infarad photographs show decreases in pain and inflamation in just 30 minutes.
    Conditions of MS, Lupus, Arthritis, pains, low energy, Autism, etc. are being helped with one doctor reporting only 3 of 100 of his patients not noticing a benefit.
    David Wolfe speaker on healthy lifestyle who has tried lots of different things, says it is the Most benefit for the least amount of work.
    Earthing - The most important health discovery ever? by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. , Martin Zuckerbook is very good reading.
    page 69 Thermal Imaging in 40 minutes shows reduced heat & inflamation
    page 175 Live Blood analyses shows red blood cells unclumping
    page 145 Step Sinatra son to Stephen MD was a trader in NY in the late 1990s surounded by cell phones and em devices. His health went downhill despite spending 100,000s of dollars at the best doctors and clinics. At one point he was down to 83 pounds on IV. That is when he really noticed someone on a cellphone coming into the room made him sick as well as not being able to be the computer for a minute. He had a relapse when the put cordless phones and wireless internet in his room.

    He quit his computer for 9 months and used his cell phone maybe 1 or 2x a month.
    Now that he is better, he is using direct connection and earthing.
    I figured out being on the computer is dropping my energies and making me sick to my stomach despite eating 85% raw, not exercising enough. I was feeling a burning in my gut and lower back. I know of others with the same symptoms using computers.
    I can muscle test people and just carrying a cellphone with it on drops their energies holding it near there body.

    The computer sends radiations up the keyboard and mouse plus wireless like wireless printers, laptops etc. affecting people along with all the other micro wave, and house 60 cycle frequencies.
    I vote that people get em field reducers for
    cell phones, $25
    grounding pads for working at the computer $80
    sleep grounded at nights $139
    the more they are working with electronic equipment.
    don't have electric clocks near the bed, water beds on etc. when sleeping, etc. The screw in flourescent bulbs emit high voltage pulses also. Also a timer to turn off routers at night is something else people do.
    If cellphones work in cars shielded by metal and glass, that means the signals go through glass in and out. How does that affect human bodies over time that have very sensitive DNA and chemical processes run on very minute amounts of electricity?
    A simple test is to go away for a weekend into an non em environment.
    Or walk barefoot on grass, sand or better still in water. 
    http://getlongevitynow.com/bare-your-feet-grounding-video/ video Wolf Explaining earth grounding and showing the drop of voltage circulating through the body using sensitive probes. Very Good.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wPqh4DNfwg Video showing voltages just from outlets in the wall using electrical meter. And making your own grounding sheet using aluminum window screen or conductive tape. Very Good. 
    The above are the best 2 videos to watch if you have time.
    skim below as you have time.
    Lots of information on the dangers of cellphone and wifi out now. 
    http://www.adrprovita.com/products/EMF-protection-adr-protect-for-cell-phones $25 Euro Approved Terry Bell founder of Shotai uses. He can hear hum inside ear frying when using a cellphone and would get a headache.
    This is what he recommends and he sees a lot of different products.
    I vote you think about getting this.
    http://www.lessemf.com/cellphon.html Dr. Scott-Mumby that uses electrodiagnostic machines for testing clients, uses a
    Air Tube Headset half way down along with ferrite beads snap around just a little bit farther down on his cell phone. He writes that cell phone radiation is quite unhealthy.

    There was a lady in Australia suing the cell phone company as she had a cancer the shape of a cell phone attenna in her brain.
    http://www.waveshield.com/ Another shotai person thinks is is 1-2 % better than biopro. Haven't seen or muscle tested.
    http://www.livingwaterhealthsolutions.com/biopro.php Biopro I muscle tested 2 people with this. Reduces weakness but still not to neutral. Their newer chip sticks out and can tear off easier so vote for ADR or waveshield. I haven't tried 2 products together to see if that helps.
    I have the older more form fitted biopro chip on the cellphone I use rarely
    http://www.safespaceprotection.com/safespace-emf-solutions.aspx CAC recommended but haven't tested personally yet

    Earthing Basics:

    - Avoid wearing shoes whenever possible

    - Sit outside barefoot with your feet on grass or soil.

    - Walk or run barefoot outside on grass, sand or soil. Moist ground or grass is the perfect electrical conductor.

    -Expose any part of the body to the Earth, ground or any natural waters like lakes, streams or oceans. Walking in salt water is one of the best grounding techniques due to the combination of earth, water and electrolytes.

    -Sit or lean on the trunk or limb of a tree to share some of its natural electricity.


    http://www.naturalnews.com/028916_barefoot_running.html running barefoot different than shoes
    http://www.earthing.com/ Renowned Cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra, M.D., who has over 30 years practicing in medicine says, “I regard Earthing as the greatest health breakthrough in all my years in medical practice. Regular grounding (another name for Earthing) restores the body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. No pill
    http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/29/james-oschman-on-earthing.aspx?e_cid=20120429_SNL_Art_1 Mercola Interview with Dr. Oschman research barefoot but doesn't go into grounding sheets.
    http://www.in5d.com/emf-sensitivity.html general avoiding triggers, steps to ground, meters testing
    http://www.emfsafe.com/Lpolar.htm Life field polarizers $90 supposedly muscle testing and kirlian photography show that they work
    positive electrical field unit better than negative ions accord to Robert Gray -did search on Enhanceair Systems Oakland CA - no results
    http://www.detailshere.com/smartmeters.htm There is so much information coming out on em fields that people are not being told. snips

    High frequency EMFs such as the microwaves used in cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi and cordless ‘‘DECT’’ phones, appear to be the most damaging when used commonly. Most of their biological effects, including symptoms of electrohypersensitivity, can be seen in the damage done to cellular membranes by the loss of structurally-important calcium ions. Prolonged exposure to these high frequencies may eventually lead to cellular malfunction and death.

    Furthermore, malfunction of the parathyroid gland, located in the neck just inches from where one holds a cell phone, may actually cause electrohypersensitivity in some people by reducing the background level of calcium ions in the blood. RF/microwave radiation is also known to decrease the production of melatonin, which protects against cancer, and to promote the growth of existing cancer cells.

    Do you or a member of your family have…Cancer - Insomnia - Dizziness - Headaches
    High Blood Pressure - Heart Palpations - 
     Memory Loss - Lack of Energy - Tinitus (Ringing in Ears)
    Lack of Concentration?  
    Numerous scientific studies from around the world have shown many  of these symptoms may 
    be caused by RF (microwave) radiation. Smart meters, cell phones, cell sites, cordless phones, 
    and baby monitors are a few of the devices that emit RF (microwave) radiation.

    http://www.freedomtaker.com/ replacement analogue meters $70 with notice to the electrical company that unless they replace it with a safe meter, you have a lawful right to do so yourself.

    I recently bought a set of Stetzer filters for my home and have just ordered a microsurge meter so I can check my EMF readings. 

    STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter

    The STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter by Graham-Stetzer is designed to separate the power line frequency to detect and respond to low level high frequency voltages caused by transients and harmonics on power lines. The level of these voltages is measured in GS (Graham-Stetzer) units and will vary with electrical equipment and loads. This device is recommended for use in conjunction with original STETZERiZER® filters. The STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter was specifically designed as a companion to the STETZERiZER® Filters. The meter measures the level of harmful electromagnetic "energy" present, and its primary use is to guide effective STETZERiZER® Filter installation. Patents Pending. All Rights Reserved.


    STETZERiZER® Filter

    The STETZERiZER® Filter is based upon 100 year-old science and powerengineering principles. Newly introduced is the design, which is focused on the needs of the customers in homes, offices, schools, etc. Filters have been extensively applied for decades by industrial users and the electric utility industry itself. The STETZERiZER® Filter is designed to filter harmonics and other high frequency current (trash) from the electrical environment, thereby reducing the potential for leakage into the human environment and creating additional trash in non-liner loads (televisions, computers, variable frequency drives, energy-efficient lighting, etc.).




    Corporate office

    One of the most heavily polluted areas for EMFs is the corporate office. Squished into tiny cubicles on a single floor that are packed with computers, landlines, cell phones, laptops, office equipment, and Wi-Fi, this is EMF central. To make it even worse, large screen TVs and projectors get put into conference rooms, where everyone participating often has a cell phone and laptop in close proximity.

    Keep in mind that the generally accepted measurement of when EMFs become dangerous is 1 milligauss (mG). Many laptops shoot off 2-3 mG 12 inches from the screen, and cell phones project 2-3 mG up to half an inch away. Any continuous typing and talking ends up being a serious health threat, in an area already being flooded with EMFs.

    Driver and passenger sides of the vehicle

    One place where many people spend time in on a daily basis is the car. Whether it's commuting, driving the kids around or getting groceries, we all tend to spend a few hours in a car each day.

    The problem with the car is that you are in a small space that emits EMFs from the dash due to all the electrical components behind it. This author measured the amount of EMFs present while sitting in the driver's and passenger's seats, and, surprisingly, it measured 2-3 mG from each! Turns out, the back seat is the better place to be, at under 1 mG.


    We have become a very mobile society due to the popularization of air travel. What could previously take us days and even weeks to reach a destination can now take a few hours. This trend has certainly allowed us to enjoy more of our vacations, but the time spent in airports and airplanes has left an impact on our body.

    To begin to understand the EMF exposure that one deals with on an airplane, consider these EMF-generating sources:

    • Radar from the ground, as well as the plane and other planes
    • The jet engine
    • Cockpit computers
    • Electronic sensors
    • Communications equipment
    • Electrical wiring throughout the cabin
    • High levels of static electricity generated in the fuselage
    • Wi-Fi signals

    If this isn't enough, flight passengers are equipped with cell phones and laptop computers!

    Random measurements taken inside planes inflight reveal dangerous radiation, sometimes exceeding 50 milligauss (mG). Compare that to the amount that the EPA deems safe, which is 0.5 to 2.5 mG! That's 20-100 times the "safe" exposure! A 3.5-hour flight at altitudes of 30,000 feet or higher can expose someone to a greater level of radiation than a chest X-ray!

    If that is not harmful enough, take into account that the proximity and interaction with the earth's surface helps determine our protection from EMFs. The further we get away from it, the less protection we receive. Flying at 30,000 feet obliterates that protection and severely interrupts our natural synchronicity with the earth's healing negative energy field.

    If you want to learn more about how to properly ground yourself, at home, at work and in between, read "Grounding – The Ultimate Healing Technique?"





    In Response To: Sleep Deprivation CON - Michael Jackson - Marilyn Monroe (Infoeditor)

    COUNTERMEASURES Devices to Decrease the Effects of Mind Control 
    Homemade jamming device you can make to reduce and jam electronic torture frequencies.


    In addition to some jamming devices sold at http://www.us-government-torture.com they have a diagram and some instructions for interfering with a bothersome field. I tried this once and for as long as the little batteries lasted the tinnitus was measurably reduced.

    Live Body Chart of Electromagnetic Exposure


    ----- Original Message -----
    Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 11:06 PM
    Subject: Earth Grounding Sheets Barefoot Links

    Does it really work? We will let Melissa McLoud, who is NOT 
    part of Q-link company and neither has any association with 
    our own company, tell you herself from her own experience. 
    See her video now 

    Want more? Check out what an accomplished athlete Matt Pini 
    said, who is a Dual International Rugby Union Fullback. See 
    his video here 

    Our own staff uses Q-LINK products and we absolutely love'em, 
    so we want you to have the same experience. Visit now 
    and get one today for you and each member of your family. 

    The cost of this is minimal in comparison to (G-d forbid!) 
    many health challenges that could potentially arise over 
    time by NOT using this wonderful product. And just gaining 
    your energy back is probably enough of a reason by itself to 
    get your Q-LINK today. 

    Biopro, Earth Wave. G lead
    Live blood analyses seen photo showing that it helped
    http://barefoothealth.net/info/MyJourney.html helped spent untold thousands of dollars
    http://getlongevitynow.com/bare-your-feet-grounding-video/ video Wolf Explaining earth grounding
    using cellphone hear hum inside ear frying  get headache
    use ADR
    mentioned biopro wave shield have to send batmax to test
    http://www.lessemf.com/cellphon.html static gloves also meter for testing lots of products hat
    http://www.safespaceprotection.com/safespace-emf-solutions.aspx Their products $40 cell phone 3 $19 for appliances computer?
    s expected, in most cases, the stress patterns were increased by cell phone usage. But use of the SafeSpace Cell Phone patch was shown to neutralize EMF disturbance created by the cell phones. In fact, the SafeSpace Patch had an overall balancing and strengthening effect on the body, and readings were typically healthier than the original test using no phone whatsoever.
     decrease in HRV is seen as reliable indicator for many common diseases, which is why so many doctors use HRV analysis to help detect disorders in their earliest stages.
    Independent laboratory research utilizing HRV testing showed that the EMFs produced by cell phones can decrease heart function.  But when the SafeSpace Cell Patch was used, heart function actually increased, demonstrating that the device neutralized EMF disturbance
    http://www.thebestdayever.com/news/podcast/videocast-3-the-most-dangerous-electrical-devices/ Wolf Grounding Thongs - video on electricity coming off of ipad & Ikindle comment on sensitive electrial meters that measure millivolts can be used to check various electrical devices 
    http://www.earthcalm.com/products/  Jean Gallin Her emf products changes cell phone and other devices not only from negative to positive protective fields $99 plus 990 Day Guarantee
    my picture
    Thanx for the link.
    I am sensitive to em (electromagnetic fields) especially when I am on the computer so much. The CRT monitors were especially bad & showed high amounts when tested by a radionics machine. One of 4 top stressers in my body besides fungeses, heavy metals, viruses.
    In iridology, radiation shows up with reddish orangish dot above middle black pupil in center of eye which I had a little bit.

    Muscle testing shows I go weaker just touching keypad for computer.
    I put on some biopro chips which help a little. They help more on cellphones.
    Bare earth grounding sheets which are sheets with fine silver wires grounded to ground wire in wall I like a lot. About $150 to $200. A friend sells them to me wholesale about $115 CDN if I keep it quiet so it doesn't get around. I use them at night.
    http://barefoothealth.net/info/MyJourney.html helped spent untold thousands of dollars Live blood analyses shows the blood being helped.
    The inventor spent 2M testing. The FDA forced him to pull information off of his site.
    A person can take either iron mosquito screen or copper mesh screen mosquito and take a 3 wire cord, connect the green wire to one edge, tape off the black & white and use that for a simple low cost way with bare feet on them. In an electrical storm, the grounding sheets have a diode and resister to protect from back shock but that is a pretty minor risk.
    With how sensitive you are to other's feelings, I get also you are sensitive to em fields like cell phones etc.
    You can have someone arm test you holding one versus not.
    Another stressor that drops your bioenergy fields down some. And you are likely on computers alot already with your work, right?
    www.sho-tai.ca muscle testers some put a copper penny in their shoe tape or in sock to get grounded some.

    An Important Message from Dale Paula Teplitz

    This is the story of my personal journy from pain, illness, fatigue and sleep problems to vibrant health. The discovery that gave me my life back is now improving the lives of thousands of others.

    In the 1990’s, after a violent injury, I spent over 5 years experiencing debilitating pain and inflammation, fatigue and sleep problems. Nothing in my 20-year career in healthcare prepared me for this devastating struggle. (I had been a medical social worker, audiologist and healthcare administrator.) Trying to get well became the focus of my life, an unending cycle of going from one practitioner or treatment to another. Like Humpty Dumpty in the nursery rhyme, ‘All of the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put me back together again’. Unable to work, I found myself drawn to lying in the grass or walking barefoot on the beach. I would later learn why my body instinctively craved this connection to the earth.

    In 1998, I had a life-changing experience. A friend gave me an early prototype of an earth conductive bed pad. This allowed me to re-connect to the earth at night, the most important time for the body to repair itself. Within months, my pain, fatigue, and sleep problems were gone. Just like that! After years of pills and failed costly treatments, all I did was lie down on my bed and sleep! I had spent untold thousands of dollars trying to get my health back, and then, this several hundred-dollar gift, and no effort on my part, gave me the relief I was seeking!

    Compelled to learn more about this amazing discovery, now known as Earthing™, I have spent the past 8 years as a researcher studying its effects. Earthing™ refers to methods that enable our bodies to be connected to the earth. This allows the earth’s electrical field and other natural influences that have been an integral part of life’s evolutionary process to flow to our bodies, as nature always intended.

    Even though I published the first peer-reviewed research study in Earthing™, and participated in conducting additional studies, which form the foundation of this technology, I was initially skeptical.

    Over time, I began to see that my personal experiences were being repeated in research study subjects and by hundreds of people who reported similar experiences of improved sleep, more energy, and decreased pain. Additionally, several research study subjects reported that longstanding symptoms of chronic inflammatory conditions were decreased in days and/or weeks, (Please note that individual experiences may vary).

    And, it has been so exciting to watch healthy people, including elite athletes, perform even better with the help of Earthing™ products. They are even used by and the American team in the tour de France bicycle race, the world’s most grueling sports event.

    I believe our bodies have the ability to recover from almost any condition if we relieve imbalances caused by stress. To do this, we must provide our bodies with essential natural elements, including clean air, proper nutrition and pure water, andthe missing link, our connection to the natural electrical rhythms of the earth. This connection may be even more important than we previously recognized.

    How many people do you know who have sleep problems, stress, chronic pain or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia? Living in our modern world places stress on our bodies, and stress causes illness. We have been separated from an important source of balance and renewal, the earth’s natural electrical environment.

    I created Barefoot Health Inc. to be your source for quality information and the most natural and effective methods and products available.

    Wishing you health and happiness!


    Dale Paula Teplitz, President 
    Barefoot Health Inc.

    P.S. How am I feeling now? Amazing. I am happy to report that the years since I began sleeping Earthed™ have been the most healthy and vibrant of my life. I often work and play very long hours, and feel better than I did 20 years ago!


    1. Did you know there were two types of EMF?

    Most people are unaware that there are two types of EMF frequencies. Low Frequency EMF or 60 hertz is what most homes run on. These come from appliances, wires in your wall, power wires outside or anything else that is plugged in. These come in the form of AC electric and AC magnetic.

    The second are high frequency EMFs and these come from cellular, radio and wireless frequencies.

    They both are prevalent just about everywhere, though the amount of high frequency EMFs have significantly increased over the last two decades.

    2. A Gauss meter doesn’t detect high frequency EMFs.

    I have a Gauss meter and I had no idea that it didn’t measure high frequency EMFs from radio, wireless, and cell phones. It does measure the low frequency EMFs put out by these items, but doesn’t measure the high frequencies that they put out.

    What’s scary is that these things put out a ton of low frequency EMFs so I can’t imagine how much high frequency EMFs they put out.

    What’s also scary is that I was using a Gauss meter without fully knowing it’s capabilities.

    3. Low Frequency EMFs are released even when things that are plugged in are turned off.

    I’ve learned this by walking around with my Gauss meter in the house. The printer was causing the meter to pulse even though it was completely turned off.

    If you’re concerned about these low frequencies, I’d suggest unplugging all appliances that you are not using.

    4. Here are some basic tips to protect yourself from all types of EMFs…

    Keep your wireless router as far from you as possible or use an Ethernet wire for a direct connection. Turn your router off at night and unplug as much as you can.

    Plastic Romex wiring in your walls release more EMF than other wire. If you’re extremely sensitive, you can have an electrician install a shutoff switch in your bedroom that will turn off all electricity flowing into that room.

    Your Question of the Day: What is your EMF protection plan? Do you have one?

    In Part 2, Mary will talk about other ways to protect yourself, as well as address protection technologies.

    If you want to learn more about Mary and what she does, you can visit her site here:http://www.marycordaro.com

    Live Awesome!


    In this second part of my interview with green home expert Mary Cordaro, she shares some very important information about grounding technologies, wireless protection tools and gadgets and more on how to truly protect yourself from EMFs (and not be fooled by the hype and gizmos that people sell.)

    I think this Part 2 is even more important than the first, so be sure to listen in.

    Here’s where you can check out Part 2 of 2 here (My written comments follow)…

    Click the play button to start the call:


    Here are my thoughts…

    1. Your computer plug puts of a ton of EMF.

    Computer plugs that have adapters – just about all of them these days – put out a lot of EMF. (This is the little black box that is part of the wire.)

    Mary shares that it’s important to keep this as far away from you as possible. I had known this before and when I did find this out, I realized how many times I’d have my foot on it or have it behind my head – if I was sitting on the couch and the plug was behind me.

    We’re in a hotel right now, and I realized that the adapter was right next to my computer, so I just unplugged it to eliminate the source.

    To avoid even further exposure, I do my best to charge my computer when I’m not around and then keep it unplugged (running on battery) when I am.

    2. What works to reduce your own EMF exposure in the home is to use Ethernet cables.

    Mary talked about this in Part 1 (here), but re-emphasized the value of removing wireless from the home and attaching your computer to the Internet with a direct Ethernet cable.

    I think this is a good idea, though I haven’t put it into play personally in our home.

    3. There are things that can help block EMFs.

    One that Mary mentions, and I’ve been researching are shielding tents that go over the bed.

    These look like bug tents that you’d find in the jungle, except they are made with fabric and silver threads.

    These are effective to block EMFs around you when you’re sleeping. They also are very expensive.

    The one’s I was looking at are around $600-900. I still haven’t been able to justify this cost, but after this call, I may just take the plunge.

    4. Things that are measurable vs. things that aren’t.

    Mary talks about other types of protection devices like the little tabs you put on the phone, crystal necklaces, etc.

    All these items do not have a reliable way to measure their efficacy. This has always been why I don’t care to use or recommend them.

    Many of the people selling these tools use muscle testing as a way to get people to buy them and while I do think the body can respond to subtle energies, I also think that muscle testing is not an objective way to determine if something is working or not.

    Things that do work (and are measurable) is turning things off so that the EMFs are not generated in the first place.

    5. A ground tester may not be enough to determine if your ground is good.

    Yikes! I didn’t know this. When you purchase a plug in grounding unit, you get a ground tester. You can also find these at Home Depot or other stores.

    Mary explains that these are not sufficient to (1) figure out if your ground is safe and (2) do not identify other issues that may make the use of this technology more harmful than good.

    The only way to test for a proper ground is to get an electrician to come in and test and the only way to determine if you’re able to use this type of technology in your home or office is if you know where the sources of EMFs are coming from.

    6. Bed pads and others could make you PART of the circuit, not protect you from it.

    One of the most shocking things that I learned about EMFs in these two parts is that using some of the grounding bed pads or foot pads could actually make you part of the circuit, not protect you from it.

    You can become part of the circuit if there are EMFs above you. The only way to test this is to have a qualified technician come in and use specialized equipment. You can’t do it with a Gauss meter.

    Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be investigating this further, because we’ve used these pads in the past and this concerns me a bit. Stay tuned for follow up on this!

    7. If you want to know if you live near high EMFs…

    You can search your area with a website called Antenna Search. Here’s that site:www.Antennasearch.com

    8. Cell phone protection tools.

    Mary mentions two types of cell phone protection tools that we know do work. These are tube headsets which can be found on Dr. Mercola’s site (www.Mercola.com) among others and ferrite filter (or ferrite beads) help disperse highest amount of EMF through the headset wire. You can search online to find these.

    Your question of the day: Do you use grounding technologies or some of the prevention techniques?

    If you want to learn more about Mary and what she does, you can visit her site here:http://www.marycordaro.com

    Live Awesome!

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    7 Responses to “Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work? : Exclusive Renegade Health Interview”

    1. Jess
      7:37 pm on November 21st, 2011

      I use the scalar energy pendants (bought for $30, not $300-$1000!) and have found that they prevent the negative side effects of emf exposure that I experience, such as headaches, jitteriness, the hot ear after using a cell phone, and the physical discomfort. I’m quite emf sensitive so I appreciate this device, and your information of course!

    2. Kathryn Nelson
      11:07 pm on November 21st, 2011

      Is anybody familiar with Dave Stetzer’s devices for outlets to reduce EMF’s?

    3. Marc
      1:19 pm on November 22nd, 2011

      Thanks for this – I’m going to shut down my router at night.

      Wondering about sleeping grounded via a plugged in device, but not with a bed pad (to reduce the induced EMF from overhead). I know my ground is good as far as being verified as a good earth ground (grounded to the rebar ring in the footing below my house). But, my wiring is unshielded (romex). How about grounding by wearing grounded conductive socks / strap / equivalent?

    4. Cindy
      1:24 pm on November 22nd, 2011

      Great article & very timely for me. I don’t have a cell phone, but my older children do. I stay away from them (the phones, not my children) as much as possible. I try to get outside as much as possible with bare feet. I also work in the garden with my bare hands. I was considering buying a grounding foot pad, mouse pad, & bed pad. After listening to this, I won’t be buying any of those. I’ll just continue to do what I’ve been doing & hope it helps enough. I may buy some grounding shoes though.

    5. Barb
      1:55 pm on November 22nd, 2011

      I do have wireless and have a grounding pad that I put my feet on when I’m in the “EMF room” . This device has a probe that plugs into the ground part of the wall plug.

    6. hyesun
      2:02 pm on November 22nd, 2011

      thank you so much for this kevin. it is very informational. i don’t use grounding devices because i heard a podcast on the patrick timpone show a while ago with some expert who said that grounding devices could be more harmful than helpful, just like mary said. i will try to find the link to it – it was very interesting.

    7. Erica
      2:28 pm on November 22nd, 2011

      How about this item: http://www.xzubi.ca/ Does it work?


    comments #1

    Frequencies) : Exclusive Renegade Health Interview”

    1. Leslie Riley
      11:41 pm on November 17th, 2011

      What about products like the qlink pendent or bracelets. Do they work?

    2. Gabe Hunninghake
      11:51 pm on November 17th, 2011

      Yes they do Leslie. I’ve had a doc use strength testing on me while sitting in front of a laptop. There was a noticeable improvement with the pendant then when without. Same goes for the cell phone protectors like Waveshield. We can’t avoid all EMFs, and I like benefits wireless technology provides, but it just makes sense to protect ourselves while enjoying it.

      Thanks Kevin. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

    3. diane
      12:08 am on November 18th, 2011

      What about organite?

    4. harri
      12:38 am on November 18th, 2011

      what about the poor honeybees; they are so damaged by emf. we need a solution for them so that we don’t have a pollination crisis and world famine

    5. Mike
      1:03 am on November 18th, 2011

      Does Grounding oneself while working infront of the computer or sleeping in bed help from EMF?

    6. Kathryn Morrow
      1:05 am on November 18th, 2011

      Aloha Kevin, As always great information. We have one of the answers to EMF and they come in the form of a bracelets in agate and medallions in rose quartz, tiger eye, white jade, black obsidian, and black / white zebra jasper.These rare pendents and bracelets come fully charged
      with Scalar and Zero-Point Energy! They provide 24 hr support and protection from ELF’s , EMF’s, Chem-trails, Radiation, improves immune function 149%. Helps you to sleep like a baby. It also allows the ?exibility of placing it under a glass or a plate to clear your food and water of the energy of pollutants, contaminants, and pesticides for just 30 seconds. When worn, it creates a 5 ft cocoon around the body. Wear them when you travel and they may help relieve jet lag. This technology represents the ?rst entry of “true – bio – scaler” into the wellness market. With more than 20 years of research and development, including clinical
      studies presented as “the future of medicine “ at the National Institutes of Health, Mount Sinai Medical School, and proposed DNA research with top Geneva geneticists, it
      continues to astound scientists and doctors.
      Blessings of health

    7. Yakitah Jones
      1:06 am on November 18th, 2011

      Hey Kev,
      I learned something from this script. I really
      didn’t know that there was so much exposure.

      You think of everything, when it comes to researching for our continued overall wellbeing.

      Keep up the good work.

    8. Beverly Bergen
      1:51 am on November 18th, 2011

      I wasn’t aware there was so much, wish I could get back to the country. I bdo what I can with using adult stem cell nutrition http://jdimlm.com/miracles. Thank you and God Bless

    9. Sandy Halliday
      2:05 am on November 18th, 2011

      Kevin. I think it would be a good idea if you could tell us how long the call is when you post it so we know if there is time to listen online or if we need to download it.

      I was very electrically sensitive for a long time but as I improved my health the sensitivity improved although my head can still spin if we are away somewhere and have to use a wireless connection for the laptop.

      Have not listened to the call yet but I am just looking into grounding. It is supposed to help with sensitivity although we need to protect ourselves from it as much as possible.

    10. Beverly
      2:10 am on November 18th, 2011

      Kevin-thank you very much for your information on EMFs. I live in Italy and face a HUGE challenge as both my houses are packed with these issues. As these are my dream homes when considering all of the desirable features-a rooftop garden in the city and 100 trees in the country-I will list my electrical appliancea and plan how to redesign on-off switches. Then I will consult my excellent electrician in the country. Thank you again for raising everyone’s awareness!

    11. just sit there
      2:16 am on November 18th, 2011

      I have an Orgone cone… I bought it online from Germany. It is the OPTIMUM one available. It busts chemtrails as well as protects you from EMF’s in your home. I have a couple infront of the TV a HUGE cone infront of my computer and a couple on my bedside table. Supposed to shift negative energy into positive and bust chemtrails and protect from EMF and other frequencies harmful to our being.

      Orgonite. Cool.

      Works dramatically well.

    12. Mist
      3:31 am on November 18th, 2011

      Excellent information; thank you, Kevin!

      My long-term EMF protection plan is to move to the country.

      My short-term EMF protection plan is to apply the tips I learned here and elsewhere.

      Here are some great videos to check out on blocking EMF:
      Shielding RF radiation with aluminum screening
      Aluminum foil on Smart Meter
      Aluminum mesh screen on Smart Meter

      Here’s a site with a lot of great info on EMF and products to measure and block EMF:

    13. Rosalind
      3:36 am on November 18th, 2011

      I am very sensitive to all energies and thought I was taking all the precautions I could, like only using a cell phone for text messages rather than actually holding it to my ear. I also switch off appliances when not in use, but I had no idea that I really ought to be unplugging them! Am just wondering whether it would be okay to turn them off at the wall plug?

    14. Maria
      4:37 am on November 18th, 2011

      To: “just sit there”

      Can you please specify what orgon cone you are mentioning? A Homepage to have a look at it!

      Thank you!

    15. nilsholgerson
      5:46 am on November 18th, 2011


      a japanes TV moderator got leukemia after eating fukushima präfektur foods.
      You might find a english article.

      Do we know have to eat all day miso. And other things like fresh local foods*

    16. Sylvia
      5:57 am on November 18th, 2011

      Some time ago I was advised that Crystals strategically placed would help to reduce the harmful effects. I have since then had pieces of Fleurite by the television and computer. Is this actually doing the job?

    17. Alex
      9:34 am on November 18th, 2011

      Thanks Kevin, and Mary too, for helping to increase our awareness of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, both low-frequency and radio-frequency.

      If anyone needs more information on this topic, they can find it at http://www.emwatch.com

      Thanks once again for an interesting and informative interview.


    18. Jisa
      11:21 am on November 18th, 2011

      I hope you will cover the effects of smart meters and how to protect from them. Power utilities all over the world are ramming them down our throats and there are a lot of people raising the alarm about the negative health effects. Thanks

    19. Miguel Gabriel
      11:24 am on November 18th, 2011

      Raw obsidian is very inexpensive and will obsorb emfs and other unhealthy energy. Just place small to medium size pieces of it close to your electronic equipment for protection. I actually wear an obsidian pendant instead of the expensive plastic, copper and mineral one that I had purchased…

    20. Sue
      12:10 pm on November 18th, 2011

      Since my son went to school in Berkeley in 2008, the negative effects of EMF’s were constantly being brought up in his classes. He realized as much as he wanted to avoid EMF’s he still needed to use a phone,computer,etc to survive in todays world so he did a lot of research on products to see if there were any that would help him “neutralize” the effects of EMF’s. After doing a lot of research he set up this site to educate people on EMF’s and he supplies products (the Qlink) specifically do this. This product has been around for 20 years and has a lot of scientific research behing it. The stainless steel bracelets are the easiest to wear and we have all felt a difference in focus and energy since we have had them on. Hope this helps.

    21. Sue
      12:14 pm on November 18th, 2011

      You can go to http://www.futurepreventatives.com to get more info on EMF’s.

    22. tony stewart P Eng EE
      12:17 pm on November 18th, 2011

      The study of 60Hz risks was bogus in the 90’s. THe researcher was convicted of fraud to get grants.
      The only risks are cell phone transmitters, CB, Ham transmitters, leaky seals on microwave ovens and WiFi boosters. All the Class B approved Wifi Products are safe even to Heart pulsers.
      Risk increases with log of frequency, so Gamma, Radon and EMP from nuclear explosions are risks. We can control Radon gas leaks in the sewer.

      The rest of 60Hz in the home is bogus. Exceptions may exist but I didn’t hear any.

      Router signals are typically ?30dB at 1 ft or less than a milliwatt. It is not harmful if you touch it either.

      Electrical outlets with 60Hz are zero risk unless you are talking 1 megaVolt field strengths. 1kV is no risk from fields. Even Electro Static voltages reach 30kV with the same electric fields as same voltage in 60Hz. But increasing to a MHz is a problem at that voltage like in AM transmitters which are well guarded.

      Without actual energy dB/Root Hz levels reported in a technical discussion , its hocus pocus. Military have tested ingress and human tolerance and affects since WWI and documented the risks. FCC have taken a more conservative limit for Class B emanations. Electric Fields below 0.3 MHz are largely ignored due to low impact. Below this only magnetic induction is a concern which is not susceptible in the body. MRI is much greater than 1 Tesla and is much greater than 1 MHz,. Even this is safe to humans when used as performed, which is many many orders of magnitude than any EMI mentioned in this report.

    23. Marcia
      12:47 pm on November 18th, 2011

      I use a grounding mousepad, footpad and salt lamp by my computer. Are they helping me avoid EMF’s. I sleep on grounding sheets. Do they help with the EMF’s in ones bedroom?

    24. Janice Pluschkell
      1:33 pm on November 18th, 2011

      I have been using products from Tesla’s for many years to protect me from EMF/EMR’s. Their website is http://www.teslas.us. Their products range from Personal Pendants, Mobile Phone Tags, Computer Plate and House Plates (of which I have all). Wouldn’t be without them.

    25. Kathryn Nelson
      4:21 pm on November 18th, 2011

      Thank you so much for such a great interview, Kevin! I also recommend Earthing Clint Ober by and Zapped by Louse Gittleman if you want to learn more.

    26. Ann Pedersen
      4:35 pm on November 18th, 2011

      Using Q Tape from Dr. Marshal__l with imbedded alpha-dot. (www.healthline.cc ; 800-370-3447.) Also interested. in C-Prime bracelet. Have you investigated the stetzer dirty electricity?

    27. RC
      6:25 pm on November 18th, 2011

      This is the effects on the blood in this VIDEO using a computer and a cordless phone!!!!


    28. bikegata
      7:44 pm on November 18th, 2011

      I’ve been concerned with emf for some years, ever since I ran into San Francisco emf activist Doug Loranger. There have been years of ongoing battles against placement of excess cell phone antennas in San Francisco and around the country. The SF group is called snafu:http://www.antennafreeunion.org/. The EMR Network (http://www.emrnetwork.org/) is even more wide ranging. Both sites have tons of resources. There has been a lot of research around this, but the cell phone industry wrote the section of the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act that bars any consideration of health concerns when the companies apply for ever more antennas. Thank you for picking up on this issue, Kevin. Laina Berman, a KPFA programmer, covers this topic a lot too, brings scientists and activists on to speak.

    29. D.Parameswaran
      1:33 am on November 19th, 2011

      Thanks for researching and providing invaluable inputs on health and it reaches me regularly tho Iam in fsr away Inda. I re-send valuable tips like ” Its better to use Reverse Osmosis water filters. ” by way of daily sms so that youll b happy to know that it reaches another 1000ppl.
      Tho Iam not competent enof to talk on EMF, permit me to say the follg.
      Raw eaters may be more sensitive to it.Nutarians esp. I found living on coconut enhances sensitivity.
      Most intelligent &sensible RAWFOODADVOCATING persons, dont think of integrating into NATURAL LIFESTYLE,
      the sciences of the mind and soul like douzing,meditation,reiki healing, kapaala bhaati( shooting exhales-breathing exercises-baba ram deo’s site can be referred )!!
      For instance,jetlagging is an EMF phenomenon-wh can be solved effectively by “walking barefeet on good natural earth for say 1km” they say.Thats done for “Earthing” only.
      Meditation,astral,virtual,digital,wireless in general,vaguely, are all,I believe within the power of a developed /practised human brain. EARTHING METHODS I KNOW OF:
      Those who r oversensitive to EMF may try to do JOGGING barefeet on virgin good earth. It may work. To neutralise positv and negativ energies ofEMF, RUB BOTH PALMS TOGETHER. JUST 10 seconds and take 5 deep breathings in 1:2 ratio. videos can be made available on my site to educate by demos-www.sunflowerdance.com
      those needing just drop a reminder thru email id on my site.
      Sometimes taking a salt bath also removes EMF effect.

    30. wendy green
      1:15 pm on November 19th, 2011

      HAHA…that’s “my” La Ceiba!! crazy isn’t it? good thing we have virtually ZERO emf’s up in the mountains….!! thanks for this exellent post kev

    31. shelly kalnitsky
      5:02 pm on November 19th, 2011

      go to http://www.cprnews.com with over 170 studies on cell phone dangers world wide posted under world news
      Children are at the greatest risk as their skulls are thinner and the radiation goes deeper into their brain.
      Cell and cordless phones cause brain tumors and computer screens emit high levels of EMF radiation

    32. Wanda
      7:40 pm on November 19th, 2011

      David Wolfe talks about grounding, to restore the balance of the body, how does this fit with the damage done by EMF? Would simply walking barefoot on the earth reduce the effect? Thanks for the info Kevin.

    33. Anne
      9:39 pm on November 19th, 2011

      HI Kev,

      I’ve just returned to Australia after 4 years in Canada living in a high rise (10th floor). Here I’m in a more regional area with no high rises and smaller population. However, I know the EMF from cell towers and phones in Australia is worse than in Canada/ US as there is only GMS and 3G (CDMA was available before but no longer) and CDMA is the least harmful.

      Also, here in Australia you can shut the power at the switch as there is an on/off button at the power point. Wondering if just shutting that would be the same as unplugging in the US/Canada or elsewhere with no on/off switch.

      Life is much more connected to nature here and often end the day walking the dog on the beach barefoot and spend quite a lot of time barefoot here which helps with grounding.

      I also use the grounding mat in front of the computer and also a grounding sheet in my bed for sleep but I know they work for Low Frequency but unsure about high Frequency or microwave.


    34. josephine
      3:45 pm on November 20th, 2011

      I have had a CLARUS CL-100 Environmental System, an EMF buster, for well-over a decade. It quit a couple of weeks ago. I don’t feel as “settled” at home as I am accustomed to feeling.

    35. James Knight
      4:37 pm on November 20th, 2011

      Thanks, Kevin, this is really important and useful information. I look foreard to part two. Keep up the good work and God bless you and Annemarie.

    36. jerry kumin
      6:12 pm on November 20th, 2011

      What are scientific studies of EMF causing disease then reversed or improved with EMF avoidance?

    37. Lori
      10:02 pm on November 20th, 2011

      I purchased a computer pad and bed sheet to sleep grounded but recently learned that using them can transmit dirty electricity to you unless you live in a sandy area like TX. Any thoughts on this Kev? Thank you.

    38. Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work?
      6:59 pm on November 21st, 2011

      [...] talked about this in Part 1 (here), but re-emphasized the value of removing wireless from the home and attaching your computer to the [...]

    39. __________________________

    william November 15, 2011 at 5:24 am

    eat raw organic foods

    practice positive thinking

    meditate on your heart torus extending around yourself
    … and merging with the earth’s torus [energy field]

    avoid fear-based media, – tv and newspapers

    relieve old conflicts by writing on old newspapers
    with pencil, letters to people you have pains/conflicts
    with, then burn or throw away to release {repeat}until
    you no longer feel anger towards them at all.

    all these and more to keep body’s frequency up
    and rising ;D

    oh, and walk barefoot in nature and bring up
    some of that wonderful earth energy[frequencies]
    through your feet and up through body–chakras ;)



    By Sayer Ji

    Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

    Ever since the World Health Organization admitted in 2011 that cell phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic“, and may be contributing to the global uptick in brain cancer cases, it’s far harder to label someone a hypochondriac for being concerned about the long-term health consequences of exposure.[i]

    In fact, one study cited in their report showed a 40% increased risk for gliomas in the highest category of heavy users (reported average: 30 minutes per day over a 10-year period) – not exactly a small effect.

    Now, a study published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology confirms that the microwave radiation given off by mobile phones is capable of transforming normal cells into cancerous ones.

    Titled “Cellular Neoplastic Transformation Induced by 916 MHz Microwave Radiation“, researchers exposed fibroblast cells, a connective tissue-producing type of cell, to 916 MHz electromagnetic frequencies (which have already been shown to alter brain biomolecules), and found that after 5-8 weeks exposure they changed their form and rate of proliferation to a cancerous phenotype. These cells were also found to be tumor-forming when transplanted into mice.

    What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

    Realistically, most people reading this article will not be decommissioning their iPhones or Androids any time soon. These devices enable us to stay closely connected to our loved ones, as well as to connect to the global brain which is the internet. But what this research does implore us to do is to exercise caution.

    Here are a few steps to take to reduce exposure:

    • Wear a headset or earphones to keep the device as far away from your head and/or other vital organs as possible.
    • Turn the device off whenever it is not being used.

    If you are a heavy user, consider incorporating one of the following proven cell-phone radiation mitigating substances:

    • Bee Propolis – A compound found within bee propolis, which is like the mortar the bees use to repair and maintain the structural integrity of their hive, known as caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE), has been experimentally tested to protect the kidneyshearts and retinas of cell-phone exposed mice.  Our bee propolis research page actually lists 12 studies on its radioprotective properties, including protecting against diagnostic and/or “therapeutic” (e.g. radiotherapy) gamma-radiation.
    • Melatonin – Melatonin is released during deep, restful sleep – which is always the best way to obtain this natural protective secretion. Melatonin has been studied for its ability to protect against cell-phone induced retinal and kidney damage.  Like propolis, melatonin has also been shown to have powerful radioprotective properties against gamma-radiation induced oxidative stress and tissue injury.
    • EGCG (green tea polyphenol) – Green tea contains a potent antioxidant known as EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate) and which has been shown to protect the liver against mobile-phone induced radiation damage.
    • Ginkgo Biloba – This plant never ceases to amaze. Not only is Ginkgo Biloba the oldest living plant (a “living fossil”) known to man, but it seems to provide a broad range of benefits to brain and cognitive health.  It has been experimentally confirmed to prevent mobile-phone induced oxidative stress in the rat brain.
    • N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) – the the precursor to glutathione, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) a powerful cell-protective antioxidant that your body produces, given it has adequate cofactors available.  It has been shown to protect the liver against mobile-phone induced damage.

    For additional tips, read contributing writer, Susan Calabro’s nifty article titled “4-Acupuncture-Inspired Ways to Stop Neurotic Phone Checking

    For those interested in learning more about the plausible mechanism through which cell phones cause brain cancer, listen to Dr. Chris Busby’s explanation:

    Chris Busby on How Mobile Phones Cause Cancer



    [i] IARC Classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields As Possibly Carcinogenic To Humans. WHO, May 31, 2011

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